Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pottering with paint...

It was a glorious day yesterday!
Looking out the windows from The Humble Bungalow
I felt energized.

The sun was out and the shadows danced across the garden throughout the day.
Warmer than it has been and just that hint that Spring might not be too far off.
Days like this beckon me to go out and potter about in the garden...
there are so many bulbs up that they look as if they will bloom early this year.

Keeping cozy and cocooning indoors I felt antsy...
it's a difficult task for me not being able to go out and about as I am so accustomed.

I started a knitting project and read a few chapters in my book, drank several cups of tea and yet I felt the need to do something more.

I wandered downstairs and found myself in my hobby room browsing through my favourite decor magazines.
It was lovely sitting with the cats playing at my feet...

My easel beckoned
it's been awhile since I have picked up a brush and one cannot force artistic expression.
It needs to flow from deep within, and when the time is right things seem to come together.


Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments.
I feel snug and spoiled by your get well wishes.

Wishing you a weekend full of delight.
Treat yourself and indulge in something nice...

Be well


  1. What a wonderful gift to be given - to be able to express yourself in such a beautiful way. Love those cheery roses!

  2. Oh hostess, it's beautiful!! What happy, lively, joyous, boisterous roses. You have a gift indeed.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. You're painting is charming! Will look so good in your home.

  4. That urge to move and the push to creative activities signal your health returning, I'm sure. Still, take care not to overdo, and soon you'll be blooming like those beautiful roses!

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better. What knitting did you start? I just love the Beehive shop. I stop in every time I'm in town.

  6. I hope you are enjoying a restful 18th century recuperation, genteel lady like activities only!

  7. Sounds like you're feeling better - so glad. What knitting project did you begin?

  8. Isn´t it about time to change your name to Rose, as roses are such a great part of your life ; ) ?

  9. More roses; you are never without! Glad you are feeling better in both body and spirit.

  10. Sun and the tips of bulbs showing in the garden always cheer the soul I find,you sound to have had a blissful day.Ida

  11. hope you are feeling better, sounds like it. enjoying your blog.