Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #2...and it is slow going.

Dining out this week and counting WW points has been a bit of a challenge.
I am not expecting the scale to budge at all, I just hope it will not go up!

Bistro lunches, a pub dinner, a garden party and a BBQ...
and wine!
( to burn off the points from one glass of wine I need to walk briskly for 5km!)

The view from The Oak Bay Beach Hotel where we celebrated Mr. HB's birthday.
The sun was setting in the west and this eastern exposure turned a soft pink shade.

The hot tubs were obviously "too hot" to use in this weather.

We drove home via the scenic route and stopped at King George Terrace lookout to take a picture of the golden sunset.

My walking route 
warm and bathed in sunlight about 8:30 in the morning.
The heat was increasing as I walked and I am so glad that I opted to do the 5km early rather than later...

Quite a few walkers and joggers were out and about...
the sea was calm and the air still.

This is part of the route that the Tour de Victoria cyclists peddled their bikes along...

I don't own a bike but have been looking longingly in the window of the Fairfield Bicycle Shop
The Pashley bikes from the UK are on display in their window
British Racing Green and Fire Engine Red
what would I choose?
And it absolutely MUST have a wicker basket!

The Humble Bungalow Garden is chock full of blooms.
A riot of of roses and loads of mop head limelight hydrangeas...

We are having a heat wave and the intense heat affects my energy level.
Despite drinking lots of lemonade and iced tea I feel rather sluggish.
We are not used to high temperatures and there has been very little in the way of cooling ocean breezes... 

We have kept the blinds closed and opened most of the windows a crack... 
(so that the cats do not escape)

I am totally absorbed with this new novel.
Sitting in a Morris Chair in The Humble Bungalow living room keeping cool
is not a bad way to spend a hot afternoon.

A dip in a pool would be nice...
but I will make due with a refreshing shower.

How was your weekend?
Have you got a good book that you can recommend?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I started to read Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff-good critics,can't say more after couple of pages.
    Beside the croatian books,I finished Bill Bryson :At Home-Short History of Privat Life ,two weeks ago and liked it very much.
    Here is blowing bura (read: boorah),very strong wind,it is hard to swimm,even walk,hope it would end tomorow
    Having good time is more important than looking on the scale- you'll be back soon

  2. Your current novel looks very interesting. Must look it up!

    SSG xxx

  3. Just persist, and it will happen. Giving up would be the worst possible thing, but that's not the way you roll! Living a healthy life is worth the effort...
    encouraging hugs,

  4. I'm having the same struggles but we'll work through them!
    Hasn't the sky been incredible the past few evenings?

    1. The weather has been amazing!
      It is cooler today which is better for walking 5km.
      We will get to our goal it might just take a few months!

  5. That first still my heart. It's gorgeous! I'm with you on the weight-loss train. Butter Pecan ice cream is something I can't resist...especially when it's made at the creamery three miles up the road from with, with milk from the farmers' own herd. How do you combat such cravings and "addictions"?

    1. Oh that ice cream sounds delicious...
      I have to keep potato chips out of the house or I will eat them and at the moment there are no chocolate bars here either! Out of sight out of mind....

  6. Thursday is my husband's birthday so we'll be out with friends. I'm leaving Friday for Dublin
    with a 3 hour layover in Toronto. Time for a glass of wine! It is the socializing that gets me and I have 35 pounds to lose. There is no point "beating one's self up" over transgressions but it is frustrating. I'm going to get breakfast, get dressed and get out before 8:30 today
    as I have laundry and packing to do. My latest reserve at the library is Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Clive. I have not started it but hope to get it read before Friday. I also picked up the September Victoria magazine for the plane. Good luck with today's challenges. We have a clean slate this morning.

    1. Oh no please say no beating ones' self up...that is counter productive.
      Slow and steady...little changes ca add up to big results.
      I would caution against starting a regime while you are away...just enjoy the trip and then address it when your return...who knows with all the walking and sightseeing you may be able to keep things in check...I managed to in France as I walked for hours every day and I ate whatever I wanted!

  7. I'm working on losing a few pounds after a summer of travel and indulgence. It is hard, but persistence will get us there.
    These past couple of days have been a bit cooler, but I hear it's heating up again today.

    1. It is cooler this morning...and the sun is shining so I have no complaints.
      Persistence is the key to success...

  8. I'm similarly trying to whittle away a few extra pounds. Easier in summer, I think. You'd love a bike and it would be a fun way to add extra activity.
    With the recent heat, I'm really missing "our" island beach, but we've dipped a few times down at English Bay. Do you ever swim at the local beaches near you?

    1. I do not take dips in the ocean nearby...I find it quite cold.
      The winter rains do make me want to cocoon inside instead of venturing our for my walks so summer is the better time for walking but when the weather turns I will put on my rain slicker and take my brolly as I am determined to shed this weight.

    2. I think the water is a few degrees cooler where you are, and there's so often more wind as well. . .

  9. I am anxiously awaiting Louise Penny's latest Inspector Gamache novel, but the release for Nook has been delayed until Aug. 30th.

    This is the first year that I can remember where the extreme temperatures bothered me. I am almost happy to let summer go. We will travel to North Carolina Sept. 17th for two weeks so I will be in the warmth for a bit longer. But we will have a pool and be two blocks from the ocean. I intend to spend time swimming, walking and attempting to eat healthier. Oh, and a glass or two of wine will be present, too.

    1. I am eager to read Louise Penny's new novel too...
      Enjoy your holidays and the swimming sounds like the perfect activity in the heat

  10. Outstanding photos. Walking and touring these scenic roadways makes for a highly pleasurable walk. As always, your garden is lush with flower. Very lovely. Happy B-day to Mr. HB! Sounds like you had a very nice celebration. I came across a humorous definition for "calories" -- Calories (noun) - Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night. Author unknown. Very cute image, isn't it?

    I'm with you 100% - never deny yourself of a good time with friends and family. Diet or no diet. Susan

    1. Ah those wee little fairies (calories) are up to no good!
      Food and social activities seem to go it makes it difficult to join in whole heartedly and not go beyond the point count...I have read that some WW women eat a healthy snack before the attend events...not sure that would work for me though as I like to sample the food that our hostess has gone to the trouble to prepare.

  11. How is it that extra social occasions always pop up just as we resolve to watch the calories a bit more closely! But all we can do is be vigilant but still enjoy the occasions and our friends.
    Always love your photos - those flowers are just sublime - and I stayed at that hotel years ago and would love another visit - it sits in such a gorgeous location.
    It has been super hot here for weeks on end so it has taken a toll on my walking - although I did get off the subway early tonight and managed a 20 minute walk home.
    I love the idea of a bike but it's a running battle here in TO between cars, bikes and pedestrians - and I'm afraid that bikes are not in my good books at the moment. I just about got pushed into traffic tonight as I was crossing the Humber bridge by a rider who should have been on the road. It seems as though they want special bike lanes everywhere - completely ignore both stop signs and red lights - and then also hog the sideWALK when it suits!
    Sorry to go on a rant - but when you walk with a cane and they come out of nowhere it's both frightening and upsetting. I'll go back and look at your lovely flowers again to calm down! :-)

    1. Bicycle lanes are popping up all over town but biking continues to be risky. So many accidents seem to happen with cars and drivers...I would have to keep to the quiet streets and be mindful of the traffic at all times...might prove to be stressful?

  12. Rhys Bowen has just come out with another of her lighthearted mysteries featuring members of the extended royal family. It's called Crowned and Dangerous. I've read all her books and love them.

    I've heard that one should not eat after seven p.m. or at least three hours before bedtime to facilitate weight loss. Also to have protein at each meal. I'm not quite yet there with my breakfasts. . . still having granola and fruit and nuts. But perhaps soon I'll be making protein smoothies.

    I do think I'd like to make your stir fry, so bought some peppers and chicken yesterday. Your photos and the accompanying details of the food prod me in culinary directions. Just today I read of the "Blue Zone" Food Guidelines. Culled from countries where longevity is high. Interesting and do-able. Online.

    Thanks again for sharing the beauty of your locale. It certainly lifts the spirits on these dog days of summer.

    Life is for celebrating. So enjoy. I'm sure your perseverance will take you far.

    Stay well. Stay hydrated. Be blessed.
    Honey Bee

    1. Honey Bee you have some great tips here thank you for sharing them with me.
      I must make note of the author that you mentioned as I have never read any of the books.

  13. Beautiful sunset shots, Leslie. We can always rely on you for superb photography.
    Good luck with WW.

    1. Thank you Mary...
      BTW I have been enjoying your travel posts on your blog.

  14. I’m having great success with the Dukan diet. I find that eating protein I don’t get so hungry. I do crave something sweet from time to time so I make myself a milky coffee and allow myself a the tiniest bit of sugar. Or have a diet Coke. I have lost 4kg (about 10lb) in the Attack Phase and now I’m in the ‘Cruise’ phase, cruising to my ideal weight. Porridge for breakfast, unlimited non fat yoghurt, skim milk, lots of protein and green vegetables, mushrooms carrot. Because the results are so good it makes me much more motivated. I have had a weekend ‘off’ when out for dinner and breakfast etc and then just got back on it come Monday. I think you still need to be able to eat out and enjoy social times but just be a bit careful and then get back on track. Good luck and keep your resolve. Photos are divine by the way. That sky! Tonkath

    1. I read the Dukan book a few years ago...I am happy that you are getting positive must be pleased and feel more energetic eating those healthy and lean foods.

  15. What an incredible sunset. The pink sky is so rare and beautiful.
    I would choose the red bike; but I don't even us my Batavus bike from Hermes, clad in potiron clemence leather, and if that can't motivate
    I've never heard of the Dukan diet. It sounds interesting.