Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking it's orders!

A few posts back I was lamenting about having the flu and feeling rather sorry for myself.
Fever, chills, aches and a wracking cough.
Dearest reader I went to the clinic last Sunday evening
only to discover that what I actually had was bacterial pneumonia.

I have been taking life easy and following doctor's orders.
As one might expect I am on antibiotics as this is something the medical profession don't mess around with.
I can report that I am improving each day.
Work has taken a back burner and I am going to be off until I get the all clear from my GP.

This is my 3rd bout with this illness although it has been over 10 years since my last episode.
We all seem to have an area of weakness and it would appear that mine are my lungs.

this fragrant bouquet was delivered by my lovely DIL and our bonny red headed grand daughter 
Little Miss Isla
who while bouncing up and down with excitement said
 "Flowers ~ Happy ~ Flowers ~ Happy!"
A more welcome delivery I cannot imagine.

I have discovered something that many of you may or may not not know
 You Tube has movies 
 all one needs to do is click on them to open them and they are there in their entirety!
Some films that I would have liked to view were only available in the US.
Object of Beauty is one such film and I remember enjoying it so much when it first came out that I saw it twice.

I have watched some of my favourites;
Sense and Sensibility
Enchanted April
A Room with a View

I do adore a period drama.
I suppose that is why Downton Abbey has such appeal.

Mr. HB has been making the rounds to the market to keep us stocked in food.
Homemade soups have been such a comfort and so very easy to heat up and serve.
My appetite has been minimal
which has resulted in some immediate weight loss
which I must confess has given me a jump start ~ encouragement on my goal to shed a few pounds.

Reading in between movies I got into Tatler and devoured it cover to cover.
Thanks again to Natalie!

Mother popped over ever so briefly and dropped off this novel
It's Maeve's last book as it was finished just weeks prior to her death in July 2012.

I have done some shopping and online browsing.
Nordstroms have an amazing selection of SHOES....
so tempting
~ ~ ~
New fresh cotton towels from Lands End
should be on their way.
White towels are The Humble Bungalow standard issue.
White towels never stay snow white for me as I refuse to use chlorine bleach.
The fish and environment may thank me and so might the towel makers!

I am getting a bit antsy and would dearly love to bundle up and go for a walk around the block.
Instead I have opened my bedroom windows to let some fresh air inside and closed to door to usher out the germs.

I hope that you are keeping well and in good spirits.
Do me a favour and go for a walk for me!

 ~ Thanks so much for popping by ~
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh my God, that's a terrible illness, poor you ! Glad to see you're keeping your spirits high and doing lots of interesting things though. I love Tatler too, it's my favourite magazine, along with Vanity Fair. Take good care of yourself and have a nice prompt recovery !x

  2. I hope you are well soon. It is a rough thing to get over.

  3. I think that once you have pneumonia, you are forever vulnerable.

    Have you seen the Trevor Nunn Twelfth Night? I think you'd love it.

    1. No I haven't seen that production will look for it.
      Thank you Frugal Scholar.

  4. It's good that you went to the doctor and were diagnosed before it became more serious! Hope your recovery is a smooth and speedy one. You're smart though to take it not to rush these things.

  5. Take care and get well soon, Hostess.

    The Maeve novel is lovely.

    SSG xxx

    1. It is a good one and the character development is such that you can almost see the people in the story.
      Hope life with baby is all that you hoped it would be.

  6. I'm really happy you are taking it easy. This is a serious illness and I know it's hard to just rest until you're completely well but please do! Rest and lots of that soup!
    Get well soon Hostess,

  7. Hope you will have a quick recovery. Last spring I had bronchitis, and had a difficult time recovering from it. I wondered if oxygen would help and found on-line a product called Boost Oxygen. They market their product to atheletes who want to increase their stamina. They say it is 99% Oxygen. I've used it and was amazed at how it speeded my recovery. You might want to give it a try in a few weeks if you are still dragging. Best wishes for good health,

    1. I have heard that pure oxygen can help athletes performances I also heard that the staff at some hospitals use it to cure a hangover!!!

  8. Oh dear! I'm happy it was diagnosed and that you are being a good patient... but so sorry you have to endure another bout. (A good friend from Ottawa was told, after repeated bouts, that she should move to a warm climate, which she did- the Bahamas.)

    1. Moving is not an option!
      Becoming a snowbird is a possibility but not until we both retire.

  9. Hostess, do take it easy and for a longer time than you may feel like doing. I just returned from a two mile walk and had you in my thoughts. Idyllic VIllage was cold and clear, very beautiful, very bracing. But not for you, not for a while. My warm wishes to you.

  10. I remember wondering about your frequent flus. Now you got the answer, and are on medication, which is good.
    I´m afraid, that I won´t be able to make a walk for you and you know why.
    Wishing you get well soon.
    Happy w/e!

  11. Get well soon.

    Have you read the Queen Lucia books? The first one is free for Kindle on Amazon.

    Also, have you seen the documentary about Chatsworth House? It is on PBS in the United States on Sunday.

    I hope these entertain you while you get well.

    1. I have not read The Queen Lucia series...another one to seek out.
      Thank you!

      That Chatsworth special was really interesting. I
      watched one on Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed ~ fascinating stuff!

  12. Poor you,but pleased you have seen your DR and found the cause.Maybe a browse through the David Austin rose catalogue will cheer you up.
    Sending warm hugs to you for a speedy recovery.Ida

  13. So sorry you are not feeling well - hope you are better soon.
    The fish, the planet and I thank you for not using bleach! It's hard to believe, knowing what we know now, that any one uses bleach. I have a secret, for keeping your pretty white towels, white.(white towels are also standard issue in my home) Real distilled vinegar - in the laundry every time. It is wonderful.
    Get well soon and thank you for your lovely blog.
    San Francisco Bay Area

  14. Have you ever had your home tested for mold? I have a friend who had a few bouts of pneumonia and had hers tested (doctor sort of insisted) and she did have way more than she suspected and it had to be remediated. Helped her a lot with not getting repeat lung infections. Hope you're feeling better soon, but take it slowly, easy to relapse. Losing a few pounds is always the upside of being under the weather!

    1. I'd be surprised if we had mold here as we have done extensive renovations.
      We have a fan in the bathroom and the circulation is good.
      Our windows are single panes so we get a lot of fresh air blowing through!

      My husband's office manager has pneumonia as well.
      The trick will be to keep off the weight and when healthy work on shedding some more!

  15. Remember to eat yogurt while taking antibiotics to maintain the good bacteria in your body. My 87 year-old mother has two more days on antibiotics and I have been giving her plain Greek yogurt every day during her treatment.

    In addition to YouTube, another website that is full of entertainment of all types is I love watching their old cartoons or listening to old radio programs such as "Our Miss Brooks" or "Gunsmoke." I download some of the programs to my iPad for later. A friend at the Library of Congress, which is one of the sponsors of the site, got me hooked to it. Hope you find something there to enjoy.

    In the meantime -- here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Sheila from Virginia

    1. Hi Sheila,
      The pharmacist told me about the yogurt too so when we filled the prescription we bought a tub of probiotic yogurt. It's good advice.
      I hope your mother is on the mend, 87 is a vulnerable time of life for influenza and viruses.

  16. Get well soon! Meanwhile continue to take it easy and enjoy the movies and the books!

  17. Leslie, I do hope that you are feeling 100% very soon. I just came back from a lovely 2 hour walk. It is so warm out over here on the lower mainland that I had to shed a layer! Enjoy all the British movies and happy reading.

    1. It was such a beautiful day on Friday I really wanted yo go outside!

  18. Sending you good wishes in hopes you will find yourself back in good health soon. Do take it easy and stay hydrated. Sounds like you are keeping busy. Love hearing about movies on YouTube. Bonnie

  19. From across the water I send you my love and best wishes for healthier days ahead!
    wendy from white rock

    1. Wendy you must have had some of that sunshine on Friday, wasn't it glorious?

  20. So glad you found out what it is and are being treated. Those lovely lilies should make everything right for you soon. Did not know about the YouTube movies. Thanks for that info. Love all those movies you mentioned.

  21. It's such a good thing that you took yourself to the clinic as bacterial pneumonia is no fun! Flowers, magazines, online shopping and today's sunshine through the windows will, I trust, have done much to brighten your outlook - which always seems rather sunny anyway! Get well soon.....and don't forget Howard's End for your list of movies.

    1. Pondside,
      I watched Howard's End and loved it as much as when I first viewed it...
      great cast and the sets are divine!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about your illness. Sounds like you are doing all of the right things to get well and will get stronger every day. The lovely flowers and TLC from your family is heartwarming. How sweet.

  23. Oh my...I do hope that the antibiotics kick in soon and you start feeling better. It sounds like you are filling this down time with some interesting and fun activities and with lots of love from family and friends.

  24. Thank you for the Youtube hint. I always enjoy those quiet British films. They are good medicine, I think. Have you ever seen the BBC series From Larkrise to Candleford? You would probably enjoy it. I hope that rest and family attention will help you to recover soon.

    1. I watched some but not all of Larkrise to Candleford and enjoyed it.
      We recently watched Call the Midwife series on PBS and am hoping they will produce another season. It was a wonderful cast of characters and great actresses.