Monday, October 21, 2013

The roses are in full flush...and I am linking up with Jane's Flower Party today.

The weather is damp and foggy...and it looks like it might hang around for the foreseeable future.
The garden is putting on a fabulous show despite the weather and surprising for October.
Spurred on by a patch of sunshine I popped outside...
Sunshine has a way of making everything look better and brighter.

Jude the Obscure
my favourite of all the David Austen roses grown in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
Peachy perfection and a scent that is sweet and strong.

I've already put the cushions away for the season but the porch and chairs are still in service...
in fact they beckoned me to come out and sit for a bit with my mug of fresh brewed Earl Grey Tea.
I sat in the stillness and let my gaze wander.
Birds are chirping and flitting about scavenging for food in the soil.
There's a hush and it's almost eerily quiet for this time of day.
It's a great time to gather one's thoughts and mull things over.
I find that pausing for a tea break does that for me...
it's rather magical how it transports me to a calm place.

I sauntered lazily around the garden, stopping to look and smell the blooms.

The McCartney Rose
a sweet scent...very heady, typical of an old fashioned rose.

Climbing Iceberg
a few blooms putting on a brave show.

Mushrooms growing in the grass where our heritage apple tree used to grow.
The King Apple was prolific in it's size and quantity.
 The bounty is sorely missed by our family as the great harvest meant apples for eating, cooking, and to share with our friends and neighbours.

Mr. HB and I have ordered two dwarf Apple Trees for next spring.
Liberty and Chehalis.
If they thrive we'll add a King the following year.
As it is a triploid type of tree it needs two diploids to pollinate the flowers allowing the tree to bear fruit.
Who knew that growing apples was complicated?

Gertrude Jekyll

unknown rose

Our backyard seating area by the garden shed.
Isla's pool and slide have been stored until next spring...
she looked out the window and said "Grammy Can I go on the Slide?"

I must think about what to prepare for dinner tonight.
It's one of those days when I cannot quite decide what to cook!
 By not deciding dinner might be a slapdash cobbled together affair.
Wish me luck.

I am linking up with Flower Jane's floral party today.
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Thank you for stopping in to visit today.
Please come back soon.


  1. Your roses are looking wonderful, Hostess. Mine are battered to bits! Jude the Obscure is certainly a lovely rose , but what a desperately sad book.

  2. How wonderful to have these late roses. I have a few, but the leaves are dropping rapidly. We planted a Liberty Apple in the spring. Our fruit tree adviser (Fruit Trees and More) told us to not let the tree bear fruit this past summer, but we cheated and had one apple off the tree. And one off the other one, whose name I forget just now.
    Stay cozy in these foggy days. I'm catching up on things around the house since I was away on the weekend.

  3. What beautiful roses and perfect picture of them with the sun shining through.

    Your garden looks lovely for this time of year. Mine looks like Halloween showcase.

    so glad you joined the party!

    xo Jane

  4. I love this time of year and it looks especially lovely in Victoria! I too, just brought in my cushions and took down the umbrella on my deck, and I must admit it made me a little sad. I don't have the beautiful flowers that you have to keep some color going. Wish I had room for fruit trees. I think they may look a little odd in my front yard! Carolyn in Redmond

  5. Your roses are stunning. I envy your ability to grow them. It's still in the 80's here in California and I long for the cooler temperatures. Fall is my favorite season but it doesn't seem quite right when it's this warm. Have a lovely week.

  6. How wonderful that you still have beautiful roses! So nice to see!

  7. Cheering photos,here it is all mud and mushrooms!

  8. Lovely roses... Know you are enjoying these pretties! Happy to see you at Jane's party! Smiles...Susan