Sunday, February 14, 2016

Shopping...3 easy pieces.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

The power of suggestion speaks loudly to me when it comes from a reliable source...
it could be a woman of a certain age wearing an exceptional outfit
it could be a magazine ad
a snippet from a movie
a post from a fashion savvy blogger.

Both of these books are interesting and fun...
quite different, yet totally relevant.

There is a lot of information on fashion and beauty are packed between the covers.
Isn't it nice to know that you are never too old to learn a few new tricks?

Alyson Walsh and Garance Dore's latest books were instrumental in inspiring me to wander the aisles of the shops. Their ideas spoke to me and I wanted to find something a bit different, something that was authentic and items that reflected my personal style.

I keep my eye out for quality Vintage clothing.
It must be in good condition and I prefer some details that make it "different" from what the retailers are currently showing.
Finding a bargain (as well as meeting my initial criteria) makes it a Win Win.

The wool cardigan in a charcoal grey with 3/4 sleeves fills a void in my closet.
There were no wool cardigans left after a moth infestation.
Vintage Nine West sweater has weight and body that hangs well
 it functions as a "jacket" with jeans and trousers.

The details on this are dressy and I like how it looks with a plain white or black tank top underneath.
I wore it with my grey pearls one day and the natural ones on another occasion.
I received compliments both times.

This cozy Novelti wool jacket looks smart with pants and is the perfect length with my charcoal and black dressy skirt.

The neck is what attracted me to it in the first place and the price point was so reasonable.
(the price of a few lattes at Starbucks!)

Black and white are the core of my winter wardrobe
with a healthy smattering of grey pieces added into the mix.

Here in the change room you can see my shopping "uniform."
Skinny NYDJ
Clark boots
(they remind me of Beatle boots from my youth!)
Barbour black vest
long sleeved Tee shirt

(I often wonder if I am on target with my rolled up skinny jeans)

I really doubt that anyone is looking at me anymore...

I love wearing a crisp white man's shirt.

I used to have a perfect vintage Max Mara white shirt that I wore
I loved that shirt so much, too much
and have been pining over it's demise for far too long...
a tomato stain was the undoing...
with a white shirt 
any other men's shirt 
I love to flip up the collar 
layer on the pearls.

This white shirt is by Eddie Bauer.
The weight is heavy enough that it looks crisp and hangs nicely without clinging.
          I am looking forward to wearing this as a shirt on it's own and in the summer layered over a                                                                 white tee with white Gap jeans.

The Rose Diptyque candle is finished...
and instead of recycling the glass container in the Blue Box
I copied what the clerk at Nordstrom's did  and I repurposed it...
so jam and yogurt jars 
move over
you are not the only jars I am recycling these days!

My wardrobe has increased by 3 easy pieces.
None of them were expensive or investment pieces.
The process of looking was done at leisure and was enjoyable.
I Love "the thrill of the hunt."
All pieces go with most, if not all, of my current garments.
They are versatile
fit well
make me feel good when I put them on.

I am happy with less, content to buy vintage, love the search and I save money in the process.
~ Win Win Win ~

Hope your week is off to a great start...

until next time...
Be Well and Be Kind.


  1. Great finds all around! That white shirt looks smashing on you.

  2. Oh good! Book recommendations, I love it!

    1. They are readily available and new releases so you'll have no trouble finding them...

  3. You had a very successful shopping trip! I like the cut of the white shirt - very flattering.

  4. Great finds and I love your new boots on you. The pointed toe is very flattering and hip.

  5. I'm with Kathy, the pointed toe is awesome.

    1. It does feel more current than the rounded toe...Thank you!

  6. Hostess, I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time. I was wondering if you ever had your "colours" done. (Do you remember years ago, when "Colour Me Beautiful" was all the rage.) And if so, is that what inspired you to assemble a wardrobe featuring black, white and grey?

    1. I had my colours done in Paris...I am a winter.
      I have incorporated some brights in my scarves and tops...white is one of my and grey are not ideal but I like them too much to discontinue wearing them....I like the simplicity of black, white and grey. It feel like a "uniform" in many ways...classic and minimalist, possibly boring to others but exactly what works for me.

  7. From Margie in Toronto - I love that sweater! I actually had a good shopping day myself - I went to the BAY looking for any cashmere sweaters that might be on final sale - and I did find a v-neck black Lord & Taylor sweater down to 1/3 of the original price. Then I saw that winter coats were marked down - first 50% off the original price - then an additional 40% off - plus an additional 15% if I used my BAY card! I haven't bought a "dressy" winter coat in years but ended up buying a Windsmoor Navy blue wool - very simple knee length with narrow leather trim on the collar and pockets. I hesitated to even try it on as I didn't think it would fit - I was pleasantly surprised - it's wearable now but will be even better once I lose another 15 pounds - which is my current goal. I am very pleased!

    1. Margie you had a fabulous shopping day! I love it when things are on sale and are actually the items that we need in our wardrobes!

  8. Great finds! I am especially enchanted with the embellished sweater.

    1. Thank you Donna!
      The cardigan has a bit of whimsy...which I like to perk up my basics.

  9. I love the pretty cardigan! I also bought a crisp nice new white shirt! Have not worn it yet and horrors!! ... Would hate to spill something on it!

    1. My advice is wear an apron if you are cooking up a big pot of simmering spaghetti sauce!

  10. I love your new finds! You are so wise and sensible!
    Your rolled up jeans look great, and I got a kick out of you mentioning that your boots reminded you of Beatle boots because I had the very same thought!


    1. Oh and do you remember those Beatle wigs?
      I don't remember actually wearing one but they were available when the LP's first came out!

  11. I, too, love that sweater! Thrift shopping is so much fun. Often I find the most gorgeous things, some even new with tags. It seems to me that vintage clothing is better looking than what you find in stores now. Janice McCombs ( I hate my "unknown" status but can't figure out how to change it).

    1. I think you need to create a google have your name show up. No worries though I appreciate you mentioning your name Janice.
      Many classic vintage clothes wear well for years..."Fast Fashion" items are often made with inferior fabrics and are mass produced and constructed without care and attention to detail....frustrating all of us!

  12. Value village finds? I never have any luck there. Must keep trying. Love WIN stores too.

    1. VV Boutique for the shirt and cardigan...WIn for the jacket.

  13. I love your finds, especially the cardi - I've kept my eye open for some time for an interesting dressy cardi. I've had no luck but you have lucked out. Big time! It is very "you" and you will look gorgeous in it. I don't have the body for white shirts, more's the pity.
    I saw an iris too when out walking yesterday, but just the one, not the glorious profusion you found,nice photo, BTW.
    I am so pleased you have kept up the blog. I can tell from your style that you do so love the writing process and you do it so well. I'm sure all of your readers are so pleased to see your blogs pop up in their inboxes, I certainly am!

    1. Oh my how lovely of you...such kind and encouraging words.
      Keep looking for those items and one day your searching will be rewarded....I often peruse the racks and come home with nothing to show for my efforts...and then another day I find 3!

  14. Beautiful scarf and wool cardigan! I love cardigans and often wear one.