Friday, February 12, 2016

Walking in Sunshine....

My car is in the shop.
Instead of taking the offer of a driver and a ride home I wore my walking shoes
and took a walk in a different area of town.

Walking is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise.
It is simple
can be done almost anywhere
and the only special equipment you need is a good pair of shoes.

You might need some sunglasses
a warm coat or a rain jacket
umbrella or boots

if you have a walking partner 
you are blessed.

Conversation makes the time fly and going the distance with a "buddy" is supportive.
One day you may feel tired, lazy or lethargic but your partner urges you on.
Another day it is your turn to encourage him or her.

Walking in a group is popular here in Victoria, 
beyond the seafront there are hiking trails
The Galloping Goose is popular with both cyclists and pedestrians.

We have groups of walkers if you like company:
The TC 10K race has several training groups
Widow's Walking Group
Newcomers Club Walkers
Nordic Pole Walkers
Outdoor Club of Victoria
groups that walk out of the fitness and Seniors centres.

Mr. HB and I walk together on the weekends.
We have "My route" and His route."
My route goes along the waterfront to the Gonzales area of town,
his route goes along the waterfront towards the "boat pond."

Bald Eagle perched in a tree surveying the ocean 
possibly looking for a fish dinner.

Off it flies towards the sea...

soft shades of blues and greys

the sun breaks through the clouds

there are many quiet moments when we walk
moments to enjoy the scenery
moments to observe the unexpected
moments when we share some conversation
we are walking together

as we have done since we walked down the aisle so many years ago.

~ ~ ~

The Victoria Orchid Society Show is on this weekend and I'll be working at the admissions table.
I plan to take my knitting with me just in case there is a quiet moment during the day.

Looking forward to perusing the show and sales table after I finish my shift.
When it comes to orchids I have a weak spot for them and a new one might just accompany me home!

"Walking is man's best medicine."
~ Hippocrates ~

Have a fun weekend!


  1. I love walking and just enjoying the scenery. I'm in awe of your bald eagle sighting!!

  2. I share your love of walking, and we live in a wonderful place to enjoy it every day. Your photos over the water are fabulous today. Hasn't the light been wonderful in the past few days? Have fun at the orchid show!

  3. Such beautiful photos, you live in a wonderful place to walk.

  4. What wonderful photos. I also share your love of walking, it can be such a contemplative time.

  5. Walking is like breathing to me. Both are necessary to my existence. You have so many wonderful places to walk where you live, and you're lucky to have all the different walking clubs. I have wonderful places to walk, but I mostly go solo. I have one friend here who sometimes goes with me, but she is moving in a few months.

  6. Just a thought: would you be willing to share more about your knitting? I am very much a beginner - all I've done is diagonal knit dishcloths and currently am doing the same pattern only larger to make a baby blanket. I've crocheted all my life, but knitting is new to me and I'm not finding it nearly as easy as crochet.

    1. I would love to share more knitting tidbits...what would you like to know?
      I hope that I can help...please ask !

    2. I'd like to see what you're working on, hear about any hints or tips you've learned along the way that have made knitting easier for you (or maybe it's always been easy for you), anything really. I'm so green that all I can do is this one pattern which is just yarn overs and knit. Is it garter stitch maybe? I do knit continental style and I learned watching a YouTube video. I'd love to see/read anything you post. Thanks. Happy Valentine's Day.

    3. Garter stitch is a basic and then there is purl...(baby) sweaters can be made using just those two stitches. I knit Canadian and do not know the continental might join and see if they have any advice for you.
      I like making baby blankets and sweaters...start slow and add new techniques as you proceed and I would advise you to find a great wool shop with knitters who can help you expand your range of knowledge...I will need help with the Grafted seam on the poncho that I am currently knitting. I hope to ask a friend and or go to one of the better shops in town and beg for help!
      Will show my progress on my poncho soon...

  7. I walk a lot at work (school) so don't always get the time or inclination at home. It's amazing the little things you see and miss when you do take the time to get out and walk your neighborhood instead of hopping in the car

  8. Thank you for the photos (especially of the bald eagle). Hope you have a lovely time at the orchid show. Have you ever seen a pansy faced orchid? I don't know the Latin name, but they are so beautiful and look just like pansies. Also a favorite, lady slipper orchids...absolutely magical. Enjoy the knitting and the flowers and of course The Walking. Ambulatory meditation...

    1. I think you might be referring to the Masdevallia orchids (pansy like) and the Cypripedioideae most commonly known as the Paphiopedilum and there were many varieties at the show. It was stunning and am AOS was awarded for the VOS display!

    2. Thank you for the Latin names! My husband and I will be going to the Connecticut Flower show next weekend and I will be looking for our special orchids.

  9. I walk with my husband too:). But we don't get to see eagles! So wonderful.

  10. I go walking with some other women every week. We walk to the water. I wish it were the ocean but one of the great lakes is not a bad second choice. It's good for the soul!

  11. your clark boots...I live in Vancouver. Can you tell me where you purchased them ? Carolyn

  12. I purchased them at The Cobbler on View Street in Victoria. Perhaps you can find them online. Good luck!