Sunday, February 23, 2014

OOTD, snow flurries and snowdrops.

Most days I wear more than one outfit...
so I am posting two OOTD ~ Outfits Of The Day.

One Tooth Yoga top in a glorious shade of aubergine.
(One Tooth has made lots of LuLu Lemon's products over the years.)
Black LuLu Lemon Yoga pants.
Grey cashmere socks

OT Fit Wear shop in Victoria is located on Broad Street across from Pagliacci's.
If you have never eaten at Pag's you are missing a tasty spot for a bite.
It's a fun place to meet a friend and you never know who you might see when you are there.
It's a popular place so be prepared to go early or stand in line...
it's worth the wait.

I wore my "uniform" to the Yoga Studio for a 75 minute Gentle Hatha class with Jacquie...
this is not an "easy" class even though it sounds like it might be. Jacquie has us doing the plank for what seems like forever! (Much longer than I can hold.) There is a roomful of strong "warriors" who often sway on our mats.

Let's not forget about the sturdy tree...I am unable to keep my foot off the ground for very long and must plant it firmly beside my trunk! Not to worry, I will get better at this Tree pose in time.
The benefits are already evident as sleep is deeper and I'm feeling blissfully calm.

Vintage Spanner beaded sweater (thrift shop find)
white Coldwater Creek tank (thrift shop find)
skinny jeans g21 (Walmart bargain at $10)
Black leather belt 
(came with a skirt that I no longer own)

I love beaded sweaters and so does my sister.
She has quite a large collection and I have this one.
If a black or grey beaded one fell into my lap I would not turn it down!

I wore this OOTD to take Mother out for a drive and we ran some errands.
Snow was in the forecast but we dodged it in our neck of the woods.

Two years ago we got a serious snowfall.
Enough to make a snowman.

Our vintage Volvo wagon handles well in the snow as it has a "Winter" gear in addition to the regular gears.
The car has considerable weight so it feels safe and reliable in inclement weather but I usually opt to take the bus or walk when we get a serious dump of snow.

A gentle dusting of snow.

This image was taken a few years ago...

I simply cannot get enough snowdrops.
I plant some every year and am hoping to see the day when I have masses of them blooming in the garden.
I'm dreaming of a carpet of wonderful wee white and green bonnets holding their heads up high.

There is such beauty in the small details.

Emma Bridgewater mug, a gift from my husband.

Lunch wraps these days are my go to meal.
The Grimm Co. make corn and flour tortillas which are only 3 WW points so I have been filling them with fresh veggies and topping them off with a dollop of chipotle salsa.
Simple and delicious.

Quote for the day:

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. 
You don’t need to be accepted by others. 
You need to accept yourself.” 

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~


  1. The lunch wrap looks delicious. I'm up to just over tow minutes on the plank just now, oh boy do I start to shake near the end of it. Looking wonderful as ever, hostess.

  2. Love that quote - so true! I'm with you on snowdrops. A neighbour has a small (18" by 24"?) section by her front gate that is planted in snowdrops, and it looks glorious! I'm going to start planting them in the garden this fall as well. I've always balked at the price, but they are so beautiful, and come back year after year, so why not?

  3. Nice post, Hostess. I like the "little bit of this and little bit of that" of some of your posts. I guess variety is the spice of life, as they say. You look great in both your outfits. I especially love that yogawear top.

  4. I'm so impressed with your yoga routine. Back in my twenties I used to scour thrift stores for beaded sweaters. I only ever found two or three that fit me, but I loved them and wore them until they fell apart. Once when I was wearing one my mother commented on it, that she'd never liked beaded sweaters, and when my Grandmother (her MIL) had brought her a half dozen from one of her trips to Asia, my mother gave them away!!! Had I only known...

    I just finished my own wrap sandwich! Love these for a nice low points lunch.

  5. I love your WW friendly lunch!
    We can't get down our drive out here. It's a good day to smuggle in.

  6. Sounds as if we have quite a bit more snow today than you do -- it hasn't stopped all day!
    I finally have snowdrops in my garden after years and years of trying bulbs. I'd read that they need to be planted "green" and sure enough, last year, my husband managed to snag a few pots that had just finished blooming. We tucked those in and this January finally had the precious white and green blooms. I'm really looking forward to watching them naturalize. . . .Love gardens for aiming our eyes into the future. . .

  7. Yum! The wrap looks delicious. Your sweater is pretty. I have only one, it is black and lined in silk, my mother-in-law gave it to me many, many years ago and I still love it.

    Needless to say we don't have snowdrops here, they look very charming, I imagine they would be amazing naturalized.

  8. I'm patiently waiting for my snowdrops to multiply. Little by little. It's hard to be patient. Your beaded sweater is lovely - a classic piece.
    Snow fell all day here but hasn't stuck to the roads, although the grass and cars are covered.

  9. Somehow, I don't know about snowdrops! I live in Seattle, not that far from you, so they must grow here. I will have to be on the look out for them. You do look fabulous! My WW loss has been verrrrry slow. But then, I think I have been a little too indulgent! Getting ready to watch the last episode for this season of Downton Abbey. I feel like I should get the tea service out!

  10. I too love snowdrops, with their lovely little faces peaking out of the ground but I will have quite a wait for mine as I am in Australia, so not until August or so. Your beaded cardigan is just lovely.
    I have visited you before but somehow never commeted, dont know why.

  11. This post makes me miss the PNW. I talked to my dad on Saturday and he said it was snowing on Whidbey Island. My mom was running around trying to decide if she should cover the snowdrops growing in the meadow. I wonder if I could get away with planting them in Texas...

  12. I have been reading your blog for some time now and very much enjoy it. You inspired me to join Weight Watchers ( only two weeks in the running). It is nice to have a blog that speaks to the emptynester-grandmother but living life fully. I live in a beach cottage in Florida and we are almost finished with our fixer-upper. Looking forward to working in the yard adding color and texture in another month or so.

  13. Snowdrops are my favourite bulb flowers because they promise brighter days. I had some One Tooth fitness wear but their Vancouver store seems to have disappeared. Good luck with the plank! The Spanner sweater is a find.

  14. Your beaded sweater is beautiful - just love the colors and the design.

  15. Feeling more bliss is a very good thing!! Looking very fit in your beaded sweater. I used to own a lovely one, but the moths liked it too. Your wrap looks delicious. I do have some in the freezer and never think to bring them out for lunches. Terrific idea!!

  16. You look great L and I love the pic of the snow dusted shell. It gave me an idea to use; when I next find myself in Florida for Christmas .
    I used to buy beaded sweaters at the Vintage Clothing Show in Toronto many ( younger,skinnier) years ago.