Thursday, August 11, 2016

Holiday snippets and snapshots...part three.

We met up with friends who have a boat and we all cruised to Genoa Bay.
The Marina is quaint and small but very protected from the wind and is quite near Cowichan Bay where they hold a sailing regatta every year.

The winds were blowing about 25 knots so the sailors were happy.

Spinnakers made an appearance on part of the race...
the reason these photos are rather blurry is that I took them from inside the window of the GrayLing shuttle boat.
The wee lapstrake hulled boat ferries passengers (and dogs) to Cowichan Bay.
The main street is not long but is jam packed with
shops, a chandlery, several eateries, a bakery, deli and a small grocery store.

We spent about an hour and a half perusing the shops and eating lunch before hopping back on the shuttle to Genoa Bay. 

It was super hot in Genoa Bay so I used my personal fan...
O 2 Cool
which mists water and helped me stay cool.

We ate simple fare...
fresh home grown tomatoes from The Humble Bungalow Garden were harvested before we left and carefully spread out in a basket so they would not bruise.
The taste of these heirloom varieties are out of this world!

I was "roughing it" and had to use a soup bowl for my cafe creme every morning.
It tasted good but looked quite tacky!
You know what they say...
Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

(so much for keeping up has gone to the dogs)

Walks in the morning were kept short due to the extreme heat and it was uphill all the way from the marina. 

I saw a family of quail with about a dozen babies and a couple of wild bunnies that were nibbling in the gardens.
Flowers catch my eye and turn my head every time I go walking.

We ate lunch out with darling daughter and her husband.
They had the loan of Mr. HB's BMW and drove up from Victoria to show us the elopement pictures.

Sipping an icy cold margarita on the deck of The Genoa Bay Cafe.
It is a fabulous place to dine, most of the boaters go up for a meal or two while they are tied up at the docks and many other diners come by car.

Our friends joined us for dinner on the deck on another evening...

Impromptu concert from the boat on the dock across from ours...
we were asked to sing a line and be the chorus.
I am not sure that our sound was in tune but what we lacked in sound quality we made up for with enthusiasm!

all the great food and beverages have added some extra pounds and I will be starting a series of posts on what I plan to eat and do to get rid of the holiday weight gain...

I also plan to write a post on what I wore and how I packed for 18 days on a boat living out of a canvas Lands' End tote bag.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. 18 days ! What a lovely holiday - We have certainly enjoyed all your beautiful photos - looks like very relaxing and contented days...
    Thank you for sharing with us !

    1. It was the longest holiday that Mr. HB has taken in many years...and I think he really enjoyed his time away from the firm.

  2. I get a sense of how relaxed this must have been - perfection!

    1. Indeed...sometimes the simplest of getaways are the most relaxing...although 3 weeks in Paris and the south of France was incredibly exciting!

  3. I have really been enjoying your holiday snippets! I am also looking forward to your next posts re what you packed to wear and how to get back on track to healthy eating. I also feel as though I have indulged this summer and am considering a bit of a concentrated effort come September. I have a few more social engagements to get through before then, however.

    1. It is surprising how we can get off track with our eating when we are social...there are just so many great cooks among my friends!

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday, your posts provide a fab flavour of the good time you had. Looking forward to your 18-day packing and weight loss posts, I need both!
    I'd love to hear which photographic equipment you use sometime, your pics are always so clear and colourful, but I appreciate you are one busy lady so hope you can squeeze this in one day.

    1. I use my IPhone for all my photos...I always carry it with me and so it is easy to capture anything that I see worthy of recording for the blog.

  5. Your holiday looks wonderful and the weather beautiful. It is so difficult to avoid weight gain during holidays. 18 days in a Land's End bag sounds like a great post. Today, I am back home from the hills so laundry is calling me.

    1. Laundry days are inevitable after a long holiday...I met a woman in the laundromat at Van Isla Marina and she was doing all her boat laundry and mentioned how convenient it would be to have 6 washers and dryers at home to get it all done at once!

  6. Your holidays seem wonderful!
    I was at the seaside myself so didn't realize it was 18 days long-great!
    Looking forward to hear your packing list- the nights will be colder during my second part of holidays(around 21°C).
    It is hard to stick to one's regime during social events :-)
    Your tomatoes look yummy!

    1. The tomatoes taste so sweet that I like to think of them as candy!
      Enjoy the rest of your time at the seaside Dottoressa.

  7. Thank you for your holiday snaps - I can almost breathe in the salt air! I'm also enjoying the suspense and look forward to seeing your packing list and joining you in the quest to shed a bit of weight. By the way, did you know that the French always but always use a small drinking bowl, just about the size you have in your photo, for their morning coffees? I bought some gorgeous ones when we were there recently to contribute to our collection - my hubby is French so we've maintained the tradition here in Australia for many years!

    1. I use a small bowl for my cafe creme every morning since I returned from France!
      It is a reminder of my time in Paris and the south of France each morning before I start my day...I will be posting the packing tote contents this morning.
      Hope you have a fabulous weekend!