Monday, February 22, 2016

OOTD dinner out with the family

This past weekend we took our family our for dinner to celebrate our son's 35th birthday.
The grand children were on their best behaviour and the food was was nice to go out.

I wore my grey pearls and vintage Nine West embellished cardigan over a black tank top and velvet pants.
The sweater was a recent purchase from VV Boutique, a large thrift shop in Victoria.

Velvet pants and my ancient Amalfi patent leather shoes.
My idea of one notch up from casual.
Comfy to wear with the children yet dressy enough to go out for dinner.

My meal was tasty and rich.
 I savoured the garlic whipped mound of mashed potatoes!
Sometimes one just MUST splurge.

The next week will involve some healthy lunches.
A simple wrap spread with a couple of tablespoons of hummus and loaded with fresh veggies.

I love this kind of lunch...
the softness of the wrap and the crispy crunch of the veggies
and the bonus is that the hummus is full of protein.

One of the benefits of blogging are the comments and the emails received behind the scenes.
Thank you for your kind words of support and taking time to relate your personal stories.
There is a large community of women out there 
who care for each other 
are not afraid of sharing.

I am grateful and humbled.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Pretty pearls: I love the color grey and I didn't know there were grey pears......

  2. Sometimes one must splurge indeed! And after what you've been through lately, a pile of garlic mashed potatoes might be rather comforting. Good that you also enjoy the balancing meals as you've pictured for us above. . . to each its turn, right?

    1. OMG I needed those is all about balance...

  3. I've been enjoying hummus wraps the last few days too! I also add a T of unsalted sunflower seeds for a little bit of crunch and additional protein. Those pearls are gorgeous.

    1. Oh thank you une femme...your posts are so inspiring...Hugs!

  4. Hi Leslie, your new cardigan looks lovely. It's interesting how easy it is to go from casual to smart with a few changes. I saw a picture of Frances recently in jeans, boots and a lovely loose sweater and I thought how similar the outfit was to one I'd worn out for lunch trousers, smart boots and a black cashmere cowl neck worn with a pendant style necklace.
    It's always good to be together with family. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I felt blessed to have my sons and daughter join us for a visit to Switzerland last week. Just perfect, to be all together for so long, now that two of them have their own homes.
    I hope the treatment for your shoulder is showing results and you're experiencing less pain. I know from experience and understand, how draining and frustrating it is to be in constant pain and have restricted movement.
    Sorry to see your damaged windscreen as well. Why do people behave like that?? Another frustration! Theirs and yours I guess ...
    On a positive note it is good to see how supportive woman are to each other via blogs and how they bring together women from around the world who wouldn't otherwise have had contact with each other. Keep up the good work .. your blog is one of my favourites!
    Take care and have a good week.

  5. Hummus is such a good protein food! I really like Lebanese food which uses hummus, tabouleh and lots of vegetables. Grey pearls are so pretty. I purchased my grey pearl and silver bangle here last year and may look for another. Your sweater is perfect for a family evening out.

  6. You seem to have struck just the right chord with your evening outfit.
    I like the look of your simple wrap and may give it a try for work lunches - easy to have a container of hummus, some pita and a bag of fresh stuff in the lunch room fridge,

  7. really lovely pearls and wish we could the outfit as a whole!
    hope your shoulder gets better soon, the physical therapists can do wonders but it takes time
    lovely blog
    when you said goodbye for a short time I was reminded of what Harold Pinter said "must you go?" to Antonia Fraser on the first night they met! very glad you are back!

  8. Lovely outfit, very elegant. Love the grey pearls as well.

  9. Thanks for your continued sharing of ideas for easy, healthy meals. I'm trying to get a handle on my eating habits and any inspiration is much appreciated.

  10. Pearls always add elegance to an outfit. How nice to have a family dinner out. No prep, no clean up. Sounds like everyone enjoyed their meal and the gathering. I'm with you, no cutting calories when eating out! As you state, healthy eating is best and easily done at home. Happy B-day to your son. All the best, Susan

  11. I love veggie sandwiches. Add hummus and it is perfect! Love your pearls. Here in the south, pearls are a staple accessory. We wear them with evening clothes and blue jeans. They are perfect for any occasion. Love your style!

  12. I just love how you styled your vintage sweater! You have a real knack for taking something simple and making it look fabulous. Love the looks of your healthy lunch, too. Got to try the veggie/ hummus combo. You are inspiring me to escape from my "comfort zone"! Janice from Kentucky

  13. Your outfit looks great, I'm really into monochromatic right now and this is perfect. Lovely gray pearls too. We also go out sometimes to nice restaurants with our children and grandchildren, which is a treat (instead of me cooking.) Tonight, we'll be celebrating my husband's birthday out, and I intend to splurge too!

  14. Lovely post as always and those pearls - just beautiful. Perfect outfit for a family celebration.

  15. Those pearls are beautiful. That's a great lunch idea. I get bored with lunch so always looking for new ideas.