Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thank you Kate Spade!

Where do you stand on stripes and dots?
Love them or hate them?

Navy and white
Black and white
Red and white...dots or stripes I love them all.

I spied this Kate Spade dotty tote at Nicholas Randall in Oak Bay.
It took me all of two seconds to decide that it was coming home with me!

Kate Spade shopping tote
rolls up and fits in a pocket or a purse.

Black and white which goes with everything I own!
It's lightweight yet very strong.

Tested to hold 44 pounds.
I plan to take this when I go shopping as it is so much nicer than most plastic bags.

My good old Kate Spade IPhone case.
Here the colours are reversed...
black on white instead of white on black.
I'd like to think that they are related.
Cousins perhaps?

Kate must love pink...
her labels and tags and accents are often pink.

I had my brows tinted this week.
One of the down sides of having a thyroid problem is that one's brows thin and frequently completely disappear.
The esthetician suggested that I use some brow powder...
she showed me how it looked and it is super easy so I bought the wee kit.

It will last for years as a little goes a long way.

You can see my brows are defined and darker.
My hair here looks messy as I have just returned from a wild and windy seaside walk.

Banana Republic striped top that I have had for's big on me but I still love it and wear it often.

Seeing stripes?
I bought this early in January with some Xmas money and it was on sale.

Say yes to the dress!
Cannot wait for some warmer weather as I plan to wear this a lot.
Loving the zipper detail on the back.

More stripes...
I wear this boating in the summer...
it is made of velour and so cozy.

Styling stripes with a French flair just by adding a silk scarf.

Black and white are made for each other...

Hermes scarf
nary a dotted or striped one in my collection.

I wear this one more than the rest.
Shown here with a Barbour vest and Banana Republic top.

Kate Spade quilted handbag...
in it's 3rd or 4th season and still going strong.

Hush Puppies boots are old as the hills...
still getting their share of wear.

Reading this post I realize that it has been rather scattered...
a little bit of this and that.
It has been a busy day with lots of fresh air and walking and I realize that I must be tired.

So it's off to bed for the Hostess.
Thank you for stopping by and spending some time reading The Humble Bungalow Blog

until next time...
Be Well.


  1. Where to begin? You know me well enough to know I love both stripes and dots!!! But did you know, I love Kate Spade? What a fun find...a dotty Kate Spade shopping bag! I used to get my brows tinted regularly, that and shaping. My brows are blonde. For the past year I have simply been using makeup. I have Jane Iredale mascara, and I must check out her brow kit. I'm a bit obsessed with trying every single brow product it seems!

    1. I know how much you like colour and patterns but didn't know you liked Kate Spade goods...the brow kit is reasonably priced and it apparently lasts for years.

  2. Well I love your new and old Kate Spade finds. I have white Kate Spade sunglasses with a bit of rinestone bling on the sides.

  3. Hostess, Loving all the black and white! You have inspired me with your cute scarves. I love the way you knot them. I may dig out one of my square scarves and wear it like you tomorrow with one of my striped tops. Your brows look terrific and I like your hair a bit messy! Very French and cute. xx p.s Have a similar bag and going on 10 years with it! They are super.

  4. I am madly in love with the draft excluder!
    Oh and I just spent three minutes pencilling in my eyebrows, they are disappearing, oh the joys of ageing.

    1. I had to google draft excluder! I have one in the basement by the door.

  5. Your wardrobe is coming together to stylishly and comfortably reflect an active retired lifestyle.
    The brows frame your eyes well with your glasses. This is month 5 of my greying and I hope that it turns out as well as yours has.

    1. I hope you will show us the new you on your blog sometime.

  6. First of all I love black and white! I love stripes and polka dots. Something so simple and basic about it and so easily dressed up.
    I have also started to play with the brows. Benefit has a great brow kit. Review coming up on my blog!

  7. I just bought ANOTHER striped tee- black with small white stripes. I couldn't let it slip by at Banana Republic for 11.99. I am going to pair it with a black eternity scarf from Etsy which has small white dots and stars. Hope it works out!..If not I have plenty of black, grey and white tee's to pair the scarf with.

    1. Sounds like a wise purchase...good price too. I can usually justify (in my own mind at least) a purchase like that considering that the price is just a bit more than a fancy Starbucks coffee!

  8. You and I must be on the same page! I had my brows tinted this week also. What a treat! I have always had very sparse eyebrows, so I asked the technician to be very judicious in tweezing them and only remove the strays. She did a great job of shaping with little removal. I was so pleased.

    I love your dots and strips. I have a navy and white striped blouse I am vowing to wear more this spring. Thank you for the inspirations.

    1. I gave up tweezing years ago and have any longish brows trimmed when I get them tinted. Navy and white together is so wear your top more often!

    2. I don't have any longish brows--just some that are WAY of of place--and truly stray~

  9. leslie you are smart to fill in your brows. a good brow can do wonders for all of us!

  10. That scarf look gorgeous on you - so chic and perky! I love both stripes and dots, but think stripes are always always easy to wear and easy on the eye, dots harder to get right (to my mind) always like the navy with very small dots, but have issues with bigger pinky dots on people which can veer into the measle-chicken pocks area

  11. I <3 stripes and dots! I just purchased a black and white striped tee for my upcoming trip to Paris. And I adore that Kate Spade shopping tote!

  12. Kate Spade's preppy sartorial offerings and your love for all things black and white are a marriage in style heaven. I'm not so much a fan of polka dots for me (unless they're on an adorable Dalmatian puppy!), but I'm very pro-stripe. You look great in both!

  13. Stripes and spots , for me, in black and white always a favourite, wearing a black and white cardigan as I write.Your spotty tote both stylish and useful.

  14. Love the stripes, love the dots, love your hair, love your bathroom floor! Have a great weekend.

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  16. Love Kate Spade and love brow tints!!!!

    SSG xxx

  17. Love all your black and white. I worked in a shop where we were required to wear black or black/white so I now have many clothes in these colors. I really like wearing them even though I don't have to anymore for work. Your Kate Spade bag with the chain handles is yummy!

  18. You should see all my stripe tops!! I adore dots too, so I think that this Spring I shall concentrate on them :) BTW, your eye brows look awesome :)

  19. Love stripes, so so on polka dots. Your eyebrows look great, they're so important for framing ones face.

  20. I'd like to see a polka dot scarf worn with a striped top! Have yet to find one that I like...

  21. I love Kate Spade too, and the polka dots are fun for spring.
    I haven't seen the Jane Iredale brow kit; but my manicurist stocks her line, and I love some of her products.
    I have tried many brow products, and I love the Smashbox brow line of powder, wax, and brush. I also use Latisse on my brows, as well as my lashes; but you should check with your doctor first.
    Latisse has helped remedy years of over plucking; which left me with skimpy, almost non existent, and now white brows.