Saturday, February 6, 2016

Flowers and the occasional treats...

The beautiful colours of this exquisite fuchsia stand out against the grey gloom of a February day.

After a delightful trip away in Seattle I am trying to get back on track and eat more modestly.
Focusing on lean protein, fruits, vegetables and salads.

Recently my daily dose of Thyroid medication has been reduced substantially.
It is interesting to me that our thyroid glands can fluctuate so much and I am curious as to why it has changed so radically in the past 6 months, I have done some research but have not discovered any answers.
The Thyroid affects many systems in the body and losing and gaining weight can be affected by an malfunctioning Thyroid gland.
If you have not had yours checked in awhile it might be a good idea,
all that is involved is a simple blood test.

While staying the course I have been rewarding myself with non edible treats...
floral bouquets.

Cafe au lait's 
which have helped keep me satisfied...
the skim milk foams up far lighter than regular milk and it is easy opting for skim over full fat cream.
One needs a few treats now and then so a bowl of coffee with frothy milk is something I enjoy.

I have paid extra attention to my hands and have started painting my nails
 it is fun trying out new and different shades.
I am getting better with the application of the polish.
Practise makes perfect!

Paying attention to details 
Wearing a variety of accessories with my basic classic outfits
scarves, jewelry, shoes, boots and interesting tights and socks.

The bangle collection has recently grown thanks to darling daughter...
she found me the new one 
(on the far right)
Thank you @thingfinder.

I've been walking and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Chronic pain is fairly new to me...
my right arm and shoulder are giving me grief.
The doctor has diagnosed me with Supraspinatus tendonitis and has suggested physiotherapy.
There will be exercises and a course of treatments and if they fail to provide relief there is talk of a cortisone shot.

No more heavy handbags for me!

Mr. HB and I have been savouring the last season of Downton Abbey.
Julien Fellowes has been writing such wonderful episodes for the past few years that we have come to expect that the Sunday evening PBS series will always be there...
we are a few episodes away from the finale.

We finished watching the English murder mystery River 
we started watching Lie To Me.
(both on Netflix)

Grand Designs is a BBC production that we are loving...
 behind the scenes stories and details during the construction of the architecturally designed homes.
We have enjoyed each episode and highly recommend the series.

What are you watching these days?

Have you tried these candies?
The "bad news" is that they are very tasty
the "good news" is...

They are just 1 Weight Watcher Point.
Guilt free pleasure that I am happy to indulge.

in moderation of course!

Pop over and read her post and the comments left by readers.

Lisa is happy with her 5 pound gain which still has her in a healthy normal BMI range.
I am working to shed 5 pounds as I am in the overweight category at 25.4 
My goal is to be at a BMI of 25 which is considered at the higher end of the"normal " range.
The Weight Watcher goal of 132 pounds for a 5'1 woman
 is not an unreasonable goal 
nor am I in any way going to look "skinny!"
I feel better at that weight...
less stress on my hips and knees
my clothes fit better
 in the end feeling good on your own skin is what it is all about
"bien dans sa peau"

Perhaps you will care to share your thoughts on weight gain and weight loss.
Does it matter to you?
Do you put your health as a priority?
Has weight gain or loss affected your confidence?
Has your doctor ever suggested that you make changes in your lifestyle to protect your heart health?

If you have been reading my blog awhile you might remember when my blood pressure went through the roof and I was on doctor mentioned that IF I could lose 10% of my weight that I would substantially reduce my blood pressure.
I lost 20% of my weight...and fortunately I no longer require the medication.

February is HEART month...

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like."

~ Lao Tzu ~


  1. Love the bangles, especially the newest one! Your nails look very pretty as well.
    I always enjoy your posts!


  2. I probably weight more than I should. Most of the time I am okay with it, but if I begin to feel sluggish I walk a little further and cut out all the carbs. I, too, have hypo-thyroid. I have been on a fairly high dosage since my mid forties. It is a funny little gland that controls so much. I am coveting your fuchsia. So beautiful!

    1. I have been on thyroid medications since my mid thyroid stopping working properly soon after our daughter was born. Thyroid problems runs in the family though so it came as no surprise.
      Don't be too hard on yourself though...weight loss is a very personal thing...
      it took me 58 years before I addressed mine...I was not always over weight but a lot of the time I was in the "Obese" BMI area.

  3. We are watching the new War and. Peace. It is a 6-part series that started a few weeks ago. I recommend it highly to fans of Downton Abbey.

    1. I have read the book so I will investigate...thank you!

  4. Thanks for he Netflix recommendations! My husband and I both enjoy Poirot and
    Midsomer Murders which are both in Netflix as well. I'm happy to see the final several episodes of Mad Men are now available as well. I do watch The Bachelor and keep saying I'm gong to stop, but . . .

    As for weight issues - I'm not happy with my weight. I feel very matronly. I'm having a hard time getting in gear to do much about it, unfortunately. You are an inspiration, though!

    1. I have not watched The Batchelor series for awhile...lovely daughter and I used to watch it together...we had a lot of fun and critiqued the scenarios.
      I feel matronly too at a Grammy I think I am entitled to be in that category!

  5. The photograph of the fuchsia is beautiful.

    My thyroid stopped being a funny little gland when I had to drink radioactive iodine to treat the Graves Disease which had affected it.
    Last year I had to adjust my thyroid medicine because I was starting to be hyperthyroid, the doctor lowered the medication dosage, and then before I realized what was going on, I became severely hypothyroid, now doctor has readjusted dosage and it seems to be heading toward normal levels. I don't know why I started being hyperthyroid last year, but it makes me wonder if there might have been some unknown, unreported manufacturing discrepancy with the medicine's dosage.

    An endocrinologist once told me that weight loss can affect one's thyroid medicine dosage, I assume that would mean that weight gain could affect it, too. Unfortunately, I can't say that I had lost weight that caused the dosage to be too high for me. I think that doctors should test people's, especially women's, thyroid levels more regularly than most of them do.

    1. I have read about Graves disease...a friend had her thyroid taken out, as did my Mother. Good that you are on top of the issue and that you have a specialist who can monitor your levels. Take care!

  6. People, your weight is only a very small part of your life. Enjoy each day as much as you can. I can tell you no one in the chemo ward is worried about their weight; real illness puts minor issues into perspective.

    1. Oh of course it goes without saying that there are bigger things in life to get bent out of shape about...I am grateful for everyday.
      5 pounds is a minor thing and having seen cancer strike several times in our family I know all about how illness affects priorities.

  7. I am now watching War and Peace and really enjoying it. Matronly is not a negative term but I find that I have more energy when I weigh less. I will be in Mexico in a few days and I always walk a lot when I am away. I just bought two new nail polishes so I can take time to do my nails. Those little treats make the days special.

  8. Enjoy your time away and all the walks in Mexico!
    Have fun painting your nails...they will dry a lot faster in the hot weather. I look forward to hearing more about your trip.

  9. The fuchsia is beautiful! I have seen one or two on my walks and always find the discovery a lovely surprise.
    As for weight - as long as one feels well and has no health concerns I say 'why worry?'

    1. True...if your health is not in peril with extra weight be content.
      This pretty fuchsia is on Oak Bay Avenue by the path to the Monterey Centre...

  10. Interesting post as usual. My BMI is fine but just recently I have been going through a fat and frumpy phase. I blame the weather! The incessant wind and rain we have been experiencing here in Northern England makes one reach for comfort food. Roll on the Spring and the shedding of those annoying few pounds along with getting in to the garden. No fuchsias at the moment! Far too wet and cold.

    Downton Abbey has finished over here and we had the final Christmas special to tie up the loose ends. War and Peace finishes tonight. Beautiful costumes.

    1. I think the mindset "fat and frumpy" is very much in our minds...we can reframe those words to something a lot more pleasant...womanly, curvy, mature...a "work in progress" is how I like to think of my journey!

    2. I like the idea of a "work in progress". I will take that as my new mindset. Thank you.

  11. What a great post! I love your cafe au lait polish - so chic, and your silver bangles are gorgeous. Am also embarking on losing a few pounds, after Christmas and holiday excess. Much like you, fresh fruit and veg, counting a few points, and am only a little taller than you. I love Grand Designs and am enjoying the new season too. We also enjoy Restoration Home and, naughty me, I am watching the Great British Baking Bee - while trying to diet!

    1. Will take note of Restoration Home...I have seen a few episodes of the Great British Baking!

  12. Your lovely attitude always shines, and chimes through, like those bangles on your wrist.

    1. That is words are not intended to feel or sound negative.
      When I re-read a post before publishing it is often difficult to know the tone that comes across without an "editor!" It is my inner voice that guides me.

  13. I had lost 18 lbs before my son's wedding in September. I felt great and was happy with the way I looked, even though I should have lost a few more pounds. Unfortunately, I regained half the weight after the wedding and am back on the diet train again. I am tired of counting, weighing and trying to figure out how a food ranks in the diet hierarchy. I think that is the main reason that I began to regain--I was tired of "paying attention." But that is the only way.

    Recently, I began watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix and, I must say, I find the Jane Fonda-Lily Tomlin comedy really funny and touching. So many of the issues they address are front and center in the lives of women our age.

    1. I watched the Grace and Frankie show and thought it was entertaining.
      I totally empathize with you about keeping track and paying attention but when I do not do this that is when the weight piles on...I think it is an important tool to keep me accountable.

  14. Time to press the reset button. Holidays/winter/Super Bowl/Valentine's Day et al. I love to cook and bake especially in the winter. Not sure the "new" Weight Watcher's is working for me. Think I will try simplifying things rather than point counting. We all know what to do.

    1. I baked scones yesterday as we hosted an afternoon tea...and I opted to make my lunch the tea so as not to eat twice! I am surprised that WW is not working for you...I tried every diet and eating regime before going to WW and it was the only one that really worked for me...they have a power food section where you can eat those without counting any might be able to ask your leader about it.
      As you mention we do all know what to do.

  15. We starting watching Sherlock last night (Netflix) and will likely continue. There are three series so it will take us a long time. Last weekend we watched Death in Pemberly which we enjoyed very much.

    1. We also enjoyed Death Comes to id noce to have a few seasons of a series to look forward to...we felt that way when we started watching Last Tango in Halifax.

  16. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your blog. I am sitting over at the other side of the country in the Quebec countryside (sometimes feeling a little isolated). I do not 'follow' you as I do not like my inbox to fill up with millions of emails and, alas, I am not very good at commenting - but I do check in every week or so to catch up with you. I am sure there are many more like me. Please don't be discouraged. I for one admire what you do! Thank you!

    1. Thank you in the Quebec countryside sounds rather idyllic to me!
      As a fan of Louise Penny and her novels that are set in a small village in Quebec I have a very romantic image of the area.
      Years ago my husband and I visited The Gatineau mountains in October and the trees were a riot of autumnal colour! Would love to return and visit sometime in the future.
      I appreciate the points that you are making and have heard this from others.
      Thank you for your thoughts and kind words.

  17. Well done on the health changes. That's great that you improved your heart health so much. I love Werther's. Amazing little treats!

  18. That fuscia is so pretty. I love watching Spring arrive.
    Thyroids are tricky. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid about 10years ago, but it was probably going on for a while and I just didn't have it checked. It took a bit to find the right meds and dosage. I agree that it is something to have checked.
    As we go to bed fairly early, I catch up with Downton online early in the week, usually at my tea time.
    Mary Lou

  19. Thyroid is complex. I hope you are feeling better. How nice to get away. I agree watching for signs of Spring is lovely. We seem to be in a bit of a winter revival - 7-8 inches fell the previous day and more to come Monday. We could have 10 inches of heavy wet snow. Winter is pruning our trees, many broken branches and some entire trees have fallen. Sipping ginger & honey tea to keep warm and cozy.

  20. Thank you for the mention Hostess, much appreciated. It is so helpful to have company in this process of midlifing. And I'm curious, fuchsias are blooming already up your way? Mine isn't even in real bud yet! I am very much looking forward to its flowers.

    1. This particular fuchsia plant is blooming and has many is in a protected area close to a building on Oak Bay Avenue and I do not think it has stopped flowering from last summer!
      Our Magnolia has buds and the daffodils are about to much happening right now in the garden...yeah Spring!

  21. I always enjoy reading your posts and want to thank you for taking time to write. I try to eat a healthy diet, walk and do cardio class twice a week. So far I am able to stay slim, I am about the same weight as when I graduated 40+ years ago! Love Downton Abbey and will miss it when it is done also.
    Hubby and I are planning a road trip the end of March from Michigan (home is the Upper Peninsula) to Texas for the Spring Antique Show. I am looking forward to getting out of the snow and ice!

  22. Well done Mary!
    I admire a woman who has the discipline and dedication to maintain their weight and keep fit. You must feel great staying the same weight as you were when you graduated.
    The Antique Show will be a fun event...I love looking for treasure!
    Enjoy your holiday.