Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hermes Giveaway or a contest you decide!

Well the time has come to part with one of my lesser worn Hermes scarves.
I am DE-CLUTTERING in a big way!

I checked in with Mr. HB and I mentioned that I might try to sell it here on the Humble Bungalow Blog
and he thought not...
too tacky and so not in the style of The Humble Bungalow Hostess.

I agree I am not really commercially minded.
I know
it's sad.

My question is how should I pass on the scarf?
Retailing in at just a tad under $400
should I give it away?

Would a writing contest be worthy of a scarf?

Are any of you bloggers willing to help judge a Hermes scarf writing contest with me?
I cannot do this alone!
I think that the subject could be "where and how you would wear this scarf!"
Embellish and be colourful...

I would love for someone who would appreciate it to own it.
The scarf in question is VERY EQUESTRIAN...look here.

Please let me know what you think...writing contest or giveaway?

Let's get this going soon so that someone might have a new scarf under their Christmas tree!

Please vote for a giveaway or a writing contest and do so asap!
Time is ticking away....


  1. In my *humble* opinion, I think it should be a writing contest. Make us work a bit for it :)

    Beautiful scarf, by the way. You are so very generous to give it one of us. xoxo, A

  2. Hostess I can't believe anyone would give away a Hermes scarf! Truly you are an incredibly generous soul.
    I will agree with the majority vote!

  3. I also like the writing contest idea. How fun!
    A very generous giveaway to one of your readers!

  4. NO NO NO - Don't give it away, or sell it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and takes up no space. Maybe because it's winter, you feel the colors aren't "you", but I'm afraid you'll regret it come Spring.
    So my vote is to KEEP IT. Sorry everyone, but Hostess, I think it fits you, and for the winter it'll look beautiful with your gray clothing!

  5. Kathy Peck- I have several other Hermes scarves so there is no shortage here. I want to give this away!

  6. I have very mixed feelings about this matter. I know that you are very kind and generous. You have thought about this no doubt. Yet I think that a Hermes scarf is an awfully valuable giveaway. Are you really, really sure about this? What about the women in your family, is there anyone, who would like to receive it as a gift?
    All I can say, that unfortunately I am like you on a matter like this. If I decide to get rid of something, I will. Sooner than later :)

  7. Work everyones fingers to the bones, it's incredibly generous of you, and do be sure, I'm thinking what Kathy's thinking!

  8. That would certainly be the most valuable give-away I've seen on a blog! Sadly for us, I agree with Kathy Peck. You should keep it and wear it in the summer when you're boating.

  9. Why not auction it off to your readers and then donate the proceeds to some worthy cause?

  10. You say in the post wearing the scarf that your sister lives the life of an equestrien, would she not like it?

  11. I dunno...I know ppl enter giveaways just for the sake of it and never interact with blogs unless it's to get if it's a random draw I would be saddened to see such a treasure go to a 'stranger'. A writing contest seems a stretch as people dont have a lot of time these days to do cards let alone an essay. Do you know someone who would really cherish it? I had a set of rooster mugs that my gran's best friend gave me...not my style so I sent them to Miss Janice who I know adores them and will treat them with the respect they deserve.

  12. I had to come back to this to see what other people wrote while I was flying from California to the East Coast. If you're determined to give it away, give it to your sister, since she's a horse person! It's far to valuable to give away on a blog. I, for one, would feel uncomfortable accepting it. I would rather purchase it. Or your daughter in law or daughter. Or put it away, and maybe Isla will one day be a horsewoman and want it. I'm dead set against the giveaway.....

  13. - My goodness I had no idea when I posted this you would feel so passionate about this scarf and that giving it away would cause such a stir!

    I have already given one to my daughter and I will ask my DIL if she would like it. It is definitely not my sister's taste! I will have others for Isla should she want one when she gets older!

    I'll keep you posted!

  14. It's a beautiful scarf, and I agree with Kathy.

  15. OK - I'm in Palm Beach, Florida, with my husband's family, who BTW are all driving me insane. However, before I check myself into a mental health facility, I needed to read what was going on, and post again. Hostess, this has caused too much commotion, so you must see that the universe is against the whole idea of you getting rid of this. Fold up the little scarf which takes up 2mm of space, and put it away! In a few months, or less, we all want to see a photo of you wearing it, OK? Trust us, you'll be happy you have kept it.

  16. metscan- I have made my mind up...
    I want to give this scarf to someone who would appreciate it...
    I have enough and am content with less.

    My sister does not like scarves, my daughter has another that I gave her and my DIL may like this one and I will ask her...

    I am not giving away something that was given to me I bought this for myself and can part with it without any guilt.

  17. Kathy Peck- So far you are winning in the writing contest :)

  18. I know, that I´m now in the minority, when I support your once made decision. For most people, giving away a Hermes scarf sounds impossible.
    But, even if a Hermes, it only is a scarf, and if giving it away, makes you feel good, then you do what you have to do.
    I don´t think that you " are fishing " for followers, no, you are too straight for that, an act like that would be too transparent. You might wish to please your followers, which is a whole different situation.
    Writing this all down, I ´m also a target for criticism, but I just had to write down my inner feelings.
    Whatever you decide, I support you.

  19. Oh, I am filled with desire--what else is new?
    In some ways, I think this may be too much to give away on the blog--perhaps find a beloved friend. Save it for your grqnd-daughters. My mother tossed many items--too many.

    or how about a swap? I have a few Hermes ties I don't want that much...

  20. metscan- We are of the same mind here.

    It was my intention to spread a little joy to someone who might want an Hermes scarf and I would feel happy just knowing that they would appreciate it.

    It is not about money or commercial value is about sharing.

    Frugal scholar- Part of the de - cluttering process is that it is a therapeutic way of freeing oneself from material things...of which I have plenty. A girl can only wear so many!

  21. My philosophy of paying it forward means a gift/ giveaway. I Never do these to gain followers, although it is nice to have readers who want to read the latest of my musings.

    I can even see this gorgeous scarf framed for the right room setting.


    Art by Karena

  22. Lots of lovely ideas here...and I thought the same that maybe your sister would enjoy it, but honestly how can you even think of parting with it? It's so pretty and takes up but just a sliver of space in a drawer...I think you should hold on to it...forever! Just my thoughts...Hope you are having a nice start to your weekend!

  23. Speaking of major de-cluttering, have you ever noticed how much room your gorgeous vintage Chris Craft takes up? Oh boy, my husband would sure love that - he has drooled on my computer a number of times while eyeing it.
    So, I'm eagerly awaiting your thoughts, as this is evidently my major distraction this weekend.

  24. Hello Hostess, I've revisited these comments to showever the tide of opinion Is.
    I believe with all my heart that you wish to give this scarf to a reader because you possess a generous nature and love to give joy.
    May I tell you about a similar giveaway from a popular blogger I once followed. The giveaway was not a Hermes scarf but a very expensive household appliance. This of course was her choice to make. Her blogs readership was healthy and also the comments. Once this giveaway was advertised she received hundreds and hundreds of comments everyday from individuals after the prize. I sat back then and pondered how this had brought all these people out of the woodwork.
    I didn't enter that giveaway because it was all too overwhelming for me and ive no idea how the blogger herself felt with all the attention from folk who were obviously only after one thing...the prize and not genuinely interested in the blogger or her musings.

    I'm sad to think you may now be conflicted. I wanted to share this thought with you because I care about you Hostess and maybe it's a little food for thought.
    Love Annie xx

  25. Hello!
    It has been quite the stir over this scarf!

    I did take your comments under advisement...
    long story short.

    I contacted lovely DIL, a beautiful woman, mother of the lovely Miss Isla and fashion blogger of "I Heart This Blog"
    She says she would not like to own this scarf she would LOVE it!
    So I have to say thank you to those of you who suggested I pass it on to a woman in my family.

    I am truly happy to be passing this on and I'll even get to see it once in awhile!

    Kathy Peck- I know that the Chris Craft takes up a lot of room, it even has it's own house! Not really mine to give away as it is Mr. HB's pride and joy! I hope that this has been a happy distraction for you!

    Thanks again !

  26. I love that your husband is so interested in your blog. Maybe I don't properly appreciate Hermes scarves, since I think it's a lovely idea for a giveaway. Keeping something that is useless to you just for it's material value could be considered an investment, but I don't think that's how you feel about it. It maybe just as thin as a stock certificate, but that is where the comparison ends. Every day that this scarf stays in the drawer is another day that someone misses out on the joy of wearing it, if you can find the right person that will love this scarf. And the happiness other people sense when they see a woman who is excited about how she looks.
    I almost forgot what the question was - whether to give the scarf away (I vote "yes") or how to do it (I vote with the majority, with the provision that the new owner actually wears the scarf for at least 5 years - honor system, of course).

  27. Oops - I guess I was writing my post while you were posting yours. Great decision! Glad it worked out this way.

  28. Hostess,
    I'm thrilled to read this news! I hope your DIL will let you post of photo of her wearing it. As for the boat - it's a real beauty! Congratulations to you and your husband on such a great restoration job. All's well that end's well.

  29. I'll bet you feel good about this decision!

  30. Killing myself laughing at Kathy P's comment about the boat!

  31. I'm so glad your lovely scarf found a home with your lovely DIL. I know you're glad, too!