Saturday, August 13, 2016

What I packed for 18 days living out of a tote bag....and a weight loss series.

Summertime holidays cruising on our Sea Ray
are simple, easy and streamlined.
We avoid any drama or stress.

Living in small quarters means that we both must live out of our large Lands' End canvas tote bags.
I take another small tote bag with my toiletries and books.

OOTD's fall into the category "comfy casual."

I wore the grey baroque pearls that darling daughter gave me every day.

Storage is at a premium on our 27 foot Sea Ray Sun Dancer so we pack light.

What I packed in my large canvas Lands' End tote bag:

Two bathing suits ~ Lands' End
serape black ~ white seashell and starfish print 
(also used as a shawl with the bamboo dress)
two bras 
6 pairs of knickers
(I washed these and hung them discreetly inside the boat head to dry)

6 pairs of bamboo sox to wear with my walking shoes

2 linen tank tops ~ one in a light grey shade and the other a lime green
striped blue and white nautical Tee

Adidas skort in a black knit 
(I do not like wearing shorts)
two pairs of black yoga style skinny knit cropped pants
DKNY faded denim boyfriend jeans
Banana Republic ~ faded blue chambray shirt that doubles as a jacket
Gelco bright yellow warm puffy jacket 

yellow rain slicker 
(always keep it on the boat)
Columbia lightweight walking jacket black "Omni-Heat" technology

Saucony walking shoes
Clark flip flops
Sperry deck shoes ~ espadrilles

for dinner and lunches out I wore:
Click ~ white linen short cropped wider capri style pants 
Royal Robbins ~ white long cotton top with a V neck and an asymmetrical line
Gilmore ~ black bamboo dress
black cardigan style jacket with a 3/4 length sleeve

Waterproof Tommy Hilfiger watch.
I leave my silver bangles at home as they are a safety risk.
I wear my wedding rings and two pairs of diamond studs in my ears.

Hand washing is quick and easy.
A few pieces of the laundry hung on the rails of our boat
in the hot sunshine and most things were dry within an hour.

Dressing in appropriate clothing for boating safety and ease of movement is necessary as there are situations that require that I climb around on deck and hop off with ropes to tie up when we arrive at the dock.

I insist on neat and tidy outfits that work together in a similar colour palette.
This casual nautical wardrobe is not unlike what I wear in my day to day life here in The Humble Bungalow.

Classic black and white were the colours that made up this holiday wardrobe.

I could have used a second bamboo dress in another colour as it was the coolest item I wore on the hottest days...
I will check out the sales and see if I can find another one!

Stay tuned for a new series...
I am going to focus on losing 8 ~10 pounds...
The Weight Watcher's weight range for my age and height is 132 ~134 pounds.

(I am currently weighing in at 142)

I am not trying to lose weight for unrealistic "vanity" reasons...
I want my clothes to fit better as they are currently tight 
and ensure that my blood pressure stays in the healthy range.

Besides I worked diligently for 2 years to shed 30 pounds...
if I let myself slide 
I will be back in the unhealthy obese range...
my doctor will be admonishing me as he doles out his advice
plus I will feel disappointed in myself.

I am embarking on upping my walking and counting my WW points,
tracking what I eat and how I move every day.
I may even write down how I feel and when and if I get hungry between meals.

Perhaps we can do it together and share tips and encourage each other along the way.

Enjoy your weekend!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Great wardrobe! I'm taking notes as our Japan trip next month may include a few days on BIL's boat cruising the Inland Sea to visit some of the small islands.

    1. Japan sounds like a wonderful sot for a holiday!
      It is so nice to see that you are enjoying retirement and taking advantage of your flexible schedule and planning trips. I have been influenced by your amazing packing posts and I loved being able to use your tips when I travelled to Paris and the SW of France and only used a small carry on...I cannot thank you enough for your advice!

  2. Your grey pearls took my breath away!

    1. Thank you Hummingbird...
      our daughter has an eye for the beautiful and she knows just what I love!

  3. When are you beginning your lifestyle change?...lets all do it together; I will be writing everything done I eat as of about you..and more walking...

    1. I am going to be starting the series next week.
      Good luck to you too...I have upped my walking a bit already just so I do not have any serious muscle aches!

  4. Good packing for 18 days, Leslie, I can see that wardrobe
    working well. I'll take inspiration from that when packing tomorrow, though my French holiday starts Tuesday and may just delay my joining you on your weigh loss journey :-( Good luck, you'll do well I'm sure.

    1. Enjoy your holiday in France!
      I found the food in France to be tasty fresh and very healthy and when I was there I walked for hours each day and never gained a pound!

  5. I so enjoyed taking my carry on luggage on our European jaunt. I stuck with a grey white and navy theme with the exception of a couple of frocks. Next time I plan to take even less as I could have coped with one pair of shoes less, a pair of linen pants didn’t get used and a couple of T-shirts didn’t get worn either. Same with Hubby - almost one less of everything for him. It’s so liberating not to have to fuss too much with huge bags on and off trains etc. but still have the ‘right’ things to wear. We hand washed too. I found linen and silk were the nicest to wear in the heat. I’m on a WW mission too. So far 3kg has been shed.Good luck - I’ll be doing it with you! Tonkath

    1. Hi Tonkath!
      Sounds like you packed efficiently and had plenty of clothing options for your trip...and it is so convenient not to have to wait for the luggage to come down on the carousel...or worse by having it lost.
      Happy to see you back here on the blog too...

  6. It is interesting to see how other pack for travel, and your wardrobe sounds perfect. I notice you take the same number of most things that I do - no matter how long the journey! Currently planning my packing for our son's wedding in Ireland - which will include an entire Mother of the Groom outfit, extra to all the usuals :) I know I should join you on your weight loss journey - really I should.... Looking forward to the motivation of your posts. PS Your pearls are divine!

    1. Exciting times for you with a wedding and travel to the special event in Ireland.
      One has to be in the right frame of mind when embarking on a new regime...please do not feel like you "should" those nagging "shoulds" can undermine our happiness...and your life as you write about on your blog sounds like it is full of great things.

  7. Really brilliant packing up, and all in a LE tote, I love it! Black and white is so classic and I can just see that you always looked pulled together... and wearing your gorgeous pearls, earrings and rings was the perfect finishing touch. I like that waterproof watch too.
    Your regime sounds very sensible, I'm sure you'll do well with it. It's so important to look after our health. I've been on a fitness kick the last few weeks myself and it's satisfying to take control and set goals for ourselves, I'll be cheering you on. XOX

    1. Your "fitness kick" frame of mind is a great motivator...
      I think that attitude is such a huge part of whether we succeed or fail.
      Taking control and goal setting is the first step on the journey...and once we establish those things it is much easier...
      Thank you for the positive comments Dani!

  8. Your wardrobe sounds practical but attractive. Monsieur is away this week so I will start packing for Ireland. I am taking grey and navy clothing with some jewel toned accents. I'll also be having a salad and fish/chicken week (no wine) and be the sole dog walker. Hopefully, my clothes will be slightly looser at week's end.

    1. Your week of eating sensibly sounds perfect...almost like a spa regime.
      I am sure you will notice a difference.
      Your grey and navy wardrobe suit your colouring...packing for an adventure is such fun!
      I hope to see some posts from Ireland soon.

  9. Hostess,

    I just had my 3-month appointment with my primary care physician. These appointments monitor my A1C, and blood pressure. Weight plays a large role in these items. I was very disappointed in myself ONCE AGAIN as I am not a "diet" type of person. I managed to lose a couple of pounds but I also know I wasn't as disciplined as I should have been. I am almost 64 years old and have an active life. I live in my home alone so it's work, work, work. I tend to look at it as finding a way to moderate my eating and remaining active as I age. The idea of losing weight by dieting is a road to self-loathing for me. I am still working daily so there is way too much sitting involved. Biking on a regular basis after work makes me feel good and is important to my well-being and helps my legs look toned while creating a breeze through my hair! Freedom! But getting back to the subject, my PCP agreed with me that weight is one of the most difficult struggles people have. She sympathized and offered a bit of advise. Hunger is often mixed up with fatigue. We can be tired and we do not need to take that as an invitation to eat. The older I get, the more I realize that I do have choices in what I eat and above all--remaining active. Right now, I'm doing laundry and will haul it to my back yard to hang out to dry. A guilty pleasure. I will be following along with you and trying to become more mindful of my own choices as you do the same. Good luck to all of us on this most difficult journey! -Marguerite in SE Wisconsin

    1. Marguerite,
      I am not a "diet" person either...I think of my Weight Watcher eating habits as a regime or a lifestyle change. There are no forbidden foods...but if you eat a slice of cheesecake you have to balance your daily points eating lower point count foods so that you stay within the daily range.
      The word Diet feels far too restrictive and punishing...
      keeping active while doing domestics, walking or going to the gym all contribute to our well being. Not everyone needs to lose weight...some people can be heavy and still keep their health...unfortunately I cannot as my blood pressure soars when I carry even 10 extra pounds and I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up so I am trying to be proactive and take charge. It is not easy as you say, but it is also not impossible...good luck and glad to have you along on the challenge.

  10. I love,love,love your pearls (I am in the pearl phase now)
    Your boat wardrobe seems great to me
    For the second part of my holidays I would take even less (I keep some pieces there,to be honest)only adding something for (maybe) chilly evenings
    I would like to loose a couple of pounds too-maybe this time there be less socializing,going out and cooking

  11. I am in love with your stunning pearls and think your on-board wardrobe was stylish and functional and very much to my own taste. Also, I agree with your common sense approach to fitness. I wish I was more athletic and I wish I had more time. Yoga and walking are my activities of choice; it has to fit my lifestyle and personality. I will be following along! Violet.

  12. Hi Violet,
    You are very wise to choose activities that you enjoy and can fit into your schedule. I am not athletic in the least that is why walking works for me! I love swimming too but insist on a warmer pool and so many of the recreation centres here have cold water....BRR!
    Yoga is one of my favourites too but my frozen shoulder needs to completely thaw before I go back to the mat!
    Great to have you join in on the challenge...hope we will see positive results together.

  13. Love your packing list and the variety of outfits you were able to achieve. Those pearls are just too gorgeous for words. Your approach to fitness is admirable and very sensible and I am sure you will succeed.

    1. Thank you Christy...I hope that I am up for the challenge....I will give it my utmost effort.

  14. Tomorrow is a new day and back to the WW regime for me. Please keep in touch - perhaps we can take a major walk together one afternoon.
    I love the way you packed for your trip - what a great exercise in paring down!

    1. Oh a walk would be wonderful...I am seriously in need of the WW regime...
      so many temptations and desserts are offered and I find myself weak!

  15. Where did you find the Gilmore dress? After two weeks of travel in a tiny camper van, I found I missed a super cool dress for the variable weather. When flying, I hand wash. On the road if I find a handy laundromat, I use it at night.

    1. THe Gilmore dress was purchased at Mercedes Lane in the Cook Street Village...they had oodles of Gilmore items and the staff are so helpful.
      The marina's close their laundromats at night...they are popular so it is difficult to find a quiet time.

  16. I applaud your packing finesse and your determination to shed a few pounds. I thought I packed lightly on our recent trip to Prague and Vienna but came home with shoes and clothes I didn't wear--due to heat the cobblestones! My husband and I are planning to go back to the Tirol in October, and I plan to bring just a carry-on and hand-launder things.

    I managed not to gain and continue to lose by walking loads and watching my WW points, so I'd be happy to join your gang of invisible internet fitness freaks! I find yogurt and fruit for breakfast, salad with some protein for lunch, and a small serving of carbs and one glass of wine with dinner works for me--skimping on the meals I eat by myself so I can relax a little and be more social when my husband is with me keeps us both happy. It also helps that he's trimming down, too! But we find a pound a week is the most we can manage to lose ... slow but steady, though!

  17. Your regime of a pound or two a week is really realistic...I hope to be as successful.
    I am not sure that we fit into the category of "fitness freaks" a walker I do not think that I hardly qualify !

  18. That's a great idea Hostess and I'd love to have a buddy to check in with. I'm over the neuro-surgery and have been allowed to lift things and bend over for a couple of months now. Still have to get back to yoga and shed those last pesky pounds. (Boy that weight is so easy to pack on when one can't move!) I think I'll start when I get back to Vancouver in Sept.

    1. Glad to hear from you Veronica and good news that you have your surgery behind you and are recovering...a few pounds will melt off once you get back into the swing of things. September will be here before we know it...the summer seems to have flown by with this gorgeous sunshine...I know I will miss it when the rains return! Take care

  19. Great packing wardrobe - and I'm with you every step of the way as I get rid of the 15 pounds that have gradually joined my party...

    1. Hi Janice!
      Glad to hear that you are on getting on board with the group...the collective efforts and support should help us all to stay focused on reaching our goals.

  20. My hat is off to you for showing the number on the scale. I am sure you will be back to your fighting weight very soon!

    1. The scale tells a story that was not "playing" in my head!
      I figured because my clothes all fit that my weight was pretty stable... all those extra snacks were being metabolized. Haha they were not and we do not keep a scale on our boat so I was shocked when I stepped on it after we returned from our holiday so I figured that a picture of that number would shame me into taking action...

  21. I'm with you on the weight loss for the new season. For various reasons my weight has crept up. Comfort eating! I'm 140 lbs so very similar and at 5feet four inches find my clothes have just got a little tight. So a similar weight loss for me, though would be happy with about 8lbs. Good luck.

  22. Positively ADORE your pearls!! Also, I'm jealous because you don't have a wrinkle on your neck!