Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frugal Fish Chowder and my OOTD.

I am embracing frugality this Fall.
In and around the kitchen preparing soups as a weekday meal with leftovers for lunches.
Soups are so soothing when the thermometer dips and the chilly winds blow.

Befriend your local fish monger and ask for some fish bones...
I prefer to use salmon as I love the strong flavour it imparts to the stock.

Here are the frugal fish fixings.

"Humble Bungalow Frugal Fish Chowder"

Boil the fish in water for about 30 minutes.
Cool and remove bones and skin.
Set aside.
In a large pot saute 1 large diced onion and several stalks of celery sliced until soft.
Add water to cover and then add 2 or 3 chopped potatoes and 2 large carrots sliced.
Simmer until cooked, about 20 minutes.
Pop in a cup of corn kernels and a small can of tomato paste.
Add the fish stock, season with salt, pepper and dill.
Simmer for an hour and serve.

Hearty and delicious.

Weight Watchers friendly!

Serve leftovers for lunch or freeze for future use.
Mother will be getting some of this chowder!

Grey sweater coat with ruffle detail at front.
Betty Barclay Collection.

Kate Spade Quilted handbag.

Hush Puppies Boots.

Black Top by Carilyn Vaile
Black ponte knit pants RW and Co.

I'm dressed for an outing with Mother.
She is taking me to The Tea Room for high tea.

Let me know what you think of this fish chowder.
Think of what you might do with the money that you save by cooking frugal meals!
You might balance your budget or splurge on a luxe item.
What would you choose?


  1. Your fish soup looks absolutely tantalizing! It alone would be a treat!

  2. I am chasing chowder on the East Coast right now but your at home chowder looks delicious! My mum loves to make fish stew as well. I would use my extra money for travel.

  3. Fabulous outfit, love the textures of the bag with the frills on the sweater. I love anything fishy seafood (I can even eat sea eggs) this recipe looks a winner. Only one question - how to you keep the smell out? Maybe boil it on the barbie?

    1. I light a candle and put the fan on to whisk the fishy scent away!

  4. What a yummy sounding soup. I love soup at this time of year when the fog closes in and the temperature drops.

  5. I love soups too, but no bread, crackers, etc.? The Mr. doesn't mind the simple meals?

    1. Mr. HB has bread and buns with his...I might nibble a wee bit but I am struggling with my last 5 pounds at WW so am staying within my points.

  6. I'll be making that soup this week - looks delicious and hearty. Love you in the all black - elegant and edgy.

  7. The soup looks delish. I too find soups so comforting as the temperature drops. Now that you're retired, you can experiment making different soups.

  8. It is definitely getting to be soup weather and this one looks delicious. Have fun at the tea.

  9. I'm also embracing frugality because I'll be retiring in a few years (hopefully, I'll be able to last that long in my very hard job !). I absolutely love your outfit ! xx

  10. That soup looks delicious. Hmmm, maybe tonight. But I really love the sweater - so soft and warm looking! You make retirement look very desirable. I'm almost, almost there. Can't wait.

  11. Love this soup recipe and your outfit! You are always look so great! Lots of inspiration in this post.