Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Joys

February has come in so fast I almost did not even notice it's arrival...
the thing that surprised me was that I was about to open one of the jars of yogurt in the fridge
(and thought to myself that I had purchased these awhile back...)
lo and behold the last two jars in the fridge were beyond their best before dates!

I used to think that stale dated foods kept in the fridge only happened to the elderly...
Welcome to the world of the advanced age Hostess
the first symptom is forgetting what day it is...

Retirement has had that effect on me...
I know the days of the week but not necessarily the actual date.

Pink Cyclamen
seen on my walk
a burst of colour
these flowers are so tiny 
that I had to bend down to my toes to capture their beauty.

I have actioned a fridge clean out and chucked out the older condiments 
read all the dates on all the jars
wiped out the drawers
and freshened up all the surfaces.

Dani P Mop Philosopher did this last week.
I thank her for inspiring me to get on with this job.
(we both buy the same type of yogurt made in Quebec and are fans of Bonne Maman jam)
( we both reuse the jars)

I organized my "work station" at the sink.
Polished stones make a great base for the soap.
It sits above the moisture which allows it to dry out and so it lasts longer.

Emma Bridgewater tray and bowl are re purposed for this arrangement.
I like to keep my "tools" close at hand.
I am not loyal to any one dish soap and seem to flit around like a butterfly
looking for the one with the prettiest container, the nicest scent and the best performer.

Are you loyal to a brand?
What makes it special?

Having an organized work area is worth the little bit of time and effort.
It is the "little things" that make a big difference.

Two of the books that I ordered from Ivy's on The Avenue arrived.
Style Forever was my first read...I enjoy and follow Alyson Walsh's blog
She has some great pointers about dressing and Fashion
after reading her book I felt like going shopping.
(which I did!)

The other evening after dinner
I lit my favourite Diptyque candle to set the mood.
Time to relax.

Dessert was a bowl of cafe au lait and Garance Dore's new book.
I love this book.
She looks so much like my former French fact they could be sisters.
I am not quite finished her book but know it will be a keeper and one that I will read again.

The black Hellebores from the Vancouver Van Dusen Garden shop are blooming 
in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
The plant has grown and soon seedlings will pop up and I will pot up some in the greenhouse to share with friends and neighbours.

Snowdrops are putting on their show.
Snowdrops are so elegant with their wee bonnets of white.
 Spring is coming...

February can feel like a long month as we wait for the arrival of Spring.
It feels like Spring is early and that February is going by fast.

I bid you adieu from The Humble Bungalow...
until next time when 
I will share with you some fashion focused posts.

Be Well and Be Kind.


  1. So you have snowdrops already? I'll keep an eye out, but I don't expect them for another few weeks.

    Love the Emma Bridgewater loot. I've never bought any because I'm afraid if I did, I'd go crazy and do over my entire kitchen (which is, unfortunately, black and white.) Your dishwashing "station" is gorgeous, and would totally inspire me to do dishes. Beautiful.

    And now, what's with your use of the term "actioned"? Is this your inner Faux Fuchsia coming out? Don't you just love her blog? I luff it 11/10.

    I love your posts so much!

  2. Oh do go and buy some Emma Bridgewater will not regret the purchase and YES! I LUFF FF...we action stuff now because of her blog. She luffs sequins, perfect nail polish, baking, table settings and pillows!

  3. Great idea with the soap, I may have to copy that one. Your hellebores and snopdrops are looking lovely. It feels like spring is coming here, but that could all change in an instant, and wintry weather could return.

  4. Your sink "work station" looks lovely. What a good idea to enhance a practical area with some beauty that lifts your mood and makes you smile. The snowdrops are a welcome sign of (hopefully!) the better weather to come!
    Have a good day .... I'm off to reorganise my fridge!

  5. Love the pretty snow drops, I was wanting to pain a card for my brother s birthday and as he's planted hundreds & I mean hundreds on his land, you gave me the inspiration I needed
    so I'll now go & paint a few snowdrops.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I don't know where this new month has gone! Time is flying by for some reason.
    I had to laugh at your fridge story. My daughter looked in my fridge one day and exclaimed that I had 'too many' condiments, and not enough 'real food'.

    1. I know exactly what she means...mine looked like that before I cleaned it.

  7. Ha! I mix my dishwashing detergent to that they match the color of my kitchen. Love both of those books. You're such an instpiration in your way of organizing stuff. Kuddos to you!

  8. I loved the Garance Dore book too. The flowers are gorgeous. A friend of mine is a textile artist and has a Hellebores fabric that is stunning. Such a pretty flower.

  9. I am in the same world of advanced age as you are, hahaha! You are so right about February sneaking up on us.
    Looking forward to your next post!


  10. Those flowers are beautiful and amazing. Here in southeast Wisconsin we have not received nearly the amount of snow we usually get, but we do have a good cover. I can't even imagine any spring flowers blooming anytime soon! As for being brand loyal to any dishwashing soap - I am absolutely brand loyal. My brands are Palmolive - original green; also Dawn - original blue. Blue is my favorite color, but my loyalty really has nothing to do with color and everything to do with how well I feel these two selections work. They are the best in dealing with dirty dishes and especially the grease that often has to be dealt with in washing pots and pans.

    1. Both those soaps are vibrant shades...lovely to look at and even better that they do a great job.

  11. I'm definitely brand loyal,and my dish detergent is Dawn; original blue.
    I also use it in the laundry for treating oily stains. I can tell you from experience, that it isn't for use on all fabrics. I used it on an Eileen Fisher coral coloured tee, and it left a permanent faint blue stain that is worse looking than the original grease stain.
    I didn't even commit the sin of letting to sit too long before washing.

    1. Oh darn...I know how you feel when it comes to stains...I spilled a tiny drip of butternut squash soup on my Hermes white and grey Peinture scarf and I had to send it off to the cleaners...fingers crossed they will be able get it out.

  12. Your clump of snowdrops is so pretty, as is the hellebore. Such a rich colour. I sometimes think that my fridge is too full of condiments and am on a mission to use things up before they expire. It can happen so easily. Your Emma Bridgewater pieces are lovely and I like the way you've arranged all of your kitchen cleaning supplies.

  13. Oh, you have snowdrops - how beautiful. I have never seen them in real life, and know I would love them. I too did the fridge clean out this week - it must be the season :) The stones under soap are very clever, and look so attractive too.

  14. Spring is on the way for you Hostess. Love your Emma Bridgewater collection.

  15. Beautiful hellebore. So dark and gothic.

  16. Your cafe au lait looks wonderful. I'm dying to learn how to make it. How do you do it?

  17. I have an espresso machine and I brew a double cup of espresso right into the bowl and use the foamer to froth skim milk...i pour the milk and froth on top of the coffee and that is it...easy and delicious

    1. Do you have a recommendation about a good coffee to use? I bought a can of Madaglia D'oro. It was pretty good but think there might be something better out there.

  18. I love your floral photos! I keep saving them because I want to start drawing flowers but keep putting it off. I will have a nice selection when the day finally comes. I too did the same thing in my refrigerator yesterday but have to say it was prompted by a leaky package of chicken. Eeek!

  19. Love the cleaning station! What is the tray you keep them all corralled in?
    Love your blog and save many of them in different categories>
    Janice Hiestand

  20. Hi Janice,
    The tray is by the UK designer Emma is her black toast pattern,
    good to hear that my posts are helpful!