Monday, December 5, 2011

Muddy boots...

I have muddy boots!
They are not the luxe leather variety that are fashionable, they are utilitarian boots that are made for grime and puddles.

If you have been following along here for awhile
you might remember when I purchased these...

I had been lusting after Hunter boots
 and tried some on 
only to discover that my legs were too short 
and that the top of the boot went well above my knees.

These boots are perfect for me but I do love how the Hunter boots look.
You'd be surprised to see how many of our students at school are wearing them.
There's an adorable young fellow who wears a kilt with his!
Cozy with wooly liners and great for the muddy playground.

Our local "village street" has a new shop which sells rain gear for women and children.

In the Pacific Northwest rain is a given.
So you must be prepared and suitably attired.
Curious about this shop I popped in and checked out their stock...
very chic, stylish, and very pricey
oh and
welcoming staff who were eager to assist.

If Miss Isla were a size 4, I could buy her a pair for $55.
Were she to want some, they come in many cheery colours
I particularly like red and yellow.

I can see her splashing about in puddles
her feet dry and warm...
what a picture of loveliness!

Our children wore Mothercare boots in cheery red
with their "muddy buddy" zip up gear.
Rain did not keep us indoors.

I am a proponent of seeking fresh air in all kinds of weather.
I used to put my children outside in the garden to nap in the pram when they were babies.

Mothercare was available here by catalog only and it was my "go to shop" when they were young.
(Before they decided what styles they would insist on wearing!)

Osh Gosh B'Gosh 
from Wisconsin was another place that I ordered regularly from...
denim overalls and pink jeans
worn with white tees underneath
gosh they were cute
and they never wore out
I passed them on to several friends and they may still be in service
 who knows!

My Mother and Gran, my husband's mother
saw to it that they were dressed up in fancy clothes
smocked dresses with white tights and leather Mary Janes
navy jackets grey flannels shirts and bow ties...

Social outings with the family required more than casual attire
but I digress...

Simple boots
by Sperry

the company that has been making deck shoes for boaters for years...

Mr. HB checking his email
 aft deck
(I have lost count of how many Sperry shoes he has owned over the last 30 years)

if Sperry can help us keep our feet firmly planted on the mahogany decks 
they can certainly be trusted to keep our feet dry in the rain.

Now I think I'll go outside and splash in a puddle....


  1. I love your boots. I also love Hunter but have the same problem with them...they're made for Amazons! But I found a great pair that fits me from a brand I've never seen before...Giesswein. They look just like Hunters and I actually look forward to muddy weather so I can wear them!

  2. I have fond memories of splashing in big puddles with rain boots. I covet a pair of black Hunter wellies, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have much opportunity to wear them in Texas!

  3. I wish Hunter would realize not everyone has long, skinny calves. I can't wear them either. I have given up on wellies as the shorter ones tend to hit right at the fattest part of my calf making them look HUGE. I also never really went for that French Canadian style of shorter boots. I do love my Sperry duck shoes tho!

  4. I'm not tall but Hunter's are fine on me, but I've had that problem with other boots and it just looks awful. I love Sperry boots, but i'm sure they'll be fortunes here if they're even stocked anywhere.

  5. love sperry's. i just picked up a pair of sperry leopard loafers at the local cancer thriftshop. they are so comfy. xo janet

  6. Oh, I really liked the Osh Gosh clothing, strangely I managed to get them from this part of the world too!
    About the boots, or wellies, as you call them, well, wearing a pair daily/365, I am happy to use other types of shoes, whenever I have a chance ; )!

  7. I like simple, utilitarian things much more than fashiony items, things like Topsiders, Aran sweaters, berets, down vests. Things that stand the test of time and give good value. The young man in a kilt and Wellies could have been one of mine, once upon a time.

  8. I love the Hunter wellies too, but my legs are also a tad short. I am still wearing the black rubber boots with red rubber trim around the sole that I purchased the summer of '75 while helping at the family orchard in Creston. They are antiques!

  9. Finding the right utilitarian boot is definitely a challenge. They can't be too nice because you don't want to ruin them in the elements. I have yet to find one I really like. I may try Hunters which you mention...but the search goes on. I do love the look of boots tucked into jeans with a long sweater.