Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday today and it's a green post...

Oh dear me I seem to be stuck in a domestic zone these days.
This preoccupation is bound to pass as I enrich my days with more exciting yet less expensive pursuits.
Mother has spent her days since Father passed by regular trips to the Mall and shopping for beautiful clothes that she seldom wears. Bear in mind this is not a judgement call on Mom just an observation...

I am home more than I have ever been in the last 25 years so I am noticing small details like dust that never really showed their furry heads on my radar now I take prompt action.
Funny thing happenend the other night when Mr. HB and our son got together to watch the movie Jobs...
I went to Winners to see what they had, I had not set foot in the store for months and I used to be a regular!
The handbags are my first stop and there was a very slim and disappointing array of faux leather bags and not one that I would consider bringing was the clothing. The styles were "Way too Out There" for me.
Rack upon rack of tops with bold slogans and sayings, then add a mixture of lace and peepholes and cotton and studs! I kid you not!
I saw a few cashmere sweaters that I would consider but I didn't feel they were worth the trouble as they were so thin and not a 3 ply to be found.

So after I wove my way through the aisles I found myself staring at the cleaning products.
This surprised me as I picked up many and read the labels...most were full of chemicals whose names I cannot pronounce and know that they are not particularly healthy ingredients.

I did swoon a bit when I sniffed the Caldrea line...I opened them and decided on the Citron Ginger.

First coffee of the morning shot...I forgot my mug is on the counter in the background.

I like products that have a clean scent.

One of our oldest tea towels in The Humble Bungalow still on the job.
Linen laundered many times and now a soft whisper of it's former self!
Ulster Weavers of Ireland.

Oaktree pattern which is still available and you can purchase them from the Irish Linen Shop.

I think I am as passionate about linen tea towels as I am about Hermes scarves.
Though one thing I am certain about is that there will be more tea towels in my future than Hermes scarves!

Hope that you are enjoying your week.

Mother is getting quite confused these days and my sister and I are on high alert.
We understand and know that this is all part of aging...
a natural progression,
yet it is very upsetting all the same.

I actioned a roasty veggie feast.
I find this recipe so soothing.
Comfort food come to mama!

Use any vegetables that you have on hand.
Lightly toss them in olive oil and spread on a roasting pan.
Crank up your oven to 425 degrees.
Roast turning once for 30 minutes.
Turn on the broiler for 5 minutes until the edges get a bit brown.
Remove and sprinkle with rosemary, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
 Add a bit of feta cheese and toss in a serving bowl

Thank you to Gail, my friend from Australia for this recipe.
I have made it for years after she brought it to one of our staff parties.
She was kind enough to share her recipe with me.
So you can thank Gail too if you decide to make it.
Trust me this one is a keeper.

It goes really well with roast beef and chicken or on it's own as a main course!
It feels very autumnal with the variety of colours.

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. I think you'll really like the Caldrea. We can get it here at Target now. I love tea towels too but how do you keep from staining them? Ours always get used to dab up coffee on the counter, olive oil covered fingers, drips off the wine bottle...I can't get my family to use a dishcloth for these things! I think vintage linen tea towels are the best although DaniBP made me an extra large linen tea towel with fabric from Fabric Land and I love it.

    Your veggie feast is a delight to the eyes--we have a similar recipe that my husband throws sausage in--keeps the children interested too!

    My heart goes out to you about your mother. My own parents are hopefully years away from that, but there is a quiet sadness about watching a loved one age. I saw it with my grandmother and it was difficult for everyone. She felt so fragile--even to hug! Sending best thoughts your way!

    1. Oh I have ruined more than a few towels sopping up spills but I do try to grab a sponge if I have time and use that instead! I must go and see if FabricLand has linen by the metre, making my own towels would be fun. I did that years ago when the children were wee. Thank you for those kind words...

  2. Might be a good idea to have your mother checked out if this "confusion" has come on suddenly; could be something fixable.
    I made my own version of roasted veggies this past weekend. Food for the soul!

    1. It has not come on suddenly, it has been a gradual process. We both go to the same doctor and he knows us well so I will mention it next time we go and see him.

    2. So wonderful to have a doctor who knows your family. That's such a gift.

  3. I am using Caldrea for dishes and for laundry. Shopping can be a way of passing time.I love roasted vegetables and will eat them as meal. I am in New York City right now and ate some curried pumpkin last night at an Afghan restaurant. Autumn harvest foods are my favourite. Confusion is a natural part of aging and all we can do is to be kind and accepting.

  4. Curried pumpkin sounds delicious...I think I'll go online and look for a recipe.

  5. The veggie recipe sounds wonderful. I've also been less than impressed with most of what I'm seeing in the shops these days. It keeps temptation at bay. But my focus has shifted to skincare. Am trying a lot (free samples, yay!) but not yet buying much.

  6. Hostess, my focus is starting to shift to house goods too! New furniture even! Haven't done anything to this house since I moved back in, September 2008. And now I'm here all the time and thinking about it!

    Would be much better to do as you have, use your tea towel ((((((love mine)))))) and CLEAN what I have!

  7. Your tea towel is so pretty, I tend you use bar towels that I buy in quantities, but they are certainly not very elegant or pretty! The roasted veggies look delicious. I think in the fall we all tend to "nest" more.

  8. Please do take your mother to see the doctor asap because they do have medication/drugs that delay the process of deterioration (but only if taken early enough in the process). Best Wishes! On a lighter note, what do you use your linen tea towel for, it looks too good to have been used much!

    1. P.S. In my experience, when you see signs, the deterioration happens very quickly. Before that, the signs weren't really noticeable because we refuse to see them . . . even though they were there, for sure! All the best!

  9. While I would not presume to diagnose your mother, I will venture it is time for a complete assessment. In Ontario, where my inlaws (of her age) live, there is a specific program for this, and the patient is referred by the family physician. It did my in-laws a lot of good.

    Confusion and sadness or depression can be reduced, if not completely reversed. I'm grateful you and your sister are taking care of her.

  10. You are new to the at home lifestyle as time passes you don't even notice the dust!!!!!!
    You look a young 40 in your new profile photo and sooo 'blue stocking'.
    Do hope the store you browsed for clothes does not have them made in Bangladesh,have been following
    our news reporter over there,and apparently these poor people have received very little compensation from 6 of our British firms,all well known ones after the dreadful fire.Saw pictures of young children who lost parents and are totally traumatised......these firms make millions from buyers.......grrrrrrrrrrr.....stepping off my soap box now.

  11. You and your sister are wise to be attentive to your mother's changes -- they creep up so, we found, but some days there's a different person there. . .As for the mall shopping, the beautiful clothes she never wears, my mom was coming home with Royal Doulton figurines. Checking her credit card statement, my sister got a bit suspicious about the top dollar paid to a jeweler in the mall just below Mom's condo, the several purchases over a period of a couple of weeks. Without wanting to curtail Mom's financial freedom unduly, my sister talked to her about whether she really wanted the figurines, as she'd begun giving away many of the ones she'd already had for years. She told her that if Mom did, they could find some at much better prices and could even shop for them together. It turned out that Mom had been recreational shopping out of boredom and occasional loneliness-- and then that was exploited as she admired the figurines in a store window. Perhaps not an uncommon story, and some sales assistants are perhaps happy to give a senior some "company" in exchange for boosting their day's commission. My sister suggested Mom keep a favourite, then returned the other figurines to the store, doled out the appropriate amount of shame, a light scolding, a sterner warning. . . Everyone's story is different, of course, but I suspect that mom was not the only senior who's been cajoled into buying something she knew she didn't really want or need. . .

  12. Hey I love your new 'do'! I have always enjoyed going au naturale and my blond is turning a unique steely grey. Your veggie dish looks yummy! So many of our friends and family are now looking out for the seniors in the family. Your mom is fortunate to have you. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Hey I love your new 'do'! I have always enjoyed going au naturale and my blond is turning a unique steely grey. Your veggie dish looks yummy! So many of our friends and family are now looking out for the seniors in the family. Your mom is fortunate to have you. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. Your veggie roast looks wonderful - I do love that method of cooking them. So sorry to hear about your mom. There's lots of good advice and encouragement given here, to which I can add nothing.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Hostess!