Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thanksgiving and my OOTD.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I quickly snapped this photo when I was cleaning the downstairs powder room.
Love the autumnal colours of the seasonal leaves.
The yellow green shade is one of my favourites and over the years I have purchased several pieces of clothing in that shade.
Obviously not a colour that many seem to appreciate as these items are usually discounted or "on sale!"

Take for example my vest.

Light weight quilted vest made by Cut Loose.
Worn here over the Banana Republic Breton striped Tee 
g 21 skinny jeans
Franco Sarto loafers

A repeat performance here with all but the vest.

Talking a self portrait and laughing at the same time means that I need to do some retakes.
Look at that grey hair!
Seriously I really am embracing it.

Now you can see that there is quite a bit...
as Duchesse pointed out it is not just tinsel!

We have a very busy weekend which revolves around family.
 A celebration of life event for Mr. HB's recently deceased 98 year old uncle which will mean getting together with lots of cousins from near and far.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
When I pause and reflect on things that I have to be thankful for I am humbled by the bounty of blessings I have in my life.

Wishing you JOY in your daily round.
~ ~ ~

"As we express our gratitude, 
we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, 
but to live by them."

  ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy ~


  1. Cute vest! Your silver hair suits you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. You look complete adorable, and so happy! That is your color. Earrings to match?

    1. The earrings are made of citron, lovely daughter made them for me a few years ago.

  3. are your loafers suede? they are very attractive. comfortable?


    1. They are leather and so wearing slippers.
      I bought them at Nordstrom's last spring.

  4. One of my favourite colours I call it mustard,you look so happy in your selfie.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  5. My daughter can wear that color also. You are so lucky. Love it!

  6. I love the autumn colours best. Is that chartreuse? It's funny but I think your hair is more youthful with the grey or perhaps it is the happy glow that you are exuding.

  7. Hostess,

    Tu es si jeune!!

  8. I like your gray hair too, and also think it gives you a more youthful look. How can that be? I think it is the softness. You are so cute!

  9. I have rosacea, and I think you have said previously you have it? your skin looks flawless, can I ask what makeup foundation brand you use.

    1. I use L'Occitane face wash from the Immortelle line and their Divine Cream.
      The foundation is Bobbi Brown's Luminous Moisturizing Foundation and they have discontinued it at Nordstrom's but they have it on the Bobbi Brown website. I had to have our nephew bring it up to Canada this weekend as they do not ship to Canada.
      I hope you can find some and if you live anywhere where they have a Boobi Brown make up counter I suggest that you take the time to sit down and have them do a make up session...I did and bought several of the products after seeing how well they worked with my skin.

  10. Am thinking the shorter length is more youthful, and as a silver-haired person who never chose to color, of course I endorse your decision to go natural. Looking pretty!

  11. No signs of rosacea or wrinkles and I agree with the shorter haircut suiting you well : )!

  12. That color really works well on you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  13. You look sensational in that color, it really suits your coloring. Very pretty!

  14. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I find it almost impossible to take my own picture without laughing at myself. You look great!!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! And I love the silver!

  16. You angel, you put me on your reading list. I love ya !!xxxx

  17. I love that yellow green too, and it looks terrific on you!

  18. I have used two samples of the Divine Cream from L'Occitane now. I LIKE it! I am going to wait until later this month when our local L'Occitane store is involved in a local charity promotion and buy a jar at a discount.

  19. You look great in that color and I love your haircut! Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope you enjoy getting together with family.
    xx Sunday

  20. I love that colour, and it looks great on you!