Sunday, January 13, 2013


Slim Paley has a beautiful blog and she recently published a post on Delft blues...
she entitled it Feeling Very Delftish!

She reminded me of my small collection of Harumi Ota hand painted porcelain pieces.

I use them for serving up salads and vegetables and when they are not full of food they are in plain sight for my amusement and admiration.

I love blue and white china and porcelain.

The makers of fine porcelain have used this colour combination for hundreds of years.

This is the newest piece which I purchased with money that Mother gave me for Christmas.
I am a firm believer that when one is given money for a gift that it should be spent on something 
that one desires rather than something one needs.

Imagine if you will these bowls filled 

with oranges, lemons or limes...

These tomatoes looks so plump and juicy
I love how they look redder by comparison to the cobalt blues and snowy whites.

Turned upside down
the base is commodious
I could stand a large bees wax candle on top and use it in a centre piece!
Think of the honey scent as it slowly burns and illuminates the area.

This older image is one of Pepper as a kitten.

It's cold and icy here 
 the heated floors in the basement are turning out to be my favourite place to walk barefoot!
It would not surprise me if the cats take to napping on them.

I hope that your week is filled with colour and good times.


  1. That was a great post! I love Slim's blog. I don't have any blue and white, but love the shape of your bowls. It's so cute to see your kitty sleeping in it.
    Be careful on the ice!

  2. I love blue and white and have always used those colors in every kitchen I've ever had. Recently I inherited a beautiful blue and cream bowl that was my great-grandmother's. I heard she served cream of wheat in it and it is so old fashioned. I hung it above my stove. Victoria magazine did a blue and white issue every June.

    Love your blog and the lovely living style you help us aspire to. Please check out my latest essay on my blog all about my grandmother's gracious living. She would have loved you!

    Emily at alovelyinconsequence.blogspot

  3. A kitty in a bowl! So cute.
    I don't have any blue and white bowls, though I do like it. It just doesn't work in my earth toned kitchen.

  4. I love blue and white dishes. Actually, blue and white anything - linens, prints, etc. Your dishes are lovely pieces that your eyes must enjoy very much.

  5. Blue and white is my favourite combination. I think I've used it in every house, and in somewhere in every room - even if just as a splash. It's timeless.

  6. My mother has a collection (partly from her mother) of beautiful deep blue and white Staffordshire that she displays in an antique corner cabinet in her living room. It's so stunning altogether, and I love looking at the pastoral scenes on it. Your collection is quite beautiful too, and fits so well in a craftsman bungalow.

  7. My G/mother had a large collection of blue Staffordshire with Chinese chinoisene motifs,like Kathy as a child enjoyed looking at the figures,I passed the collection on to my daughter as blue is not my colour.

    The fruit glows in your beautiful collection,do you keep it in a special cabinet?

  8. Sorry,I see you keep them in plain sight much more enjoyable.Ida

  9. So very pretty! Blue has always been a favorite color to me. Since I've moved, I've switched to red as an accent color. If they make Delft in red, I'd be all over it. I found beautiful mugs, and wine glasses and bowls in reds. I agree with you on the $ gifts, spend it on desire!

  10. How beautiful; I especially like the Peppered dish! And it's wonderful to have sentimental objects that are a gift from a beloved parent or relative.

  11. These bowls are lovely. Blue and white dishes are among my very favorites. And, I agree that gifted money should be used on something desired, but not necessarily needed. I plan to do just that with some Christmas money I received!