Friday, November 1, 2013

The Humble Bungalow ~ Our Guest Room.

As a Hostess I try to make guests feel welcome when they come to stay.
I think it truly is "the little things" that make a BIG difference in their enjoyment and comfort while they are away from home. I put myself in their position and think about what I like to have when I am staying in someone else's home.

A quiet place to sleep and one that feels cozy enough to retire to for a midday nap. Often we do not sleep as deeply or as long in a strange bed so naps are often needed. This time will also allow the Hostess to prepare appetizers or tidy up a bit before serving the next meal.

I like to have extra blankets, a shawl and robe for guests to use.
Some light reading and a room spray as well as a light pillow spray for setting the tone for slumber.
Bottled water, energy bars or chocolates if I know my guests have a sweet tooth.
Shampoo, cream rinse, soaps and lotions are kept in the bathroom in case they have forgotten to bring their own.
Cotton balls, Kleenex, razors, Q Tips, toothpaste, mouthwash and Tylenol...just a courtesy really but it saves them having to ask.
I realize that I need to buy a blow dryer as my friend did not bring hers along when she last stayed overnight.

A bedside light to read by...
Perrier and pillow spray.

Vintage oak luggage stand at foot of bed
like a butlers tray but lower.

Warm wool blanket just in case.
The duvet on the bed is down filled and usually warm enough but it never hurts to be prepared.

Wicker chair by the window.
A distressed oar adds whimsy.

Thrift shop floral painting.

I used a nautical, beach theme to decorate the guest room.

White beach glass that I collect is stored in a vintage sealer jar.
Shells and coral round out the beach theme.

Light reading...

The bathroom has the basics.
I love fluffy large white towels so naturally I put them in the guest bathroom.

Hotel size samples.

More toiletries reside in this handy shelf unit.

We like to let the guests wake at their own time.
So we get the coffee maker ready the night before and show them how to use it.
With glass fronted cupboards in the kitchen it is easy to see when the mugs are located. 
I would put mugs and sugar out on a tray in the kitchen otherwise.

The Breakfast I usually serve is:
Yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs, turkey sausages, toasted English muffins assorted jams.
Coffee, juices and tea.

It's important to make your guests feel welcome.
I think by providing the basics and thinking ahead one can relax and enjoy the company with the minimum of fuss.

~ ~ ~

Have I forgotten anything?
Tell me what you like in a guest room?

Have a wonderful weekend.
I am going to play around with my camera and be back soon.



  1. Dear Hostess, you have really earned your title! Your guests (how I wish I were one of them) will never want to leave. It all looks and sounds delightful.

  2. I cannot think of another thing! In fact, I am going to use your suggestions as a template. We are just now turning our boys' rooms into a guest room and a den. I love your bath.

  3. Antihistamine bc people traveling seem to be acclimating o a new area or even country and have noticed mysterious flare ups. I Los have earplugs as city people think the country is as noisy as country folks say the city is. I also have an extra universal adaptor for charging phones etc.

    1. Great idea about the antihistamine! I'm adding that to my list.

  4. I think it would be very lovely to be a guest in your have thought of everything! Perfectly charming, cozy, and so welcoming.

  5. You've thought of everything, I think. How lovely and cozy to be a guest in the Humble Bungalow!

  6. Luckily I have a friend that is as thoughtful as you are! It is so wonderful to stay where you aren't embarrassed to ask for another blanket, etc. The hair dryer is a wonderful addition as it takes up a lot of room in the luggage. One idea is to have something like a banana bread on the counter so if your guest is out and about before it is time for food, there is a snack. (I would grab a piece before my early morning walks.) Also, a key to the house might be nice if the guest is on a slightly different schedule than you all are.

    1. I do have keys on a special guest ring...I forgot to mention them.
      If I know a guest is getting up early I get up with them but having muffins or a loaf at the ready is a great idea.

  7. You are a wonderful hostess and have thought of every little detail that any guest would ever want to enjoy a perfect stay. If I have guests during the bitter cold winter I like to place a hot water bottle with a cashmere cover beneath the bed covers on the guest bed (on the feet side) so it is warm and cozy when they get in. It's a tiny little luxurious surprise on a cold night and it stays warm most of the night. I purchased mine through Renovation Hardware but you can find them online very easily. I also have one in sheepskin that I purchased from the Vermont Country which was less expensive. I prefer the cashmere though.

    1. That was The Vermont Country Store, also online.

    2. Oh now that extra touch sounds wonderful.
      I'd like that for my own bed!

  8. I know your guest must feel well taken care of and pampered. Everything sounds wonderful!

  9. Since house guests usually aren't staying long enough to read a book I leave a few old copies of english Country Living and France magazines in their rooms. The articles are long enough if they just want a small distraction or enough to help them drift off to sleep. There are, of course, lots of books in the house for those staying longer. I also make sure there is fresh flowers and a bowl of something sweet to tempt them. We are Australians living in France so it is such a joy to have visitors that we are always pleased when they suggest returning again.

  10. That is all so beautiful and perfectly thought out. I have never had any guests to stay and I never stay at anyone's house either, it makes me feel as if I'm in a strait jacket.

  11. You seem to have thought of everything. We're reluctantly having house guests later this week. Truthfully, I don't like anyone (except our kids) staying in our home, and like Tabitha, I never ever stay in anyone else's either - I have the same "strait jacket" feeling.

  12. Wow, your overnight guests really get a treat! You have thought of e v e r y t h i n g.
    You indeed are a Hostess!
    We have two spare rooms now, but the only ones, who might use them are our daughters.
    I still remember my MIL´s overnight visits and shiver.
    Like the two women above, no overnight guests, nor could I spend a night at someone else´s quarters; wouldn´t sleep a wink.

  13. I think I'd like to come and stay in YOUR house! How heavenly. Wonderful treats and great ideas, Thank you!

  14. We often host overnight guests out at our farm. I wouldn't feel right inviting people out to the middle of nowhere in a rural area without providing optimum comfort! You are such a fabulous example Hostess. I am learning from you.

  15. I add a sleep mask, and a basket of current magazines near the bed. We had many overnight guests when we had a big house for 25 years; often young friends who could not afford hotels.

    Perhaps persons who neither wish to be houseguests, nor receive them, have had experiences with rooms less delightful than yours. There is give and take in the realm of private-home hospitality- less privacy and autonomy-but that is what makes it more connected and personal than the commercial transaction of hotels.

  16. Do your guests ever leave? You've thought of everything and more. What a great hostess!