Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let them eat kale (and cake too!)

Have you ever made your salads using fresh kale?
I am on a "kale kick" these days. It is readily available in the markets at this time of year.
I've made Caesar Salad substituting kale for the romaine lettuce which is delicious and various other salads.
Kale pairs well with sliced peaches and pears in a salad with a low fat yogurt based dressing, a healthy lunch.
For colour and a burst of flavour try popping some dried cranberries or pomegranate seeds on top.
Just remember when you use kale to remove the tough inner stalks and tear it into bite sized pieces.

I recently made some roasted kale chips and now I understand what all the hoopla is about...
they are crunchy and delicious and so good for snacking.
Wash and tear into bite size pieces toss in a small amount of oil and salt. Bake at 275 for about 20 minutes turning after about 12 minutes. Remove and cool on sheet pan. Store in a airtight container.

After this weeks Weight Watchers weigh in I took Mother out for tea.
My weight is holding pretty steady these past few weeks and I need to up my activities and choose lower point counts foods until I get to my target...2.9 pounds to go!
I have been walking with a friend for 2 hours once a week and think that I need to do this more often.
The regular 45 minute walk is obviously not quite enough.

But in the meantime it was a splurge day...fruit for breakfast and a late lunch at The White Heather Tea Room.

The "Not So Wee Tea"
We ate the sandwiches and one of the smallest sweets.
After drinking two vast pots of tea and chatting for about an hour and a half we took the rest home!

I am having a salad for dinner and hope that Mr. HB will enjoy the sweets for dessert!

~ ~ ~

My grammy days are a gift and an utter delight. 
I read several books with the lovely Miss Isla and she lays her head on my shoulder and cuddles up on the couch.
She is such a treasure.
Henry slept while I was there and only woke as I was leaving several hours later.
When I was about to leave Isla pleaded with me to stay and said she loved me,
it was heartwrenching to say goodbye, talk about a conflict.
I'll be back soon for another play day...definitely a highlight of my retirement.

I am so grateful for my family.



  1. Your life sounds idyllic! And I have to try those kale chips!

  2. Oh yes, I'm a confirmed kale-aholic. Can't get enough of it or arugula either. I use both in sandwiches them some kick. That "not wee tea" tower looks amazing!! Hang in there; you'll get to goal. I adjusted my goal down by just a few pounds, and am gearing up to get there by the end of the year, holidays or no!

  3. Oh, the White Heather Tea Room - I am quite familiar with their non-WW-friendly treats! So delicious though!

    I am not a fan of kale and am far too lazy for chips - but it goes into my green pasta sauce. So good.

  4. I enjoy both kale and chard. They are so good for you and great for weight loss. I find that I really need to walk a lot and quickly to lose weight.. You will lose those last pounds in time. It sounds like your play days are fun.

  5. It's just too funny that we were at the White Heather at the same time! Like you, I thoroughly enjoyed my Not So Wee Tea - a real treat!
    I must try the kale chips. They sound yummy.

  6. I made kale chips so much that now I am sick of them! I do love a kale Caesar, though. I had one while out to dinner with Deja Pseu last summer and now I make them at home all the time.
    How fun to have so many afternoon tea options where you live. There are NONE that I know of around here. Isn't that sad? I would have to go all the way to San Francisco to have afternoon tea - 75 miles.
    Great job with your weight loss. You are an inspiration! Think I will hop on my recumbent bike right now.

  7. Some of the cows are fed on kale over here,have never tried it I missing something huh!

  8. Can you hear me squealing with delight? I am so pleased for you and your weight loss! Just a little bit more!

    Also squealing about tea time--I'm booked in for a solo visit at a lovely place called Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario (Relais and Chateau). I plan on reading and staring out the window while I "tea".

  9. I've been making a kale salad that my daughter served at Thanksgiving -- the recipe calls for "massaging" the kale and then letting it sit for a few hours, which breaks down the fibres so it's easier to eat raw. . . the salad features roasted butternut squash, blue cheese, and walnuts -- yummy! As for kale chips, I've never yet been able to have any leftovers, so can't imagine needing to store them. ;-)
    The tea sounds great -- years ago, we used to go to a place called The Blethering Place in Oak Bay. Is it still there?

  10. The Blethering Place closed a few years ago and several restaurants have tried to make a go of it but failed. There is a new one recenty opened in the same space and we have not tried it.
    The White Heather is right up there with the Empress andThe Blue Poppy at Butchart Gardens, less expensive but amazing food and service. I do think everyone should experience tea at the Empress at least once when in Victoria.

  11. Too bad about the blethering Place. I'll have to remember the White Heather. . . Perhaps a bloggers' meet-up someday . . .;-)

  12. Mater that sounds like a great idea! Perhaps we can email and plan a date in the new year.
    I have a few other bloggers in mind that might like to take tea with may have some too.