Monday, January 28, 2013

~ Victoria Sponge ~ The Humble Bungalow Tea Cake..

Don't you love having a few tried and true recipes that you can make when the occasion arises?
Teas are a lovely way to entertain when the weather gets warm and sunny and a great excuse to get some of your friends together for an afternoon in the garden.

This Victoria Sponge is a classic tea confection.
All you need to add is a fresh fruit platter and some good quality tea
and you've got the makings of a pleasant, yet easy gathering.
Use your prettiest china and silver tea service...
if you do not own any of these try haunting the local charity shops and thrift stores as they are plentiful where I live and can be bought for very little coin.

Mother's Day might be just the occasion to serve this cake, our Mother's do love a tea party!

simple ingredients
this recipe goes together quite quickly

I cook mine for 25 minutes and use the confection setting in my oven

 a spring form pan make this easy work

when cool cut in half
I use a serrated bread knife

spread the bottom layer with jam
any flavour that you desire
I used raspberry

sieve some confectioner's sugar on top and the cake is ready to serve

Tested and approved by Mr. HB and The Hostess!

Now all you need to do is choose a date and make up a list of friends to invite and you've got a lovely event to look forward to...

Hope that your week is off to a great start!


  1. YUM! I like mine with a huge dollop of vanilla whipped cream :O)

    1. I probably would too but my waistline might not !
      I shall remember this and have some on hand when I next serve it at tea.

  2. No cream? Ah yes SP is on it! Over here it has to have a layer of thick cream.

  3. You can also layer lemon curd between the cakes and it it a little bit of heaven.
    Sounds a bit like a cream tea that we have here...jam Devonshire cream and scones.

  4. Yum, my tum is rumbling at the sight of your jam sponge my favourite cake, prefer it without the cream.
    My MIL always made it with a thick layer of buttercream + her home made jams.Ida

  5. Feeling dejected that I cannot sit down and enjoy this with you immediately! And it seems you are feeling much better!

  6. Oh good! You must be feeling better if you are up to baking. This looks delicious and especially with a good cup of tea. Bon Appetite!

  7. Leslie...I can taste that jam, it looks delicious. Thank you for sharing..:)
    Best wishes..
    Jeanne xx

  8. That it funny that you should post this today , I have been wanting to do one for a few days now . I really want one now. I put a thin layer of buttercream on the top of mine . Must make this tonight . Donna

    1. Mine is cooling on the counter now , thanks for the recipe and inspiration . Donna

  9. Even on a gloomy February day this would be good! A Valentine's Day treat.....

  10. hallo hostess just two questions.what number of pan do you use and the oven temperature

    1. The pan is a springform 8 inches wide and oven temperature is 400 degrees. You should be able to enlarge the recipe in the photo. Good luck!

  11. Leslie, thank you for the recipe. I have always wanted to make this, it is so very British! I also love teas and don't normally host them, but I would love to now. You have inspired me!
    xx Sunday

  12. I've just found your blog from Tish @Femme d'un certain age. & become a new follower as I've enjoyed reading through a few of your posts. Being English & living in France, seeing your Victoria sponge attracted me. How pleased I am you didn't put cream on or in it as the original Victoria recipe is just how you finished off yours. But for special occasions I do tart it up with a butter cream. So pleased you are feeling better, as I have just had the same thing & only now after 6 weeks am feeling like doing things. Enjoy your cake it looks lovely.

  13. Welcome Barbara.
    Gosh you have really been hit hard with these nasty germs. I hope my energy returns soon.
    I am popping over to read your blog now.