Monday, November 4, 2013

The No Make Up Look

Are you familiar with the "No Make Up Look?"
It is make up that looks like you only better!

Too much make up makes me feel like a clown!
I've never gone in for the thick pancake and pressed powders...

I want to use products that imbue a subtle, healthy result.

I've noticed that aging has changed my skin tone and elasticity so I need to use a lighter touch with all cosmetics and choose shades that flatter softly without screaming or drawing too much attention.
I also found that eye shadows can settle into the creases, that powder mineral based formulas seem to stay set and look fresh much longer.

Here is what I have in my make up bag:

I can "do my face" once it is cleansed and moisturized in under 10 minutes between sips of my morning tea.

I highly recommend having good lighting and a magnification mirror.
As a woman whose eyesight is rather dodgy without her specs I would be messing things up something dreadful if I cannot "see" what I am doing!

Bobbi Brown
Bronzer and Blush

The foundation and bronzer are applied with brushes.
The cheek lip tint duo are done with clean fingers.

Eye pots are Mac and Pur
I always curl my lashes and mascara is a staple because my lashes are so fair that they virtually disappear.
On days when I am going out of the house, not just for my walk, I will use some liner and shadow.
Lining the upper eye only and using a very thin line.
Lavender Mourite, the eye pot on the right is great by itself for daytime.
For evening I'll add some of the darker Haux above the Lavender for a bit of a smokey eye effect.

Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in Sugar Plum and Pink Truffle
for evening I wear a Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet.

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. 
That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” 
~ Gwyneth Paltrow ~

Enjoy your day and remember that Kindness Matters!

As an after thought....
My darling daughter gave me the most gorgeous vintage handbag!
 I will share it with you just as soon as I can.
The NZ meat pies were a huge success on Sunday evening.
I ate a piece and they tasted seriously delicious...lip smacking good.


  1. Looking forward to getting your meat pie recipe! :-)

    1. P.S. I also only line the upper lid, I think it's better for our age group.

    2. I posted the link on the previous post in the comment section when it was requested.

  2. You have a very French approach to make-up and what you are doing looks wonderful on you. I try not to wear too much either, as you said too much can be very ageing. I haven't tried Bobby Brown's line but I have heard wonderful things about how natural it looks.

  3. Dear Hostess, you are right as you age your skin/makeup routine is different, I find I spend more time on my skin and less time on my make-up!

    By the way could you share the meat pie recipe with us, my hubby would love them.

    1. As I mentioned the link is in the comment section of the previous post as requested as a response to a commenter.

  4. Thanks for the peek at your daily routine, Hostess!

    SSG xxx

  5. I have tons of makeup that I have been trying to weed out. As we all find out, the shades we use need to change along with the use of a lighter hand in application. As soon as I have a free day, I am taking a trip to a large mall with a Nordstrom's to peruse the makeup counters and have a consultation. Add a lovely, light lunch and it should be a glorious outing and something I haven't done in a long time. Don't you just love the Revlon Lip Butters?

    1. I am on my 4th or 5th duo of the lip butters...they keep my lips soft and I love the consistency. The shades are pretty too.
      Hope that you have a fabulous time on your shopping expedition!

  6. Fun! I should do the same kind of post and share my favorites. Because although I have drawers full of makeup, I tend to wear the same colors 95 percent of the time.

  7. I read an article recently on Isabel Marant; she wears absolutely no makeup. Not a "no makeup look"- no makeup. This is not for everyone (and she is younger). However, it encouraged me to wear less. Leaving aside skin care, I wear only a light coat of mascara and lip gloss by day, add eyeliner and subtle shadow at night. Never did wear foundation past 35 or so; it gets on my scarves and coat collars.

    1. Oh and if I had Isabel Marant's dewy youthful skin I would not wear any foundation either! She has beautiful features...quite a lovely looking woman.

  8. Not so long ago, I read a comment somewhere saying that women who wear makeup "just think they look better" wearing it, when actually they do not. I've thought about that comment. I think it might be true for young brunettes with dark lashes and eyebrows. I have never seen blond with blond eyelashes who could not benefit from makeup applied with a light hand.

    I also use a number of the Bobbie Brown products, but my favorite foundation is from Lancome. I also use the Artliner product from Lancome for eyeliner. It is so easy to apply with fine control.

  9. Have you watched the YouTube video by Lisa Eldridge on Mature Makeup. It's delightful and enlightening. Check it out.