Thursday, February 6, 2014

More thoughts on building my wardrobe and meet my new white jeans!

Do you like to get a bargain or intentionally buy things that you need on sale?
If you are on a budget like I am you may search for many weeks to find the right item at a price that you can justify.
Recently I found some new pieces at Value Village or as we commonly refer to it here as "The "VV Boutique."

If you have been following my weight loss journey for awhile you'll recall that I have had to rebuild my wardrobe almost entirely from scratch.
I have pretty much finished replacing the basics for fall and winter and am thinking ahead now to spring and summer.

I have rebuilt my wardrobe for under $1,000.00 which is no small sum when one considers that I am retired but
this includes dressy evening and special occasion wear, everyday casuals, tops, sweaters, lingerie and outerwear.
I opted for quality cashmere's and name brand basics that would mix and match with each other so that I could get the most bang for my buck.

It took me over an hour to scour the racks at VV and like Sheila taught me I looked at all the size ranges.
Sunday is a great day to explore VV at your leisure because there is free parking on the street.

Two new sweaters were found and at such a budget friendly price they were great value for the money...
the first one retails for $100-120 in our local shops.

It is made of cotton in black and has a lovely shawl collar detail.
I'll wear this as a light layer over a tank top or tee.
Or a jacket in the warmer weather.

Are you familiar with the Pure Hand Knit brand?
They make fun sweaters in a variety of styles and bright colours in 100% cotton.
The sweaters are hand knit by women in Thailand...4500 women are behind this company busy knitting.
I can almost hear the collective click of their is music to my ears.

Lands' End deep V neck cardigan in an angora and wool blend.
Soft and cozy.
I can wear this with my dressy black pants or skirt for evening.
Pop it on with a tank top or tee and my favourite jeans.
I have a white pair of Club Monaco pants (also thrifted for $6.00) which when paired with this cardigan and several strands of pearls like Coco Chanel will be on the dressy side of casual.
White Jeans are a new and exciting discovery!
I love them.
I know many women love bright coloured and pastel jeans but I have never hopped on that bandwagon.

Club Monaco garments are well made and neatly finished.
I blanch a wee bit at the regular price of their garments but I do love to go into their stores and browse.
I get some great ideas of how to mix and match simple pieces and accessorize them to create a polished outfit.
Never underestimate the power of an accessory.
They are easy to find at reasonable prices and it is the best way to personalize your signature look.
If you are loathe to go into thrift or consignment shops try art gallery gift shops, local ethnic stores or antique markets...ebay and Etsy have thousands of great pieces just waiting for the right buyer.

Pearls are wonderful and these days I think the larger gum ball sizes are more fun than the smaller ones...
a little bit of whimsy can make me feel younger!
Massed in a grouping of several strands like Coco Chanel I get more mileage out of them.

I wear fragrance most days now that I am not at school.
(the cats don't seem to mind)
Mitsouko makes me feel very grown up and sophisticated.
NEVER spray it on your pearls or the nacre will dissolve and your pearls will be ruined.

I wish that I had a large mirror with great lighting here in The Humble Bungalow so that I wouldn't need to sneak around taking pictures in the fitting rooms!

It is freezing cold here in Victoria.
I am bundled up wearing cashmere sox and several cashmere sweaters hunkered down indoors.
I walked to the Yoga Studio this morning for a gentle Hatha class instead of walking 5K in minus 4 degree temperatures.

Thank goodness that we have heat and power so that we can keep the freeze at bay and make pots of tea.

The resident hummingbirds are sipping iced sugar water today and they are not straying too far from the feeder.
I think they must be storing up their energy for the cold night ahead.
Snow flurries are in the forecast!


  1. Hostess, I love a bargain, too!

    It is so cool you walked to yoga.

  2. I love a bargain also! Love your hair.

  3. You are just so cute in your new white jeans. Cute as a button...and I am new to your blog! I am a bargain shopper but I also have a very simple wardrobe of mostly blacks, greys, whites, and beige to mix n match...oh and denim of course! I kind of dress like how I decorate our home. It is all about comfort and calm for me at this season in my life. I do not think it will change either. xxo

    1. My wardrobe is basically black and grey with the occasional pop of colour in a scarf or accessory. White jeans are new to me but I am embracing the change!

  4. Love the Pure Knit sweater. It is cold. I walked up Mt Doug with a friend today and was glad for my layers and fleece gloves. Staying warm is high on the priority list these days.

  5. You are very disciplined regarding your wardrobe and I think it serves you well to stick to simple styles and a neutral palette. You are looking quite svelte these days!

  6. You always find the most wonderful things and at the greatest prices...I think that you definitely have an excellent fashion gene. And your new white jeans are nice too!

    1. Blogs have really helped me hone my style...I was a total flop before I started reading online fashion blogs! I am much more aware of fit and fabric and Sheila from Ephemera has given me many tips. I feel so fortunate to have been schooled by so many wonderful fashion savvy women.

  7. Hello Hostess - I am with you on the Mitsouko and white jeans choice which I team with a black cashmere v neck sweater with 3/4 sleeves - I like to think I am Jackie O in the seventies but really I am an overweight 59 year old who just embarked on a new job and will be working till I am seventy to keep myself in the style I have become addicted to - anyway as long as we are serene and fulfilled right?

    1. I think attitude and confidence are the key to success...Jackie O is a great style icon.

  8. I respect your commitment, I don't think I would have left the house at all in that weather but I am sure you are reaping benefits from such healthy habits!

  9. I wear my white jeans to death in the summer and I second the Jackie O comment. Transitionally, I wear them with a fine navy wool turtleneck and great earrings.
    Question: I am letting my hair come in gray and alot of blogs show women moving to more neutral colours as they gray (thinking of Pearles, Une Femme and Privilege). Blacks, grays, white. I am decidedly 'warm' - green eyes, freckles - and continue to look ill in black, gray and white. Has anyone played with the lighter warm colours with gray/graying hair? I'm thinking of pale pinks, yellows, light greens, warm mauve. My standby chocolate browns and taupes are starting to wash me out.
    Not meaning to highjack the thread but your latest and very fabulous haul reminded me.

    1. I was told by a fashion colour specialist that the best colours to wear are your eye colour or your hair colour...don't know if that helps you and hope some readers chime in here to add their thoughts.

  10. Looking fab as ever, I hardly ever wear my white jeans, just read M's comment above and will go put them on with my navy jumper, it's what to wear on the feet that I struggle with unless it's summer.

    1. If you are indoors you could wear loafers...outside you might need some warmer booties or how about suede mocha coloured shoes?

  11. I never have any luck at the Victoria VV-Guess I need to look more carefully-those are great deals!

    1. As with any second hand shop you need to go often and look at everything...I frequently leave with nothing.

  12. You are looking so svelte. Very impressed with your commitment to being fit and trim.
    I want to find some white jeans. My last pair fit me funny and I think when it comes to white jeans, fit is even more important than with blue jeans. Every little tug and bulge shows.

    1. You are much taller than I am so you'll have a lot of brands of jeans to choose from...have you tried Gap or Club Monaco for white jeans?

  13. I love my white jeans and will begin wearing them with jackets, longer tops and sweaters as soon as the frigid winter moves on. I won't wait until summer and will wear them well into the fall. I put a few pictures of white jean outfits on my Pinterest page for inspiration.

    You look wonderful, Leslie and I know it must be such a great source of satisfaction to reach this point. Rebuilding an entire wardrobe must be fun, but daunting.

  14. Rebuilding my wardrobe took a few months but only because i did not want to buy everything brand new at retail price points. I like looking for the needle in the haystack and getting some great pieces for it was fun.

  15. As Rhoda says, "It is my life's ambition to wear white pants." I'll get there someday! I always thought they were chic and can be worn year-round.

  16. Like Adrienne said, I do think that the right fit is so important with white jeans, and I'll be looking for just the right ones this year. I think your's will look great on you and I look forward to seeing how you style them. Very svelte!

  17. I, too, love finding a great piece at a great price. I love reading about your great finds. Enjoy the weekend. Bonnie

  18. Congratulations on being able to buy a new wardrobe! I am looking forward to being able to do that. I, too, have learned so much about style from other bloggers, and it has helped me edit my wardrobe. BTW, I am your newest follower.

    1. Hi Deborah, Welcome to my blog and I am now following your blog.
      Feels a bit like hopscotch!

  19. I am loving your winter whites and that sweater looks so pretty on you. A fashion editor once said to me; "never buy anything that you wouldn't pay for full price for." Concentrates the mind a little...but classics like you have above will never date.

  20. That is an interesting concept and one that is very wise. I would have paid full price for both these sweaters but (happy dance) I didn't!