Friday, October 18, 2013

Shrouded in Fog, my OOTD and a surprise!

Fog horns are droning out on the strait...
it's a day to cocoon indoors with the heat on.
Fog is damp and dreary...kind of spooky too and it's not even Halloween.

I whipped around The Humble Bungalow so fast my domestic chores were done in a flash.
So I had some time to play around with scarves and type up a new post.

A white and grey drippy almost foggy Hermes here today...

A bright punch of orange always seems to perk things up.

I like to layer a sweater or jacket over this look as the scarf draws the eye upward.

Here I am mixing up a luxe Hermes scarf with a pedestrian Tee.
I probably wear my scarves tied simply as seen here most frequently.

The Cowboy is great if you want to focus on a certain part of the scarf's design.

Merino Tees from Costco
made in Canada!
Priced to sell and I think it's wise to buy in multiples.
Great for layering and oh so cozy and warm.
I opted for one in grey and the other in black.
I went up a size as they fit snug.
I have washed both and they hang to dry in no time.
I'd say these are going to be the workhorses in my winter wardrobe this year.

Calvin Klein candle in Fig.
I don't know about you but I do love a scented candle in the Fall and Winter.
I picked this one up at Home Sense.

included jeans and shoes.

Miz Mooz ballet flats.
DKNY jeans
Gelco vest

I think the weather influenced my OOTD!
It looks like FOG.

Look what Mr. HB found today!

I have really missed not having this cleanser.

The company has redesigned the label and it is back in Canada!

You know it really is the small things...
Thank you to my friend LA for suggesting where to search and thank you to Mr. HB for doing the legwork!
A huge thank you to the American readers who offered to send me some Bon Ami cleanser.
I'm so grateful for your kindness.

Have a fabulous weekend!
I'll be off for a couple of days as we have guests staying in our Humble Bungalow.

Until next time...
Be Well.


  1. I am headed straight to Costco first thing in the morning, hope I can find those fab tees! Hope you have a lovely weekend with your guests!

  2. It's been a very foggy day, although the sun shone this afternoon. But this evening, fog was back. Those t-shirts will make great layering pieces, and it's wonderful they were made in Canada. I can't wear wool of any kind next to my skin, so I'll pass on these and admire them on others. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Me too I love that scarf! Those merino tees are perfect backdrops for a scarf too. I'm happy you found your favourite cleanser, yes it's definitely the little things.
    Enjoy your company!

  4. Love the photo of the Hermes boxes. I like Hermes boxes almost as much as I like what comes in them. But I do really like your scarf today also. And the vest!

  5. Hi Leslie - love your blog and scarf collection! Where did you find the Bon Ami? I am a fellow VIctorian and I have been looking for it everywhere. Finally found out that the guy who used to distribute it passed away and I figured that was the end of Bon Ami in VIctoria! So excited that it is back! R

    1. Mr. HB found it at Capital Iron. It was $2.00 less than what I used to pay for it too!
      Happy to hear that you enjoy reading the blog.

  6. Love the Cosco tees, they probably don't sell them down here but I am going to see. I bought home a Calvin Klein Fig candle this week too! I was so excited to find it because it is my absolute favorite; such a lovely fragrance. Enjoy!

  7. All I can say, that there are people who are able to wear silk scarves nicely, and then there are those, who are not able to wear them nicely.
    I belong to the latter group, and therefore rather throw a shawl over my shoulders ; ).
    Happy w/e!

  8. Oooh, please do share where I might be able to buy Bon Ami, Victoria or the mainland! I don't have a Costco membership, but have friends that do. Do the t-shirts come in other colours too?

    Love your scarf! Perfect for this coastal fog we're sharing.

    1. Capital Iron stocks it here in Victoria.
      The tee shirts were available in a blue, plum, cream, grey and black and were about $16.99 each! Happy Shopping Sue!

  9. I am a relatively new reader of your blog and thought that you were mostly black and white with
    your colour schemes, so it is very nice to see colour creeeping in! I too like the scarf and now must sort out my collection of scarves and wear them...Jenny

  10. We've had a lot of fog too here but it's uncommonly warm; 20 degrees for the end of October is a bit much ! Enjoy your guests' presence, I'm sure they'll be enjoying your welcome ! xx

  11. I wish I could tie scarves as you do! Need to SIT DOWN and look at a video, I guess. Those will look great with your T's.

    Bon Ami is KEY; just calcium carbonate. We can supply you if it disappears again!