Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Jewels...

Welcome to my blog...
I hope that you will continue to pop by and catch up.

Life has been busy and full and I am feeling immense gratitude these days...

The latest posts have been smaller and while I do apologize, my inability to sit and type for very long due to the shoulder issue have necessitated that I keep my time at the computer short.

But let's get on with it and put aside any whining and complaining!
The Spring flowers are working their magic...

This is one stunning Hellebore!
I love the colour and those stamens are like little jewels.

Henry, our grandson, came over last week to spend a morning with Grammy.
We had a fun building with blocks, we coloured in our book, shaped things with Play Doh, ate a healthy snack and read books. 

Next time it will be Isla's turn and I plan to make cookies or cupcakes and we can decorate them together and she can take them with her when she goes home.
One on one time is a lovely way to connect with the grandchildren.

Essie Jag-u-are lasts about a week 
I wear my gloves when doing the house work and washing the dishes.

I bought French's ketchup and learned that Heinz pulled out of Canada and laid off all the employees.
French's stepped up and has started making ketchup as well as their classic mustard.
I like the idea of keeping Canadians working and buying local.
(you can read the story here)

My car was in the shop again...
this time not as a result of vandalism but wear and tear.
My 2001 Volvo Estate is a high maintenance gal.
I have to keep her running as I cannot afford a new car right now.
The comfort that this car offers suits me and I do love Volvo's for their safety features.
I have owned 2 Volvo's prior to this one and I would opt for another one in the future.

While the car was being serviced I went shopping...

I bought this beautiful rhinestone brooch for resale at Vanity Fair Antiques.
Darling daughter and I rent a shelf in a case where we sell a few things.
Mostly jewelry and a few other bits and bobs.

Scottish citrine Hallmarked silver pin
Glasgow 1956

If I can figure out how to launch an Etsy shop I might try my hand at selling online.
It is fun to go browsing for treasures and beautiful things.

These Mexican silver earrings are for my personal use.
Since I got my hair cropped I am wearing bigger earrings.
You can see the reflection of me taking this photograph!

I stopped for a healthy lunch at The Grindstone Cafe.
Their salads are tasty and they make a great tortilla soup.

So that's about all for now...

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Be Well and Be Kind.


  1. The Hellebore is beautiful.
    Nail polish certainly does the trick and protecting your hands is paying dividends.
    Oh I do love that rhinestone brooch it would be fabulous on a little black anything. I for one would love it.
    Here we had a company Spring Gully which went into receivership when the news broke we all went out and brought there products that was enough to save them and help them plot a new course. Buying local does the trick.
    My car isn't broke but my vacuum cleaner is I'm off to purchase another one tomorrow.

  2. That's sad about Heinz. I guess that HP sauce is the same because it came from Leamington. Your brooch is beautiful! I bought another silver bangle in Oaxaca but dangle
    earrings are tempting. I'm feeling more conservative as I get older. When I worked, I often wore fashion jewelry to school but now... Yesterday, I went to get my favourite salad in Oaxaca. Don't fresh greens make a difference? Often, in restaurants at home, I don't finish
    the greens because they taste like bagged mix.

  3. I love my Etsy store! It's very user friendly and easy to set up so I'm sure you can do it.
    I also like to support Canadian and US businesses which is why I don't manufacture my products offshore; although it would be WAY cheaper.

  4. I love to support Canadian too. The jewellery is beautiful! You have a good eye for things.

  5. I popped over for a look at the orchid show and found you in the wars - a bad shoulder and a horrid attack on the windscreen. Arnica gel for your shoulder, perhaps, and a philosophical shrug of the shoulders (ouch!) that someone is so unhappy that they feel the need to vandalise your car.
    The hellebore photo is beautiful and I love the rhinestone brooch - now that is enough to cheer anyone up!

  6. what a beautiful hellebore!

    I am still driving a 2002 Toyota Highlander, like your Volvo it is just to good to replace. But, if I don't get a new car soon I will be too old to have one. LOL

    Hope your shoulder continues to mend.

  7. Lovely is enjoyable to read about everyday life. And you have such a gentle way of describing the every day comings and goings that are so interesting to read about - I savor every word you write.

  8. It sounds like you made a very pleasant day out of a mundane chore! Good for you!
    I love the Scottish piece - it reminds me of the plaidie pins I gave to each of the bridesmaids at our wedding.

  9. Love the description and picture from your time with Henry. Blocks are wonderful. Great looking salad.

  10. I love brooches and loved and wore them way before they had a wave of being "trendy" several years back. Glad to see others still like them too! That lunch looks delicious

  11. The hellebore is gorgeous - isn't it wonderful to see spring flowers popping up everywhere these days? Those times with grandchildren are so precious, and I agree that one on one is best. Your brooches are beautiful!

  12. One on one with grandchildren. Great way to really enjoy each other.

    Not that I eat much ketchup, there'll be no more Heinz in my house. French's it is.

  13. It's always good to hear from you Leslie but I think it's important that you don't do anything that aggravates your shoulder. Glad to see it seems to be improving although these ailments never heal as quickly as we'd like them to. Spending time with your grandchildren individually is such a great opportunity ...I can see how much you enjoy the time. I'm sure they do too!
    Take care, seems like you're having a lovely week.

  14. How fun to have an Etsy shop with your daughter! I hope your shoulder keeps healing.