Friday, November 22, 2013

Food for a Fall Dinner

Our weather has been chilly and ice is on the ground, yet we are snug in our Humble Bungalow despite the single paned windows and the drafts. I just add a cashmere sweater and some woolly socks.

The Humble Bungalow is panelled in dark fir and the lights "glow" but do not offer much illumination.
It is rather like "mood lighting" and most of the arts and crafts furniture is dark oak.

On a dark and stormy night I like to serve a hot meal...
salads are fine but there is something so comforting sitting down to dinner when the food is hot.

Have you seen this book?
I hadn't until I was browsing the shelves at our local Value Village.
I enjoy reading Real Simple magazines when I get the opportunity so I thought why not...

I made the recipe for "Paprika Spiced Pork Chops with Spinach Saute."
I served them with carrots and a dish of roasted tomatoes with a panko crumb topping.
I rarely buy pork as I never know how to prepare it but this recipe on page 179 was a winner.
Mr. HB loved it!

I'll be wearing this trusty linen apron as I plan to spend the better part of the day in the kitchen.

Thinking about JFK today and the events 50 years ago in Dallas Texas.
Do you remember here were you when it happened?

~ ~ ~

Have a lovely weekend.

As per your request Lisa...
I am in full on cooking mode this afternoon so this is my OOTD.
Skinny jeans a white tee, loafers and a patterned jacket.


  1. That pork chop recipe sounds tasty. I am back on my low carb lifestyle and am always looking for new lc recipes. I will have to see if I can track this down online somewhere.

    I was not yet born when JFK died but I feel as though I was in some ways because it's such a large part of our American history. I met JFK, Jr. when I was in my 20's and was very sad when he was killed in that plane crash with his wife and sister-in-law. Such tragic events.

    I hope you also have a lovely weekend...we are experiencing some violent wind storms right now. I am hoping to have power and internet through the weekend!

  2. We buy and eat a lot of the excellent Quebec pork; it's easy to cook, just follow a chart.

    I was in school when the public address system broadcast the principal's harsh, shocked voice. She was almost screaming, sounding quite unhinged.
    That evening's basketball game was cancelled and we all sat numbly at a friend's home in front of the TV, wondering what to do, following the news.

  3. We often have a small pork loin roast on chilly days. I like to cook it in the oven with apple, small onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and a little white wine. The apartment is filled with a delicious smell. I like Real Simple for recipes. I was at school at the time of the announcement and I remember that we had an assembly.

  4. Wonderful apron. I find myself wishing you posted larger photos here!

    And I too remember Kennedy's death, despite being all of 7 years old.

    1. I'll upload one right now...I am in full on cooking mode so don't look too close at my OOTD!

  5. I was 13 when JFK was shot. We were sent home from school early and there was nothing else on tv that day. We always watched American news so felt we knew him, sort of. I was devastated.

  6. Hostess, I always enjoy your posts. And I picture you in your cozy house!

    I was eleven years old and in the 6th grade fifty years ago on the day of the assassination. I grew up in a small to midsize Texas town one hundred miles from Dallas. When our teacher told us that President Kennedy was dead, a number of the students in my class clapped and cheered. This memory haunts me. I think I grew up a bit that day as I had to come to terms with what their behavior meant.

  7. How funny...I am having a boneless pork chop for dinner tonight too ~ mine will be brined then braised with white wine and apricot marmalade ~ easy and good. Yours looks so yummy.

    I definitely remember where I was when I first heard about JFK, and instantly going home. It was a defining moment, much like the morning of 911. Both devastating and so sad for our nation.

  8. Your dinner looks luscious- every bit of it . Did you roast the carrots? Lately, I have been having a love affair with roasted vegetables.

    On 11/222/63, I was a high school freshman. We had gotten out early and were walking home when a street person came up to us and said, "They killed the President." We laughed at him because we didn't think him believable. When I entered my house, my grandmother was watching and Walter Cronkite was announcing JFK's death. The Kennedy's were like saints to my Irish, Catholic family and his death was taken very hard. That day was also my mother's birthday, so I never forget.

    1. I baked the carrots in the oven. I do have a love for roasted vegetable too!

  9. The death of President Kennedy was heard over here too..
    Did you say, that you have one glass windows? Wow, no wonder you have to layer your clothing on cool days.

    1. Single panes every one of them...we could have storm windows custom made if we wanted them...perhaps one day we will get around to it.

  10. Many people here also remember where they were on that fateful day.Shivering here remembering the period houses we have lived in with single pane windows,most were listed grade 1 houses and we were expected to live in 15th century conditions because of local
    council rulings (no double glazing allowed) the battles fought with these antiquity laws still raise my hackles!

    1. Owning a designated heritage home comes with rules. We are permitted to add storm windows if we choose to have them custom made but the cost is rather dear so for now we layer on the woolly sweaters and socks!

  11. Oh I love that apron. You paint a lovely picture of your dark arts and crafts style. I love that style too. I am cooking more these days. I agree about a nice hot meal on a cold day. I've even been having oatmeal for breakfast, and I haven't done that in decades! haha! So nice that you stopped by to see my bulbs!

  12. I love cooking with port and find it very simple. My simplest recipe is using a crock and having a couple of pork tenderloins, a bottle of root beer or regular beer and a bottle or two of good bbq sauce. I use uncle stubbs. After cooking all day, I shred it and put it on hamburger buns.