Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Puttering around the Humble Bungalow cleaning and sorting some neglected drawers and closets.
 I found myself staring at my pearls. 
I must commend Mother Nature, as she makes such beautiful gems.
The creamy iridescence glows from within each pearl and when strung together they are like wee lights illuminating the strand.
A joy to wear.

Outside weather was beastly cold and grey.
Wind and pelting raindrops beat like a drum against the windows.

 The Humble Bungalow was looking dim and I was feeling it was too dark and gloomy.

Looking on the bright side of cheer I wasted no time in lighting a scented candle.

I grabbed a handful of my pearls and started playing around with the camera.

I have a real weakness for scented candles and find myself buying them up at Home Sense when they are on sale.
 Mr. HB finds them a bit over the I usually enjoy them when I am home alone.

I will be wearing these when I finish taking pictures.
Nothing cheers a girl up like some pretty ornamentation.
In the case of pearls I like to think more is better.

Fresh water
salt water
 cultured classic round
whimsical baroque's
mixed together in several pearly shades.

They do wonders to light up one's face and look especially flattering in candle light.

I am enjoying my pearls mixed with the sweet scent of lilies.
The inclement weather does not bother me much when cocooning indoors with a hot cup of tea
two sleepy cats nearby, a good book to read and a warm scent wafting from a pure white light of a candle.

Hope you are keeping out of mischief.
If I didn't have a good book on the go I might have been tempted to do some online shopping today.

Goodness knows THAT could spell trouble with a capital T.
Spending time gazing at gorgeous things that we don't really need is not the best way to spend a few hours.
 Are you tempted by online shopping?

You know what they say...
"Spend in haste repent at leisure."

This week I met up with a reader and her husband who were here waiting for their flight to Europe.
It was a delight to spend some time with K and B and chat while sipping tea and coffee at Murchies.
You might remember that she generously offered to give me her copy of Mamma Never Cooked Like This.
 I could not find a copy locally despite months of searching.

Thank you so much K!
I will be wasting no time in making some of Susan's recipes.

Turns out that K gets her hair cut here in town and makes the pilgrimage every other month so I am hoping that we will get together again when they return from their 3 month holiday.

I am so grateful to continue to meet and connect with people through this crazy world of blogging.

Take care as you navigate through your week...don't forget to smile.



  1. My husband is also not fond of scented candles, I actually find that with a lot of men. We're finally expecting some real rain in California beginning today and we desperately need it. Have some good books on board and knitting as well.

  2. Beautiful. Enjoy the lustre of everything.

  3. oh...your pearls do look lovely, especially by candle light. I have an bit of an obsession with scented candles and I really have to watch myself. My favorite right now is Calvin Klein, Fig.

    A friend just told me about Louise Penny's book. I have just started to read them, I am on the second one and am enjoying it immensely. She is rather like P D James.

    Thankfully it is supposed to rain here, I can hardly wait I have almost forgotten what it looks like!

  4. I truly enjoy scented candles as we have no fireplace. I use them as my focal point in the living room. My favourite pearl necklace was a surprise from Monsieur on our wedding day:a mabe pendant.I loved reading Louise Penny. Right now I am engrossed in A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cossé.

  5. That is soo cool that you met someone through blogging as well! It must be so nice that you meet someone new and yet they have some idea of you already so there is no real awkward moments as you can just talk about past subjects you wrote about!

  6. Is there anything lovelier than pearls in candlelight? I need to get my pearls out to play a bit more. Like Kathy, am very much looking forward to some real rain, as is my garden!

  7. Candlelight and pearls. Now here is a woman who knows how to take care of herself! Just beautiful. I don't ever shop online, but I certainly make up for it elsewhere! *smile* I have been enjoying reading lately more than I have in a long time. It's the ultimate slow down for me.

  8. Must have been a pearl day. This dreary rainy day called for something special so out came the pearl earrings and pretty pink sweater for an early morning appointment. Your pearl and candlelight photos are lovely! Smiles...Susan

  9. Your pearls are so beautiful in the candlelight! I am so happy to hear that there is rain coming to California!

    I would enjoy a post with the subject being good books to read.

  10. Here's a link to the latest book I've read:

    Walter Anderson was an eccentric artist from Mississippi. This memoir was written by his wife after his death. Memoirs are my favorite genre of literature and I usually prefer memoirs about women. This one was perfect as it was written by a woman (who is a talented writer) about her relationship with her husband. I had not heard of Walter Anderson, but after reading this book, I know I would love his art.

    1. Hi Susan, so glad you discovered Walter Anderson through that memoir. I read it a few years ago and loved it. Since I live close to Mississippi, Anderson's work is quite well-known (and loved) around here. I hope you are able to find some of his works to see in person.

  11. Like your husband and Kathy's, mine is not a candle lover. Not only does he not like the scent but he can't stand the smoke they sometimes produce when they are good quality or the wick it too long.
    I have a huge multi-strand faux pearl necklace that I love to wear when I want to make and statement. I don't wear it very often because it's so heavy. But I do wear my pearl studs a lot more lately.
    We got lots of rain yesterday here in Northern CA. And we're expecting more. I love it! Keep it coming, Mother Nature!

  12. Love pearls and candlelight and good books. I have Louise Penny on my list per your previous recommendation. Am going to library tomorrow so hope to find one. More snow coming and 5 degrees here, so a good book is in order. With tea and a fire.

  13. I love your pearls,and they look wonderful in candlelight. I'm somewhat pearl obsessed,and my husbands old friend is a third generation pearl buyer, now living in your neck of the woods on Victoria Island.
    I would try to keep your pearls from banging around together, as it can do some damage. Try to store them separately. Pearls love light (believe it or not) and moisture (which you have no problem with) so if you live in a dry climate; put a glass of water in where you store you pearls, and expose them to some light (not under a lightbulb; but natural light), wear them often, and wipe them down afterwards, with a moist soft cloth. Pearls are born in salt water, and need some moisture.