Sunday, February 7, 2016

Food and Flowers...a post that got lost in cyberspace!

First off I must say the food in Seattle was AMAZING...

Breakfast every morning was enjoyed in Andaluca, the Mayflower Park's restaurant.
(Our hotel package; "The Winter Warmer" included breakfast each morning and valet parking)

The English Breakfast tea was perfection...
loose tea leaves, boiling hot, served in a pot with fresh milk.
Followed by eggs, fruit, bacon or sausages, multigrain toast and homemade jam.

Lunches were randomly picked based on where we were walking.
When we got hungry we chose the busier spots thinking that would be a good indicator of quality, which worked well for us.

We indulged in a pre dinner cocktail in Oliver's Lounge before heading out for the evening.

We tried some new restaurants for dinners out and returned to Dahlia Lounge on the Friday night. (which we remember as being one of our favourites)

Sea Bar Sampler from Dahlia Lounge
Tom Douglas's first restaurant
(I think it is still his finest)
This dish is probably the best dish that I have eaten in many many years...
maybe it is the BEST EVER.

Mr. HB had the coconut cream pie for dessert...
the waitress brought us two forks.
I did not even pick mine up.
With great reserve and a nod to my WW "training" I watched as Mr. HB 
 savoured each bite.

The concierge at The Mayflower Park Hotel suggested Barolo when we mentioned we wanted to have an Italian meal on the Saturday evening.
It was a chilly and rainy night so we were relieved to find it was located 5 minutes from the Hotel.
The Bistro was super busy so we were happy that the concierge had arranged a reservation for us.

Grilled Cesar Salad
a much more intense flavour was released by grilling the romaine

Halibut on a bed of vegetables drizzled with lemon, herbs and olive oil.
I ate every morsel.

My first ever bite of a cannoli!
Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Now that we are home back in Our Humble Bungalow food is simpler.

The Victoria Orchid Society has it's annual show and sale this month.
It is a highlight for orchid lovers as there are so many exotic varieties on display.

I will be volunteering at the show
 and after my shift plan to peruse the show and the orchids that growers have on sale.

The windowsill orchids are blooming in our Humble Bungalow Kitchen

They love the humidity situated on the sill just above the sink.
What a pretty sight to see walking in to the kitchen after being away for 4 days.

~ Home Sweet Home ~

Thank you for popping by and spending a few minutes here in The Humble Bungalow.


  1. Oh, you temptress, showing such delicious-looking food when I am trying to shed a few pounds! And what willpower not to have even one little taste of the coconut cream!
    The orchids look lovely. I have a couple on my kitchen windowsill and, yes, they do respond well to the humidity. I can remember when orchids were very expensive and exotic but now they are so reasonably priced and much studied plants than I would have imagined.

    1. Oops - meant to write 'sturdier'.

    2. The sea bar sampler was very healthy and not at all calorically naughty!
      That pie however...I had to just say NO!
      Hope to have a new orchid after the show and will be sharing photos if I snag a beauty!

  2. OK, now I'm STARVING.

    And your orchids are gorgeous! Are you going to be able to take photographs at the show? I hope so.

    1. I will be taking LOTS of photos at the show...I cannot help myself!

  3. The food looks amazing and I'm sitting starving in the airport. Going to try grilling the lettuce for a salad - great idea.

    1. We have grilled the romaine on the BBQ before and I love the nutty flavour...cut a romaine in half lengthwise and drizzle the dressing over the is an instant crowd pleaser at an outdoor gathering...even on our small Sea Ray we can do this!

  4. I had grilled lettuce in a Caesar salad for the first time a couple of months ago and it was DELICIOUS! Glad you had fun in Seattle.

  5. There is something so interesting that happens to the flavour and the wilted lettuce seems to absorb a bit more of the dressing too...flavour is much more intense.

  6. Looks like you had some fantastic meals.

  7. I will have to use your post as a template for our next trip to Seattle!

  8. I don't know if it has something to do with getting older, but I just love seeing posts about food and trying new things. I think my dislike of cooking is in for a jostling. Lately I've been itching to cook. Grilling Romaine.....very interesting idea. I admire your fortitude on the coconut cream pie. It looked so good in your picture, I would never been able to resist. Glad you had a good and delicious timein Seattle.
    Mary Lou

  9. Lucky you; living so close to Seattle! I'm kind of addicted to Art Glass, and some of my favourite pieces are from Seattle artists.

  10. Wow those look like fabulous meals. What a treat. I love your Orchid! The only lant I can keep alive!