Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tablescape ~ Hostess Style.

Do you invest a lot of time and money to decorate your home?
I tend to keep things simple and when I see creative bloggers who have coordinated their home decor to reflect every season and holiday I wonder if I am missing something. Given my new frugal regime I am not waltzing off to Michael's, Pier One or Home Sense and investing hundreds of dollars.

I did get a bee in my bonnet about doing something with the new platter that I found.
It started so innocently with mini pumpkins and pine cones until I spied the blue glass floats sitting in the First Nations Basket on the buffet and a light turned on!
Taking something I already have and making it look different, it's like shopping the closet!

Here is how the platter looks now...

I think it looks quite festive.
I did buy white tapers to keep the colour theme.
(These old beeswax babies are my go to as they smell so lovely when they are burning.)

What are you doing to feather your nest?

~Blog news~
I have had to reactivate word verification as I have been getting a huge increase in spam.
I hope to deactivate it after awhile as I know it may prevent some of you from leaving comments.
I thought about eliminating the anonymous comment option but so many of you do use it so I will keep that open.



  1. Gorgeous blue floats - they are like dreamy bubbles. I love how you arranged them on the platter with the pine cones. I'm enamored with pine cones these days (well I always am, but especially now) and love the mix of ethereal and natural. That arrangement will last you well into the New Year.

  2. Oh this is so beautiful and Christmas-y! I love it. My youngest is 6 and leaves her Legos (and everything else) all over the place so I have honestly given up on decorating at this stage of my life. This must also be why I LOVE going to other people's houses, mine feels like a disaster of toys and kid artwork so much of the time. I wish I could sit at your table with this gorgeous decoration (and you!) and have a cup of hot chocolate! XO, Jill

    1. I remember fondly those days when the children left toys hither thither and yon...
      I would put the kettle on if you stopped by for a visit!

  3. This looks very pretty and quite festive. I try every year to get away from using too much glitter during the holiday season but I never quite make it and I love the more natural look. This should look wonderful clear through until the New Year.

  4. I enjoy seasonal decorations that are from the natural setting. Last year I bought some birds made of pinecones. As we live in an apartment and we travel, sometimes I just scatter a few personally meaningful decorations about. I also buy a children's Christmas book each year and share it with my visiting family.Your blue and white is calm and wintry looking.

  5. It looks lovely- and maybe some of those tiny LED lights closer to Christmas so you get the sparkle/sheen of the balls/tray - I know you have candles and they look beautiful - and the lights will add another festive element.

  6. Hostess, the blue floats look wonderful. The arrangement is simple and very serene.

    Michelle in California

  7. I have an irrational and inexplicable love for blue Christmas decor. perhaps just tired of over a half-century of red and green. Your arrangement looks wonderful!

  8. Very beautiful and very festive, in a calm, natural way. I too, have been loving pine cones like crazy, and I can pick them up off the ground around our neighborhood, so the price is right!
    I do have a lot of "stuff" from my grandmother, my mother, and my own flea market finds, so I rarely buy any more home decor items.

  9. So pretty and so simple. 4-5 years ago I was all about the home decor for every season, had two Christmas trees, etc .... now I want to do things simply and donate my extra Christmas decorations that I don't really use anymore.

  10. Brilliant, Hostess! I have no interest in increasing my household items (just replacing!) and I love the "shopping the closet" idea. You've reminded me to look for a large, dark red wooden salad bowl that I have put away to use as a basis for a holiday creation. I used to fill it with pine cones, but tired of it. Hope I can dig it out of the attic. If your readers have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

  11. I'm not big on seasonal decorations -- besides the obvious expense of money, I just can't afford the time! But I love this idea of yours -- easy, inexpensive, and really effective!

  12. My mother would say, Very Attractive! High praise indeed:).

  13. Your table arrangement looks lovely! I enjoy your blog.

    L from Ontario

  14. Is that platter an antique or is it a new mass produced item? Don't get me wrong, I like that style very much (the french white style) but it's hard to find the antiques nowadays (you know the kind with the water pitcher and the wash basin, etc.! :-) I've forgotten the name of that style -- anybody remembers?

  15. It is old but technically not and antique (I do not think it is 100 years old)
    Perhaps you are thinking of ironstone...