Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hermes scarf and lovely DIL

Hermes update;

Last weeks post on how and what to do with one of my lesser worn Hermes scarves caused quite a stir.
So after comments and consideration
a quick email
and the Hermes scarf has a new owner...

daughter in law,
a fabulous fashion blogger
(I Heart This Blog.com)

Go here to see her wearing it.
I think she looks amazing...

I am happy that things turned out this way...

The Humble Bungalow Blog is nothing that exciting without followers.
Please know how much your comments mean to me...
when you take a moment to leave a comment
know that I read each and every one and that they mean a lot to me.

Two years of blogging and I'm still tapping on the keyboard.
Things have changed a bit over these past two years.
I have noticed that some bloggers have given up, others have changed their focus, some have stopped posting as often, others have huge numbers of followers and have gone on to commercialize their space.

It is difficult to know what direction a blog should take after rambling on for so long and after so many diverse posts. I am wondering if there should be a renovation....

While I muddle and wade through these thoughts I hope you'll tag along with me on this journey.

Hope that your week is off to a great start.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad your scarf has found a happy and appreciative owner! I figure blogs are like anything else: they grow, evolve and morph into something else eventually. It's all good.

  2. I am glad you found such a beautiful recipient for your H scarf. The color of your scarf really suits her coloring. She's gorgeous and so lucky to have a sweet MIL in you.

    My blog has evolved lots over the last 18 months and I've evolved, too - partly because of my blogging.

    xoxo, A

  3. Your DIL looks lovely in that scarf.

    Blogs do change and morph. I sometimes wonder about the direction of mine, but then think, it's for me, no one else. And I've made some wonderful friends via blogging.

  4. Love the scarf. Will check out N's blogs. i love your comments on my blog- the comments keep me going!!!

  5. You decided right, in the end. Your DIL looks so nice, and the scarf so too.
    Once in a while, I also considerate making some changes on my blog, so far it has been, will be the same as always.
    But, I have considered going through my blog roll. Maybe it is time to remove blogs, which no longer are " alive ". Perhaps I will go over the list of my followers, and join in with those, who are keeping a blog.
    As the year is changing, I have a need to do something new.
    From my sick bed, I now at least have the time to do some blog work. It is about all I can do per now. So frustrating, brrrr.
    So, what plans do you have?
    Some kind of change is always welcome, but please don´t stop blogging!!!!!!!!!

  6. I'll have to pop over to see your DIL in that lovely scarf.
    It's good to have a look at one's blog every now and again. Like Lorrie, I blog for my own entertainment - otherwise I think I'd be far too worried about keeping up, posting, being clever.
    I believe that your followers will stick around no matter what you do, as we probably all just like the way your write.

  7. She looks wonderful in your scarf, that was a great call to give it to her.

    Yes, I feel the death knell chiming for my blog, I just feel that I'm cluttering up the universe with more rubbish.

  8. The scarf looks great on her. Keep blogging, even if you make some changes.

  9. It looks fabulous on Natalie...I think that was an excellent choice for your beautiful Hermes scarf.

    Wow, two years of blogging. I'm just past the one year mark. What changes are you considering? Change is good...just keep blogging!


  10. I'll keep blogging...I might change the design a bit and branch out a bit.

  11. When in doubt, post pictures of Pepper.

  12. A wonderful decision Hostess, the scarf suits your gorgeous DIL. You girls must have fun discussing fashion.

  13. Your DIL is lovely and the scarf looks fabulous on her. I am so glad you gave it to her. Now you will have the pleasure of seeing her wear it and enjoy it.
    By the way, I love your blog.

  14. Lovely post from your dil. Glad the scarf found a good home.