Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunlit Sunday... a peek inside The Humble Bungalow.

Do you find the grey days of January and February a wee bit long and tedious?
I know it is my attitude that affects how I view these days and one that I can alter by adopting a grateful approach but some days I just don't have the energy. Weak in spirit and ebbing low on energy make for some moodiness.

To get happy I stop focusing on the negative...
I get busy, take action.
Apart from putting on cheery red shoes which are an instant mood lifter I use a few of the following strategies:

Like going for a walk outside,
cooking or baking for my husband and family.
Spending a few quiet minutes in the tub soaking in scented bath salts.
A mini facial seems to wake me up and helps my skin I skip make up for the rest of the day
leafing through the saved issues of Country Living magazine with a hot mug of tea.
Calling a friend, reading blogs, reading Simple Abundance a Day Book of Comfort and Joy.
Reaching out and helping others.
Watching a favourite film.
Reading a great novel.
Writing down things that I am grateful for or posting them on the blog.

What do you do to get your happy on?

Mother Nature had her own idea of perking up the day.
Bright sunshine shone through the dirty salt speckled windows and filled The Humble Bungalow with a radiant warmth that transported me from my funk to a place of joy and beauty.

Raw silk scarf in turquoise and sienna brown.
Black quilted Barbour vest.
Grey Segments Merino tee.
Gap Boyfriend jeans
(cozy and worn grey slippers perfect for schlepping around the Bungalow)

This Silk Road blend is divine so I brewed a pot and took my cup to the bedroom
and lay upon our duvet for some quiet meditation.

I indulged in a little reading on the bed in the sunshine...
the cats snuggled up and cozied beside me.

Still Life is the first book by Louise Penny.
It's a grand read and she has 4 more!

Here are some images of our Arts and Crafts Bungalow
bathed in sunshine.

can you see where the cat was snoozing?

it would be fun to saunter through the piazza

Our furniture is made up of years of collecting vintage arts and crafts era pieces.

Mr. HB and I love to sit and read beside the fireplace.

OOPS! "someone" needs to clean out the fireplace.

I feel rejuvinated!

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you."

~ Walt Whitman ~


  1. I too get busy if I'm feeling a bit blah but never in slippers. They don't help my motivation. In fact - I don't own either slippers or a dressing gown for the same reason. I would never get out of them! Reading doesn't work for me in the same way. I seem to need to be active. Cleaning does it for me specially spring type cleaning. Aren't we peculiar creatures? I think it's important to notice one's mood though and act upon it. Tonkath

    1. Really Tonkath? None one is allowed to wear outdoor shoes in my house, it's slippers or a pair of those plastic booties over shoes!

  2. Dear Tonkath and Hostess the Russians have a word for it - halatnost - dressinggownness - that feeling of inertia apathy and just blah usually manifested by staying in your dressinggown all day. It's a good thing once in a while but one needs to get busy before it takes a hold of you. Love the arts and crafts house - you have great style Hostess.

    1. Anon, what an incredible word and so so true.

    2. Thanks Anonymous - Wow - There's a word for it! Thought i was just me. Don't worry Hostess - I have indoor sneakers. Shoes off at the door here too. (I don't ask visitors to though) Tonkath

  3. Your house is so perfect inside and out, it really was made for you.
    January is gloomsville but now it's getting light int he morning and evenings, so Feb is not bad at all.

  4. What a charming house you have. Ditto your blog. BTW, Louise Penny has written 8 other books.

    1. The book I had showed only 4 titles in her exciting that there are so many more available!

    2. You are in for a treat with other Penny books. I thought Still Life was the best mystery I'd read since Dorothy Sayers and then I got to Bury Your Dead. When I read A Trick of the Light I knew Penny was just warming up.

      I love the peeks into your lovely house!

  5. Oh Hostess, I am feeling very blah today as I'm home with a bad cold. Thanks for this uplifting post full of great ideas. Such interesting furniture you have - thanks for the views into your home. As for Louise Penny - I have read all her books and love them. She's a gem.

  6. I so envy you just beginning Louise Penny! There are NINE more after Still Life. Have fun!

  7. I have a Louise Penny waiting to be read, but I can't remember which it is. I'll pass it along when I've read it. Your solutions for the 'blahs' all sound delightful - on any sort of day!

  8. I love your home and your fireplace is so charming. I get in those moods at times, but I usually embrace it and don't try to push myself out of it. Sometimes sitting with it is what I need at that moment. Wonderful Walt Whitman quote.

  9. Like you Hostess, baking or cooking something with a lot of steps makes me happy.

  10. No sunshine here today at all! Outside my window is a study in greys. . . . but for now, I'm quite content to be inside, cozy by the woodstove. Your rooms look so inviting and comforting -- thanks for sharing!

  11. I can appreciate your fondness for Louise Penny books. You'll be happy to know that there 8 published in addition to the one you're reading. I started with one of the later ones, but went back to start reading them in order.

    Your home is beautiful: the furniture, the stone fireplace, the flood of sunshine. I like your list of cures for being in a funk and would add that certain music can pep me up as well.

    Thank you for joining in with Sunlit Sunday and sharing the craftsman style of your sunny home. ( I couldn't open the link, so added it again. Perhaps it's a glitch at my end.)


    1. It seems to work for me...hope it works for you now.

  12. I have a slightly perverse thought. Are you all ever tempted to sell all the Arts and Crafts and redo the house in, say Mid-Century Modern? Or Cape Cod pastels? Just for fun?

  13. I'd love a white washed beach cottage with a "shabby chic" type of opposite to the dark fir interior that we live in now! If we downsize to a condo I would go totally mid century modern...vintage teak like our kids have!

  14. I have a lovely black velours Diamond Tea Gown that I put on when I want to relax with a book. l light a candle as we have no fireplace in our apartment, pour a glass of pinot grigio (only 1) and enjoy the moment. Singing along with Broadway show tunes is another solitary pleasure! I really enjoyed the Louise Penny mysteries. Your home looks so cozy with lots of curl-up corners.

  15. your bungalow is perfection. everything looks so warm, cozy and inviting. you guys have done a wonderful job filling it with period pieces. that is just so rare these days. i love it.

  16. Hostess, I love your home. The prints look like Morris prints.

    I really enjoy this time of year. This might be because we have heat but no air conditioning. :)

  17. Your home is lovely...arts and crafts architecture is my favorite. I have been fortunate to find a few pieces of furniture. I haven't read anything by Louise Penny, but have been noticing her name appearing on several "must read" lists. Have a wonderful week! Bonnie

  18. Your home is gorgeous - I love all the Arts & Crafts pieces, just amazing. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  19. The sun is all over your house. Your house looks so warm and inviting.

  20. Just popping over to thank you for visiting my blog and following me! I will certainly add you to the giveaway. Thanks for the tip about Louise Penny. I will look for her at the library. I love all your tips for when you're feeling down on these gray days. I also use a light box every a.m. for about 30 minutes. It really seems to help.

  21. Being social and active always lifts my spirits. Your home looks so cozy, by the way! I love that it seems so warm and inviting.

  22. What a lovely home you have, Hostess. I'm devouring the Louise Penny books as fast as I can get them. And not even in order. I plan on going back to read them in order later.

  23. Dear Hostess, what a fabulous desk! I love it that your house has such a particular look and that you have been faithful to the period. Absolutely terrific. Far too many people are influenced by interior design magazines and television programmes that show rooms that are bland and lack individual character.
    Love the sunshine on the sofa!