Monday, December 12, 2011

Domestic helpers and Rosacea Salve

We recently broke a very large Reidel wine goblet,
it snapped with very little force and I was concerned that Mr. HB had sliced his hand.
He was fine but the goblet was a goner.

I have a thing about thick walled wine glasses.
I really truly hate them!
I've tried to like them but I cannot abide the width when sipping from them.
We have owned some for years and I have finally donated those that have been taking up space in the cupboard.
I feel so much better now because they annoyed me every time I opened the door.
De-cluttering is so wonderful...

We have some thin crystal glasses which feel great in the hand and are very light to hold.
They are very fragile and so I hand wash them very carefully.

I use foamy cleaners that we bought from Williams Sonoma in Vancouver.

Use lots of soap and hot water
gently wipe
place on a tea towel and let air dry. 

makes titanium reinforced stemware which is much more durable
and they are whisper thin.

These gloves have a ridges which grip so the glasses do not slip out of my hot soapy hands.

Our farmhouse porcelain sink is not very glass friendly
many a chip has happened by accident
and I do not use any chipped china or glassware.
It repels me.

Chips in crystal and china are to me 
what Faux Fuchsia feels about chipped nail polish.

The weather has turned very cold, there was ice in the birdbath this morning.
The grass is frozen and the front stairs were treacherous.
I hung on tight to the handrail on the way down.

The skies are a beautiful clear blue and the trees silhouetted against that backdrop look amazing.

Outdoor lights twinkling in the icy and frosty nightlight
in the Humble Bungalow front yard.

I am so happy that I purchased the down puffer coat this fall
I am toasty and warm on my walks.

My face is the coldest part of me when I walk.
I have rosacea
and cold air exacerbates the skin condition.

It is troublesome,
 as the skin becomes quite pink and stays that way.

Products that have alcohol or with hazel are to be avoided as they irritate and inflame the skin.
Gentle natural ingredients are the way to go.

I spoke with the esthetician at the local Pharmasave 
who coincidentally suffers from Rosacea.
She has taken many workshops and has spoken to the skin care representatives about their products
 with the hope of finding a line that helps her skin look it's best.

She suggested that I try the Sea Buckthorn Salve 
 it was 1/3 rd. the price of any other product for Rosacea on the shelf.

I am testing it out and will be returning to report back to her in a few weeks.
It is rich in natural oils
goes on smoothly
imparts a glow
and has no scent to speak of...

Rebekah over at Cupcake Caramel
is having a similar problem.

I wonder if this salve would help settle her skin...
I think I'll let her know about this product
maybe it'll help her rash.

Hope that your week is off to a good start.


  1. I don't like thick wine glasses either. They can be hard to drink out of and messy.

    I hope your new salve helps with your skin issue. I found a new cleanser this week made with witch hazel that I am loving. I wonder if it helps with rosacea? I'll have to read the label and get back to you...

    Have a wonderful evening...xoxo

  2. I heard somewhere that L'Occitane also makes a cream that is very good for the same thing.

  3. Checking my stemware and nail polish - the pressure!! :)
    The ponds are partially frozen out here, but oddly, there is a rose blooming in my garden.

  4. I also own Riedel stemware and we've gone through a couple glasses already. Thankfully, William Ashley has our whole registry on file so we can go back for more if need be!

    Regarding rosacea, by coincidence, I recently reviewed a skincare line from a company called Riversol. They are based in Vancouver, and the dermatologist who founded the company is a professor at UBC. The skincare line is formulated for people with rosacea but it is also very good for any skin type. The key ingredient which is derived from Western red cedar, is not only anti-inflammatory, it is also an antioxidant and anti-bacterial, so it can be used to combat a whole host of skin conditions from adult acne to signs of ageing. I highly recommend checking it out - after a couple months of using it, I will attest to its efficacy (although I do not have rosacea, I do have sensitive skin). Plus, I am currently hosting a giveaway of a full size kit of their skin care regimen! The link for my full review is here, and the giveaway draw is in the following post.

    ps. Just started following your blog recently, after having found it through Bourbon & Pearls. Great blog!

  5. Adrienne- My skin cannot use with hazel...let us know if you like it.

    LPC- The glove has been absent for too long!

    Suburban Princess- Is that the Shea Butter line?

    Pondside- No pressure....have fun, while we are frozen you must be in the warm zone for a rose to be in bloom:)

    Louise- Welcome! I am going to check out your link...and a gal cannot pass up the opportunity to enter a giveaway! Tabitha's blog is fab.

  6. Thanks for this tip Hostess, ever since I got home from the East Coast and back on the prairies, my cheeks have become DRY and red from the bitter wind and cold here. Not fun!!

  7. I'm convinced the glove has a personality.

    Sending empathy to you. Rosacea frequents the tip of my nose so on the recommendation of my skin specialist I dab on an anti-biotic cream every day to control outbreaks. Another product I swear by is all natural, made in Australia and this range is fabulous for sensitive skin.
    MooGoo ship worldwide I believe. The MSM soothing cream is a staple in my arsenal.

    I like to hear positive feedback about products before I purchase.

    As for broken wine glasses, well, they have a habit of breaking at RRC!

  8. My rosacea and psoriasis cleared up when I gave up my vegan diet, I hardly ever get an outbreak now.
    That's funny about the glass width, my gardener hates drinking tea out of my thick mugs, he prefers dainty porcelain.

  9. I suffer from rosacea too, so will be interested to hear about any good products. My dermo wants me to take low level antibiotics but I am resisting because I have heard about side effects. I also hate hate chipped plates, cups etc. and would never use them.

  10. I've found that crystal stemware sometimes just gets weak spots and snaps like a dry twig. Still doesn't stop me from using it, though. Love the glove.

    Have you tried the Clarisonic yet? I've read a lot of comments from people with rosacea who have said it helped considerably. Hope your salve helps.

  11. i think rosacea is difficult because what works for one person doesn't work for another. check out the recommendations by oft-recommended expert Paula Begoun.

  12. LR- The weather really can be harsh and my skin dries out too...I slather on shea butter to keep me feeling soft!

    RRC- I went through the antibiotics years ago and really disliked the metrogel my dermatologist prescribed.

    Bourbon and Pearls- I'd love to have a gardener!

    Janey- I'll report back on this after using it awhile.

    deja pseu- I have the Olay version of the clairisonic and it is very gentle.

  13. Love that glove! I change about stemware. At times I like thin and plain, and other times, I love thicker with heavy faceting and cuts. Both break however if they're real crystal. My mother has rosacea and loves it - she says she never has to wear blush!

  14. I always find natural products work the best so will be interesting to hear the outcome, i am with you i like a fine glass - i have killed too many - have a lovely week xx

  15. Thanks to everyone for all the tips on rosacea products. I was outside for 4 hours on a particularly freezing and windy day in November and my skin has still not recovered. So I'm dealing with that on top of the rosacea.

    As for wineglasses, I'll drink out of a bucket if the wine it contains is good!

  16. I do not have any Reidel glassware, but I know a lot of people would never use anything sister went to a class given by the people of Reidel and has since only used this for drinking wine...she even travels with them in their original boxes on beach vacations. I always think this gives new meaning to high maintenance...or maybe I drink too cheap of wine to make a difference.

    I have that same sink and always line it with thick dish towels when I'm doing a lot of hand washing...I think more than anything it just reminds me to use caution.

  17. A red rash has appeared beneath my lower lip and appears to be spreading had decided it was due to stress & house move. I have very fair sensitive skin and cannot use scented products your Buckthorn salve sounds good,have made notes on other products mentioned by your bloggers.

    Any suggestions on creams for very dry skin would be a great help also Hostess. Ida

  18. Thank you for the glassware tips, Hostess.

    I am still stuck on my Ikea champagne flutes...

    Hope all is well with you.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  19. ida- I love the Avene cream for dry skin and the Dr. Hauschka rose cream is rich and soothing.

    If you really need a surge of moisture and can stay bare faced all day (no make up) use Olive oil and leave it on. The squalene in it has healing properties too. Pepper tries to lick my face when I use this treatment:)

    My Mother used to do this to her hair, she'd wrap it in saran and then a towel and wash it before my Father came home!

  20. Was told by a champagne maker in France never to use soap (just hot water)to wash wine glasses - he said all soap leaves a trace of residue.

  21. A family member used to say attrition is natural, "one glass per dinner party" but no one has ever been cut, it usually happens in the cleanup. I do not understand not using soap to wash, lipstick and greasy food are impossible to remove without soap.

  22. I grew up in Detroit with freezing winds off the river in the winters. I have severe dry skin. Only thing that has ever worked in cold wet or dry weather, top to bottom, including the face, is Vaseline. Used it 50 years ago and still use it today if I'm going to be outside in the misery. I don't know how it would work on Rosacea but I would defer to whatever Cosmetic Bee recommends. The Fashion Police approve of The Glove and asked me to let you know.

  23. Thanks Hostess,like the sound of Dr H's rose cream will check out on my next shopping trip.

    I also use warm olive oil wrap my head in a towel for a couple hours it leaves the hair in great condition,will slap some on the face as well. Thanks. Ida.

  24. Dear Hostess of the Humble Bungalow,
    it is always sad when a beautiful glass breaks - but I also wouldn't give them up: they are so beautiful to see, to feel and hold and I love the swinging tone they give when we chink on a festive occasion.