Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wanna Be Barbour...OOTD

I love the English gentry country style.
I can picture those hacking jackets, cashmere sweaters, tartan scarves and Hunter wellingtons.
But truth be told my lifestyle is about as far away from country as it could be.
I am a city gal living a modest life in a quiet neighbourhood with my husband and two cats.
Dressing honestly guides my purchases and dictates what I will keep and wear not what hangs in my closet waiting to be worn. I dont believe in keeping things that just take up valuable space and gather dust in our tiny home.
(with the exception of my wedding dress and my Aunt Tirzah's fur coat)
It's my sister who lives in the country on 3 acres which houses a riding ring, paddocks and a barn.
She rides, teaches and judges riding and owns several horses.
Hers is country style with an equestrian flair...the riding boots and quilted jackets that I admire so much.

Sis and I shopped at the VV Boutique last week before our lunch.
We found a few gems...

QED London wanna be Barbour jacket.
Under $20

Brand new Eddie Bauer down filled mitts at an astonishing price of 99 cents!
With our cold weather on our long walks my hands have been freezing in my leather gloves. 
Only last week I was remarking to my walking partner that I really needed to buy some mitts...
 lo and behold they were waiting for me.

I was wearing my walking summer weight capri's to the Yoga studio and I admit that I missed my grey Lulu Lemon's which were two sizes larger and donated months ago.

I cannot believe I found Lulu lemon Yoga pants at $9.99!
So much cheaper than buying them new and I only need one pair so black is the perfect choice.
These loose yoga pants will allow me to feel less constricted when doing the downward dog.

My sister had wanted to eat at Bliss for quite a few months so we decided to go after our thrift shopping.

It's vegan and delicious!

The cafe is not large and they do take away as well.
You can buy their cookbook and make these dishes at home.

We sat at the window table and enjoyed the warmth of the sun shining through the window.

Masala Burger made with seeded "bread" and a cashew nut curry burger.
It was served with a dollop of cashew cream.
I have never felt so much energy after eating a meal and I felt sated throughout the afternoon.

QED London jacket
Gap boyfriend jeans
Amalfi shoes

Mother loves these shoes...
they were another great score at the Thrift Shop.
I've worn these a lot and will continue to do so because they make me happy when I put them on.

My wardrobe is pretty workable now that I have restocked the basics.
I cannot think of anything more that I need for Winter...
now Spring and Summer are another matter.

I may need a skirt, some tees and a pair of shorts but there is plenty of time to cruise the thrift shops before our weather warms up.
In the meantime I am cooking up a storm here in The Humble Bungalow.
We have a family gathering this weekend and I am pulling out all the stops making a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables with scalloped spuds and gravy.
To top it all off dessert of fruit salad and a rich dense fudge chocolate cake.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. You are the perfect Grande Dame on a budget!

    1. Lisa,
      I am extremely flattered that you might even put me in that category!

  2. Downward dog kills me, my hamstrings are so tightly strung. Cn you put your heels on the floor? I think I'm fifteen years from doing so.

    1. I can put my heels down while doing the downward dog...I love that pose.
      it's the plank that really challenges me and I have trouble keeping a steady tree pose.
      Yoga is non competitive so we can each practise at our own skill level and just doing it is enough.

  3. There's a cosy fire in the stove and beef stew on the burner. We're cuddled in here on a grey and damp day. Spent the morning looking at real estate listings for my father and will, later today, take them to where they will holiday in town, near the harbour. Have a wonderful family dinner - it sounds delicious!

    1. The weather is such that it is perfect to stay indoors and cocoon by the fire. Enjoy the stew, I'm betting that your home smells delcious with this simmering on the stove.

  4. What a shopping trip - do you know how much Barbour jackets cost?!!!
    Family lunch sounds fabulous, I wish I were pulling up a chair at your house this weekend!

    1. I do in fact! I bought a new Barbour vest early in the fall and saw their jackets at the same they are about $700 which is just a little less than I spent restocking my entire wardobe!

  5. I am baking homemade bread this afternoon along with chocolate sheet cake (made with buttermilk) to take a to a friend's house for a dinner party tonight.

    And I agree with LPC--you are indeed a grand dame on a budget--and doing it very well!

    1. Oh I'll bet your recipe is a winner, you won't be bringing any home after the party!

  6. Your vegan lunch looks delectable! Great finds at VV, so glad you have some mitts to keep your hands nice and toasty. Cold hands (and feet) are the worst!

    1. Why is it that women always have cold feet?
      Cashmere sox are my favourite way to chase the chills...

  7. You seem to be very successful in your thrift store finds. I am just preparing my first downsize pile of clothing to donate. We are having a guest for after-dinner coffee and dessert tonight (a fresh fruit tarte). Your dinner sounds scrumptious.

    1. Do you like to thrift shop?
      I follow your blog so I know that you are losing might find thrifting a great alternative to paying full price for things in smaller sizes.

  8. Your thrift store finds are really amazing.
    Around here, a Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake has been baked and is ready to fill (with cherry jam) and frost (with whipping cream mixed with a little homemade pudding) for a dinner party this evening with friends. A cup of tea is at hand as I read and comment on a few blogs. A quiet day in the neighbourhood.

  9. Sounds like a lot of us are spending the day inside cooking and baking!
    I'd love to see your cake when it's ready to serve.

  10. Leslie I do love your style and I'm so impressed with your second hand shopping style! Between you and Janet you definitely have my style nailed!

  11. Amazing finds at VV! I moved to Victoria a couple of years ago and have frequented VV but have never found a decent pair of Lulus, let alone for that price. I love the jacket. I too have always loved English country style. Who could forget Diana in Scotland during her engagement in 1981, wearing her wellies? Your lunch looks delicious. My daughter and I recently had lunch at Be Love, similar yummy food. There is a photo of their Macrobiotic Bowl on the cover of the current Blvd magazine. I had the Green Bowl and my daughter had the Southwestern Bowl. I have been tinkering in the kitchen trying to duplicate their all-seed cracker and was grateful for the photo as I am afraid I devoured mine before I fully analyzed the components. Next time I think I will get it just right. It sounds like you are warm and cozy on this stormy weekend. I have been in the kitchen all day and among other things, have made a roasted squash soup.

    BTW, my first name really is Violet, and I have spent most of my life growing into it.

  12. Wonderful finds, the jacket is super. You are cooking one of my favorite sounds delicious.

    For some reason there seems to be two schools of thought on heel position during down-ward-facing dog...all of my teachers have prescribed to the heels up approach and more extension, does marvelous things for the spine.

  13. Hostess, Can't believe you finds! You scored. Loving that cute jacket. I'm with you, in my ideal life I want a green rover, and live in Barbour, wellys and a scarf with my corgis. :D Adore that country life like your sister has. Just catching up on all your posts. You inspire me with all your healthy eating and yoga and it shows too!
    xx kim