Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pretty in pink...OOTD.

With a deluge of rain and grey October skies I am seeking solace in pink.
Pink looks so cheerful against the grey gloom.

I could not find my umbrella...or as some call it a bumbershoot.
In order to keep walking I needed one desperately!
So I walked briskly down to RainBird in the Village and purchased a new one.

They were filming a TV segment when I arrived and so I tiptoed in and asked if they were open for business...yes!
I didn't dilly dally but made a hasty choice and one that I hoped that I would not regret.

Walking is so much more pleasant in the rain under this lovely brolly!

Looks like a brolly with a pedigree...
let's hope it lives up to its' reputation.

The streets are littered with leaves and the dry grass of summer has greened up nicely.
Our district water reservoirs must be full by now.
The Humble Bungalow rain barrels are full and the soaker hoses attached are weeping water into the garden beds.

For those of you who have lost weight are the last 5 pounds always so hard to shed?
I am at a plateau and have upped my walks and yet I am wavering at WW weigh ins...
up half a pound ~ down half a pound ~ and so it goes.
I must keep the faith.

The handle did sway me just a tad...

drab as all get out...
(Perhaps some pink boots are needed!)
Sperry boots
dg 21 skinny jeans
Chillox coat

puddles, puddles everywhere...

raindrops in puddles

autumn leaves in puddles

Nerines a welcome vision in pink.

Pink flowers on my desk last spring.

The get well bouquet the staff sent me when pneumonia side lined me for a month last spring.

The Humble Bungalow Porch roses spilling forth with their frothy beauty in June.

Our sweet little Miss Isla in her pink gown...
a finer princess there could never be.
Pretty in Pink = Grammy love!

Think Pink as it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Have that mammogram and do your monthly checks.
Be mindful and do take care of your health.

Enjoy your walking rain or shine.



  1. I LOVE that umbrella! Exactly the antidote to the onslaught of the fall rains. . . . I note that we have both just blogged about gloves, although rather different varieties, yours yellow and much more productive than my red ones which only have to keep my hands warm. . . .Very cheery, that yellow -- lovely to see how even a black-and-white wardrobe brings colour into its life via domestic aids and umbrellas! ;-)

  2. I love your new umbrella! No mistake made in purchasing it. Isla is adorable--I can tell.

  3. Those 5lbs are also so hard to keep off,I go up and on all the time, even without overeating, an unbuttoned waistband is so depressing.
    Such a cheery umbrella - black umbrellas should really be banned.

    1. I agree about banning black umbrellas. How dreary they are!

  4. That is a pretty umbrella and beautiful pinks in all of the pictures.

  5. Yes, the last 5 pounds is really tough. But you'll do it, it just takes way more patience and perseverance! You can do this! :)

  6. Fabulous umbrella! I wish we'd get some rain, but that's probably weeks away yet.

  7. I know exactly what my son, an awesome personal trainer, would say about moving you off your weight loss plateau: add some intensity. For those of us of a certain age, he recommends adding a good morning swim. Do you have access to an indoor pool, perhaps? Here's a link to his blog, in which he often includes informative and inspirational advice. (Is it OK to use links in comments? I really am a follower of your blog, not a spammer!):

  8. The last five are awful to loose. It's so easy to give up, but I know you won't:-). Love your cheery umbrella. The handle is so fun.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Eccck! I am banned.....2 very old shabby black umbrellas here...funny have never managed to lose them,must try harder.

  10. I have found Fulton umbrellas to be excellent. Please allow me to put in a plug for the Vancouver Umbrella Shop (4 locations in Vancouver BC). They are the last umbrella manufacturer in Canada and manufacture and inexpensively repair all their umbrellas. I took one of their umbrellas back that was very old and worn and they recycled the parts.
    Blessings, wendy from white rock

  11. I seldom use my umbrella, it´s black and can be " shortened " to fit in my bag.
    Since you are exercising by walking, what about a full raincoat wear?
    So much easier than to carry an umbrella.
    The pink ballet dress is adorable : )

  12. Those last 5 lbs are difficult for me because I am constantly thinking that, at my age, I can't maintain the necessary intensity of exercising needed for further weight loss, and in fact, I know that my capacity to exercise will decrease as I grow older and hence it seems like a waste of effort to do it.

    1. P.S. I don't really mean "a waste of effort," but more like . . . I should be more realistic and accept what I am and what is to come! I do miss that feeling of total health and lightness (both in spirit and in earthly weight)! Good Luck! :-)

  13. Those last five are such a trial! Hang in there. I was weighed in with my fall clothes - heavier than the last outfit, and it made a disappointing difference. I need to get over it!
    Your new brollie is adorable and will be sure to lift your spirits all through the wet winter!

  14. The color pink pops so perfectly with your rainy fall shots.. the perfect accent! I especially enjoyed your gorgeous first shot through your umbrella's vista. so happy to have had a glimpse into your beautiful world!