Monday, December 19, 2011

The Hostess is feathering the nest...

The Humble Bungalow gets a wee make over for the holidays.
Nothing drastic, just a few natural touches are brought in to play.

Paper Whites are blooming
sweetly scenting the kitchen.

An amaryllis stands tall on the Bungalow mantle in the living room.

Hosting the annual turkey feast for the family means a fancy dressed up table.
I like to change up the colour of the cloths and napkins.
This year I am using a black and silver theme.
The cloth and napkins are black,
the accents silver.

I needed some sparkle so I went shopping for some bits and bobs.

Reindeer votive holders will be placed in the centre of the table 
and I will find some fresh cut boughs to add a touch of green.

Some bling for the napkins!

Beaded rings will wrap the black napkins...
a touch of icy sparkles.
I'll take a photo when I have the table ready before the guests arrive and post it after Christmas.

I wore black leggings over a long black tunic top and the grey and black striped sweater
bow toed patent leather party flats

we were off to a brunch with friends
our hostess makes entertaining look effortless
she put on a sumptuous feast for 20 or more
(I didn't count)

We were greeted at the door by her husband 
who had Caesar's mixed up and ready to pour
we had one in our hands 
almost before he shut the door!

After mingling and chatting as everyone arrived our hostess laid the table with a colourful array of tasty food.
Quiches, fritttata's, ham, cheeses, bagels, greek yogurt, fruit salad, beans, artisan sausages
juice, coffee and tea.

It was a wonderful chance to socialize and a great way to jump start the holidays.
Thank you L!

Here's Pepper taking a break.
She is one of those cats that doesn't like to drink out of a bowl.
I might have mentioned this quirky habit of hers before on the blog.
She has been a bit naughty with the Christmas tree as she likes to sit underneath and bat at the baubles.

I am making rum balls today
here's the recipe if you want to try them.

Hope that your week is off to a great start.


  1. We jump-started the holiday at a brunch as well - and our special treat at the end was an elegant plate of frozen grapes, wee chunks of best dark chocolate and a tiny glass of icy Grappa - something entirely new!
    I'm sure your bungalow is glowing in its Christmas raiment!

  2. I don't know what Caesar's are, I must go look them up.
    Pepper is such a star, she must really brighten up your day with her antics, I'd quite like a pet.

  3. everything looks and sounds so fabulous leslie. pepper is adorable! xo janet

  4. Pepper is a star, I love all her antics. Will look forward to seeing your table all set up, must say, the black and silver theme surprised me, but I think it'll be festive.

  5. How interesting to see the Paper Whites in full bloom!
    You have been really busy the last few weeks! Surprises for every day!
    I can just picture Pepper playing with the decorations ; )

  6. Your paperwhites are beautiful. Mine will bloom sometime in January, I think. And that's fine. I planted them too late.

    Your brunch outfit looks charming. What a great get together with friends.

  7. Love, love, love everything. Good for you!


  8. The brunch sounded amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing your decorated table!

  9. It sounds look you hare off to a lovely start to the holidays! The reindeer votives are really cute, as is Pepper!

  10. Love your theme for the table in black and silver and the bit of bling - gorgeous! And the bungalow looks gorgeous with its flowery extras too. And Pepper - how cute!! Our cat only drinks from a tall water glass - crazy! XX

  11. I don't know what a Caesar's is either...must google that...the only brunch drink that comes to mind is a bloody Mary or a mimosa. Your blooms look beautiful and just in time!