Friday, November 15, 2013

~ Paris Street Style ~

I recently picked up a copy of Paris Street Style from the local library and read it cover to cover in an afternoon.
This little book is a real gem!

It's chock full of great tips and an interesting assortment of fabulous photos showing chic women wearing clothes with French flair and panache. All of the women added their personal touches so they do not come across as cookie cutter models.
The interviews of 25 personalities involved in the fashion industry add depth...
these "fashion insiders" share their advice.

I think a copy of Paris Street Style should find a home with the other French Style books on my bookshelf.

Essentials that you need to know about French chic...
Notes from the book jacket include;
8 items that everyone should own.
Classic handbags that last a lifetime.
The ideal jeans to wear Monday through Sunday.

The little black dress is perfect for you.
Mixing vintage, brand new luxury and dirt cheap pieces.

Run! don't walk and get your mitts on this gem of a book.
 If you are at all interested in French Chic this will out a smile on your face.

Speaking of French Chic,
 I just found out that I was one of the lucky readers to win a copy of Tish Jett's new book
Forever Chic: Frenchwomen's Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance.
Blogger Deja Pseu offered a generous giveaway and I am so excited!
Thank you so much!
I cannot wait for it to arrive so I can read it.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Hi Hostess. That is great that you won a copy of Tish's book. I know you will love it! When I heard that Tish was writing a book I preordered it on Amazon. She and David Lebovitz ( a fabulous french cooking and lifestyle blogger) were the first blogs I began reading and I have learned so much from her over the years- really a leader in the chic living movement. Ps I love your new outfit from last post.

  2. Yay! What a treat for you, winning a copy of Tish's book. What fun for you!

  3. Congratulations! The perfect person to win the book!

    And I share White Rock's love for Lebovitz. The French women who are my friends have one distinguishing trait, they are more discriminating about fit than my North American friends. Though I am aware I'm generalizing, my North American friends say things like "Well the shoulder is a touch wide but I'll wear it with a sweater." The French woman rejects the jacket.

  4. I love the sound of this book. I admire the style of French women and am always interested in books on this subject. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lucky you to win Tish Jett's great book ~ I so enjoyed it. This one sounds good too, I am off to the library to see if they can get it for me. Meanwhile I am reading, Almost French which is very charming too.

  6. I'm always inspired by reading books on this subject. I'm looking forward to ordering Tish's book soon. Congratulations on winning a copy.

  7. I have ended on your blog totally by a coincidence (not that I believe in such a thing as coincidence) and Im blown away by what you created here. And your style. You rock, baby. Im 30 years old female from Czech Republic so there is a few years and a lot of kilometres distance between the two of us but your blog is so inspiring to me Im sure Im going to check it on a regular basis...good luck!