Sunday, December 11, 2011

Harrods soap, an eggnog loaf, and roast beef Sunday dinner.

When I think of Harrods I think of quality.
My English friends who have lived and shopped in London feel that it is up there with the best merchants.
I am disappointed in their soap...
is it the soap or is it the way that I am using it?

Calling all experts...

here's the soap
looks nice 
smells lovely
all wrapped up in a pretty package 
and now look...

personally I think this is hideous looking soap and I am going to chuck it in the garbage
it sits in an english china soap dish with raised ridges to give it a chance to dry between uses

Is it the soap or is it the dish?
What is the problem here?

Please let me know if you have the answer as this is really bugging me.

There are very few pet peeves of mine but this is up there with rudeness 
and those annoying sticky price stickers that will not come off of glasses and other things that one buys.

I dislike wasting food and those items that don't get used up before their expiration dates.
Which brings me to the eggnog that is about to get tossed...

Did you know that you could use eggnog for something other than sipping?
I have sampled French Toast made with eggnog and it's delicious.
So in the spirit of thrift. waste not want not...

I went online and found an eggnog loaf recipe which I made this afternoon...

It went together very quickly and baked in the oven for 50 minutes.

I will wrap these up and store them in the freezer
later when I am busy 
I'll have something tasty to share with friends and family.

 The Humble Bungalow is a busy place these days.
More workers on the scene, dust seeping upstairs.

More next week and the reno is coming along nicely.
I'll be taking photos one day soon.
Exciting times!

I am cooking a roast beef and yorkshire pudding with veggies tonight.
Mr. HB's sister and Mother will joining us for dinner.
SIL lives near the Alberta border and is in town for a reunion.

Must get busy and get cooking...
I'll be wearing an apron so there will be no OOTD images today!

Have a great day.


  1. Ooh, love eggnog. Do you think it would be possible to combine this into a zucchini bread recipe? Maybe some whole grain flour?

  2. The egg nog bread recipe sounds delicious. I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The bread looks delicious.
    As to the soap, I think it is just the way soap is, especially if it does not have a lot of glycerin in it. It has to do with the repeated wetting and drying. You can actually grate it, melt it and add glycerin to make a new cake. You can google it on how to make soap from smaller pieces. It might help it last longer and you could make smaller cakes.

  4. Hate it when soap does that! I also toss it. The eggnog cakes look great, and yes Lisa, if you read this - you can substitute whatever liquid you use in zucchini bread for the eggnog, and whole grain flour works anytime too.

  5. Thanks Kathy! I follow these threads by subscribing to replies via email:).

  6. Hostess, how your beautiful Paper Whites have grown,just love them.
    Have had a quick flip through your posts so many,and as ever so interesting..the bungalow is so pretty,and cosy. Ida

  7. I agree with you about the soap...I only use liquid soap. Too bad though especially if it has a nice scent.

    I didn't know that you were renovating, now I am very excited to see what you are doing. Hope you will share the results soon.

  8. Oh! I have the perfect solution! I put my ugly soaps in a sisal bag that I use in the shower. It exfoliates as well as cleans!

  9. LPC- I see that Kathy has the answer to your question.

    Debbie- I am trying a new bar of different soap and will hope I have better results!

    Kathy Peck- Thanks Kathy!

    La Vie Quotidienne- We are renovating the lower level of the bungalow, bathroom, storage area and laundry room. I will post some photos when things look like they are closer to being finished.

  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE roast beef and yorkshire pudding!!! Ooh, I want a plane ticket to come see you right now. I'm hoping to make this dish for our own Christmas dinner.

  11. I'd toss the soap but if you are determined the method to reconstitute might work. (I suspect the bars are made somewhere like China or India, as I've had similar crummy soaps from there.)

    re the baked French toast, I make it too, and my recipe says you can prep everything up to the baking the night before and stow it in the fridge. (You pour the mixture over the bread and it soaks overnight.) So I do- and in the morning guests cannot believe the dish that appears out of nowhere!

    WIshing you a delightful and warm family feast.