Saturday, February 8, 2014

Frisky business...

Life here in The Humble Bungalow is so much richer because of the resident felines.
They are great company and follow me around as I action domestic jobs.
Sometimes I think that they are more like dogs than cats.
One of their favourite places to play is downstairs in the laundry room.
I spend a lot of time doing laundry and ironing the linen napkins and tea towels.
It's always fun to see their enthusiasm at work.

What time is it?
Morning recess otherwise known as playtime.

Chester  - You can't see me I'm in the bucket.

Pepper - Why yes I can!
What do you take me for?
I might be old but my eyesight is keen.

Chester - What is she doing in there behind closed doors?

Chester - Sounds to me like she's rolling up the TP.
Pepper - I told you she wouldn't approve.
You really unrolled far too much.

Chester - Hah! and she thought that she was so clever squishing the tube to make it harder to unroll.
She really underestimates us doesn't she?

Pepper - Don't try to hide and make me take the blame!

Pepper - Do I look like a guilty cat?
I'm trying to look disgusted.

Chester - I like claw foot tubs.

Chester - What are these curtains doing in here?

Chester - They make it hard to see.

Chester - Were you thinking of turning on the tap by any chance?

Chester - I'm glad the seat is down...I hate getting my paws wet.

Chester - Oh wow you really are taking a lot of photos of me today.
I must have done something right.
You haven't forgotten about those teeth marks on your IPad and IPhone chargers have you?
I really am cute. 
I might be a trouble maker but you really do love me.
I can tell by the way you look at me.

OK I'm tired now and in dire need of a nap.
Playtime's over.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Awww, they are an adorable pair of hooligans.

  2. Dear hostess we had a tabby just like peppers colouring - he came into our lives when our youngest son was just one. Twenty years later that son was the brave one who took him to the last visit to the vet. A few months later the 16 year old labrador also made that fateful trip. The boys have now moved out and I have the most dog like ginger and white tabby from the local animal rescue. I know what you mean when you say they follow you around like little companions. A house is not a home without a cat. I thoroughly enjoy your pictorial record of the pleasures of domestic life - the post a few weeks back re the joys of making a pot of tea properly with loose leaf tea and fine china cups and saucers also hit the spot. Thank you.

  3. Cute cats! And, they like being photographed!

  4. This is such a cute post! I love it. They are so funny and adorable together. And, of course I totally agree with you, a home is much nicer with a cat in it.

    Miss Twiggley sends her regards. Meow!

  5. Cute post!! Having one cat is a lot of fun, but have two and it gets hilarious! I could spend hours watching two cats interact with each other. I can so relate to the cats being more like dogs. My two cats would respond to voice commands. If you said "here kitty kitty" to them, they would just look at you because they didn't know what it meant. On the flip side, my Yorkie thought she was a cat and wouldn't listen to a thing I said. . .haha. She even used the litter box!! One thing's for certain. . .they make a house a home!

  6. I never used to be a cat person until a neighbour got a bengal and it had the most amazing temperment. I never knew cats could be soo much fun, you are very lucky to have such good company.

  7. This is a fun post. It reminds me of my now departed Maine Coon affectionately known as Baboo. He would also unroll the toilet paper. He was also quite large and would turn the bathroom door handle and walk in on a guest using the shower. I now have two elderly females who would rather sleep than play.

    1. Those are gorgeous cats and so large as you say. More to love!

  8. They must be a constant source of amusement!
    I'll be a certain little granddaughter loves them.

  9. Hostess, I love your taste. The clock, the tp holder, the tiles and the beadboard paneling - I love them all.

    My husband was working in the county and heard a kitten crying. He brought him home and we named him Pepper. He had been dumped in an isolated area. When I came home he would run up to me and stand on his hind legs like a dog. He also chased our other cat. He actually ate my daughter's homework.

  10. Ha ha! I love your frisky kitties!

  11. When they were younger my cats' favorite snack was Apple accessory cords. They're better now, but one of them just chewed through a fancy allergen trapping furnace filter I had foolishly left out for 10 minutes . . . they are fiends, but I love them. I agree, a house is really not a home without a cat. Yours are adorable!