Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week #1 a challenge....

Week #1

It has been a hot week so I have had to go out walking earlier in the morning.
I wear my hat and take a bottle of Perrier with me.
I managed to walk 50 minutes on 5 of the days 
 1 1/2 hours on two other occasions with a friend.

Two lunches out this week with friends gave me the opportunity to study the items offered and try to make some sensible choices from the menus.

Tossed green salad with eggs on Monday and water
celebrating a reunion of former co-workers.

3 small appetizer sized Fish tacos on small corn tortillas 
the day I met and walked 1 1/2 hours with a friend.

(the fish was fried and about the size of an egg on each taco served with oodles of sliced cabbage and mango with a very small amount of dressing)

Eating a higher point count lunch
meant that I would need to eat a lower point count dinner to keep within my WW daily range.

I have been satisfied with meals and have not had any snacks.
 Homemade lemonade has been my go to drink this week to keep hydrated.

I made a tasty stir fry one night for dinner.
Green and yellow peppers
thinly sliced lean chicken breasts
hoisin sauce

I opted for only 1/2 cup of rice to keep my point count down.

I chew my food slowly
putting my fork and knife down between bites to take longer dining.
The messages that are sent to our brain that register our fullness take time.

Are you making your mealtimes as attractive as possible?
Are you sitting at the table focusing on the food and the table setting
instead of eating in front of the TV?

Kathleen Tessaro has a new novel out and I am really enjoying it.
I love her books...The Perfume Collector was so well written.

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us how your week is going.
What are you reading?
Are you having any challenges with the weight loss challenge?
Have you been pleasantly surprised by the read out on the scale?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. I like that stirfry. I'll give it a go this week. I'm on track to be a 1lb down on weigh in this week, so far.

    1. Good for you feels so good when we see positive reinforcing results from our efforts.

  2. No snacks but like you, I ate two meals out. I ordered seafood salad each time and used little dressing. One of my travelling friends baked soda bread in honour of our Ireland trip
    (this Friday). I have been out walking more and I am down 1 pound. I'm out for lunch with Maman after church this week and Thursday is Monsieur's birthday so social activities will continue to be my challenge. WW does address this so it is a matter of making good choices. My pile of library books have to be returned this week but I will read The Summer Before the War before Friday. My WW step counter is not working but I will try to find a similar device before I leave. The extra glass of wine will be less appealing if I have to walk an extra 5 km to wear it off.

    1. You have been looking forward to this trip for quite some time and I am excited to follow you along on your journey...there will be lots of opportunity to walk and explore in Ireland. Hope that you have a fabulous trip!

  3. I was off to a good start and the Saturday happened. I will climb back on the wagon today. I find it very challenging to stay on track with a houseful. The boys have gone but now I have two adult nieces staying so that every meal is a bit of a production.

    1. It takes a lot of effort to stay on track when we are busy entertaining and being social...I keep telling myself it will get easier!

  4. I was off to a good start and the Saturday happened. I will climb back on the wagon today. I find it very challenging to stay on track with a houseful. The boys have gone but now I have two adult nieces staying so that every meal is a bit of a production.

  5. I am reading Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory- it is excellent!! So hard here too-my walks are definitely shorter. I started to add lunges, squats, sit-ups to my arm exercises with weights- thought it couldn't hurt! I love your stir-fry and enjoy making a similar one simply because it is so easy and delicious. I am also eating veggie burritos and quesadillas - quick, easy, and tasty!

    Love your blog. It is so peaceful and calm- definitely puts me in a "slow-down" mood.

    1. I don't think I have read anything written by Philippa Gregory...must remedy that soon! Weight training is a great idea...I have a set of 5 pound weights that i must dust off and try to add a few exercises to my regime...thank you for the idea.

  6. Lovely hydrangea and I'm right there with you on the weight loss regime--and meeting challenges as they present themselves. We are headed to church in a bit and then out to lunch with my mother in law. I've already suggested a restaurant where I know I can get a plate of grilled veggies and sliced chicken breast. Let's hope that is where we go!

    1. Most restaurants have a salad option and you can usually order a protein like chicken breast or fish to make it a meal...and I ask for the dressing on the side.
      One of the WW leaders suggested to our group that we dip the tines of the fork in the dressing before eating each bite of salad and you get a small taste of the flavour but not too many of the calories...
      I hope you enjoy your lunch!

  7. Thank you for your inspirational blogs about eating healthy and trying to keep our weight down. Great job blogging about something very important to us.

    1. Thank you...not everyone who reads the blog needs to lose weight so I am taking a bit of a risk focusing on this topic...I plan to keep on with the challenge but add some other posts that have a different theme.

    2. I started the Kathleen Tessaro novel, Leslie, but have put it to one side for the moment. I wasn't grabbed by it as I was The Perfume Collector, and right now I'm reading the 2nd novel by Michelle Gable, I'll See You in Paris. So good so far, but part are in tiny, slightly feint print, which is very hard for me to read (I need to use my magnifying glasses). I do with authors/publishers wouldn't do this. They could use a different font but still keep it clear. Are you enjoying this book?
      Margaret P

  8. Brava for you! I like your stirfry very much,too
    Eating consciously and slowly is very important. Although it is not polite,it is useful to make a pause after 2/3 of your meal -you may decide that it could be enough for this meal
    I'm living in blissful ignorance-no scale here!
    I was swimming for an hour in the morning and going out for a lunch-grilled sea bass and salat(we eat salad with the meal,not before) with olive oil
    I always try to make meals colourful and interesting,even when I'm eating alone. If you cut the quantity ,you have to add some colour,imagination and make some effort in presentation (like your Perrier with the slice of lemon in a wine glass)

  9. Bliss not having a scale! Many use their clothes as a guide for how they gauge their clothes all fit but they are a wee bit snug at the moment so I knew it was time to take steps to remedy that issue and the scale reflected what my clothes were suggesting to me.
    I like the idea of pausing after 2/3 of the meal...I frequently leave food on my plate especially at a restaurant as the portions are often very large. Appetizers are a good option and when paired with a small salad make a meal that is Weight Watcher point friendly.
    Presentation is really a huge part of dining...chefs go to a lot of trouble making their meals look beautiful on a plate.

    1. When husband and I eat out we often have starters each and just mineral water to drink. And if there's something we really fancy as a main course, we sometimes ask for one portion and two plates. Portions are so large these days I think because charges are quite high in most restaurants for what you actually are being served, they tend to pile on the food to demonstrate you are getting value-for-money when in fact you're getting more calories than is good for you. This doesn't mean I'm slim. I'm now, but reading your post is encouraging me to try harder!
      Margaret P

    2. PS I meant I'm 'not' slim, not I'm now ... oh dear, my fingers not being able to spell again!
      Margaret P

  10. I am not a great cook. Despite this, I prefer to eat at home rather than to dine out. Our dinner meals tend to be very simple: a protein, veggies, potatoes and a salad. Because my husband is T2 diabetic, we must monitor his carb intake. He does not need medication as long as he continues to eat in a healthy manner. He loves his sweets! Our downfall has been potato chips and chocolate.

  11. Eating at home is so much easier when you have control over all the ingredients!
    Eliminating sugar is a tough one...especially chocolate and my downfall are potato chips.
    Cannot have them in the house at all when I am counting my points...

  12. I wonder if North Americans and Canadians eat out more than we do in the UK, and that you have more challenges as a result? Eating out for us is an occasional treat. However where I do have to resist is with the home baking in Edinburgh's many cafes!