Friday, December 9, 2011

Lights and natural touches...

Lighting up the Bungalow...
Mr. HB has been busy stringing the white Christmas lights.

He has been up on ladders to add some twinkle and sparkles to The Humble Bungalow.
I like the dark wood details much more at night when it takes on a warm glow.

Daytime it can be dark inside and I find myself turning on lots of lights.

Living room
(I did not use the flash as it looks far too harsh)

view from the kitchen butler's pantry door 
looking east into the dining room

mantle above the fireplace
sporting the resident 
Ojibwa tamarack duck decoys

Mom and babe...

a native plant,
simple and natural 

in a mercury green glass vase
a gift last year from a friend

The Paper Whites are growing taller
I hope they bloom for Christmas!

Dining room plate rail lit with white
 subtle and just enough to add warmth to the dark fir.

Simmering on the stove is a tomato sauce 
made with whole tomatoes,onions, garlic, basil and red pepper flakes
a healthy glug of Worchestershire sauce
salt and pepper...

I'll boil up some pasta and dinner is done.

Quick and easy are the meals these days as there are lots of things to do to get ready for the holidays.

Most of the gift shopping has been done.

There will be some more baking as I give homemade goodies away.
My uncle, who lives alone always gets an assortment of treats.
I take some to work and share them with the staff.
Then there is the fellow who hauls away our garden refuse to the compost centre
 and various others who provide us with service over the course of the year that I try to remember at Christmas.

The Food Drive is in full swing at school and the truck will be overflowing with food for the needy.
The sock drive is at 500 pairs with our goal for 1,000.
Street people need to keep their feet warm and dry.

The Hampers are getting filled with toys for the families at the school who are experiencing hard times.

With generous hearts 
this spirit of giving could happen all the time.

I'm thinking of dedicated tireless volunteers
 whose helping hands and hearts of gold
make such an enormous contribution to our communities everywhere.
I am in awe of you all!

There's lots to do this weekend and I may not get to it all...
what's on your agenda for the weekend?

Have some fun!


  1. It sounds like things are chugging along nicely at the humble bungalow. Your day sounds much like mine, full of seasonal preparations and activities.

  2. Your Cottage looks so inviting! I like going easy with the lightning.
    The Paper Whites are still my favorites.
    Reading about your doings, I feel frustrated. Even without the broken ribs, I could not have accomplished even a fraction of what you have done. Sigh.
    Should you need some ideas to accomplish nothing, feel free to ask me; )
    As for weekend plans? I´ll light the third candle ; )!

  3. it all looks so dark, moody, warm and cozy. this weekend i'm having lunch with a gang of my v best friends. so looking forward to that.


  4. I had to comment on how cute Pepper! We have a Pepper, too that looks just like your Pepper.

  5. How pretty to see all of the twinkling lights, they really make everything look festive and cozy.

  6. I have always loved Bungalow style. I have several Mission style pieces in my house and several Mica/copper lamps. I love the pattern on your wall, is it stenciled?
    Your home is beautiful. I would love to see more photos of it.

  7. metscan- I could use a few lessons in slowing down...I will give myself an in home Spa Day to help me get motivated to do less.

    thistlewoodfarm- Oh I am going to go and see if you have a blog and look for your Pepper.

    Debbie- I have posted many images of the bungalow before and if you look at my topics you will see bungalow as a category, that should link you to lots of posts. I love mica shades and yes that is a stencil on the wall. It was a very easy project to do once we measured and spaced the stencils so they would look balanced.

  8. Your humble bungalow is very light and festive; I feel like I fell into a story book. Simple dinners, good friends and family, a glass of wine, the glow of generosity and twinkle lights: that's what life is all about!

  9. At this time of year I crave light in the early morning and evening. When I come into the kitchen in the morning darkness I light an advent candle and start the coffee. There's something magical about the pool of light and the smell of the coffee. I sip, read the paper and let the candle burn down to the next number - then it's time to get ready for work.

  10. A girl after my own heart when it comes to sparkly lights. The warm cosy glow is so comforting. I just adore the interior of the humble bungalow.

    Nothing terribly exciting happening at my place...I'll be happy if I get the vacuuming finished.

  11. What a wonderful post and such a great reminder be helpful to others and to keep things simple and real, during the holidays and always. White lights are my favorite, inside and out. The bungalow looks so warm and cozy.

  12. Looks so inviting. I'm in NY without a computer. Very wild and hectic here at this time of year! Going to lunch with friends, a bit of shopping, the theatre tonight, and 2 museums tomorrow! Hope you're enjoying your weekend and that your low back pain has let up some.

  13. Your home looks very festive. This was my first visit to your blog so I took some time to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You've created a wonderful spot for your readers to visit and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  14. Kathy Peck- NY must be all lit up for Christmas and looking very festive. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and keeping busy while you take in the sights. My back is almost healed, thank you.

    Mary- Welcome! I popped over to see your blog and am feeling rather hungry now!

  15. What a productive weekend you are having! We got our tree today and will be decorating it tomorrow. Enjoy your holiday decorations!

  16. Beautiful and Cozy, makes me want to sit and have a glass of wine, or maybe coffee and Bailey's