Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Restocking...yawn my life is in the slow lane!

Restocking a few staples.
YAWN! I know, life is not full of drama or excitement it's slowly ebbing.
I actually like it!

Keeping clutter to a minimum means that I do not stock pile much any more.
I used to keep extra supplies on hand but found that the space needed to store them was a complete shamble...
so now I replace only when needed and several of my regular products ran out at the same time.

Microdermabrasion scrub

I've had several spa microdermabrasion facials where they use a machine to polish and refine the skin and I find this is a great option to spending hundreds of dollars and I use it at least once a week...a little goes a long way.
Use it sparingly and do not rub vigorously, the little particles do all the work.
This lasts me about a year and currently retails for $33.00

In winter I cannot be without a lotion after bathing...
do I sound like I am too high maintenance?
( I hope not)
the forced air furnace and the chilly temperature outside can be so drying.
My skin flakes and looks scaly unless I use something emollient and soothing.
This formula is easy to use and the French Almond milk scent is delicate.
An esthetician friend of mine mentioned that one of the trade secrets was to apply on slightly damp skin.
She can be trusted as this keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated.

I've used up all but a wee bit of both of these Revlon Shea Butter Balms.
They are quite soft in the tube and start to wilt and disappoint when one gets to the bottom of the tube.
They are so great on lips as they truly deliver a surge of moisture and the colours stay on far longer than many I have tried in the past.

Red Velvet and Sugar Plum
at just under $10 each when not on sale they are budget friendly options.

some escape reading has found it's way into my hands....
I need an escape and will be transported 
very soon...

I've been wearing my pearls....

Have you been practicing Random Acts of Kindness?
It seems that is very much the theme of the month.

What have you been up to?
Please tell me everything....


  1. Yawn - I've not been up to much. Life has slowed down and I like it. Have you tried Neutragena's after-bath moisturiser? I love it - on slightly damp skin.
    Off for my Thursday walk and to exchange Belfry tickets - not very exciting but wonderfully predictable and soothing in that very predictability.

    1. I have used Neutrogena in the past and I loved their range of scent.
      The weather has been so conducive to walking this fall and winter so far...fortunately we were spared that recent dump of snow!

  2. It is terribly dull here, most of this month has been on catching up with everything put off for the holiday month and not much fun. I read this book and enjoyed it, I hope you do to. I try to use some kind of a scrub once a week, I shall have to try this one.

    1. Our garden thinks it's springtime as we have bulbs bursting through the soil and a few roses have bloomed! Other than that life is pretty quiet.

  3. No supplying here either. I buy only what and when I need whatever, if we are talking about creams, lotions, makeup stuff..
    True, lots of cream is needed to keep the skin in " some kind of condition ".
    The weather is cold and unpredictable over here.

    1. Do you find that freezing temperatures wreak havoc on your skin?

  4. I don't like the microdermabrasion procedure at the esthetician's because it creates broken blood vessels. I think you're smart to do it yourself so you can control the intensity and stay away from delicate areas. Some people have thick skin and can really benefit from micro treatments. I am not one of those people. I have to be very gentle!
    I am still practicing my acts of kindness. I think I am on #20 of #28. I like that by doing this, I am keeping kindness in the forefront of my mind. So when someone cuts me off, instead of getting mad, I think - oh, she must be in a big hurry or maybe she just didn't see me. I am trying to think the best about people rather than the worst.
    You and I wear the same lipstick! Don't you just love the creamy texture and great colors? And the price is pretty great too.
    xo, A

    1. I do love the texture and the colour range is great and soon to be more shades added according to the clerk at the shop. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I wouldn't think that the microdermabrasion would be good with rosacea. Is it OK for your skin. I agree with Adrienne that it breaks capillaries. I like to think that I've always been conscious of practicing random acts of kindness, perhaps been more aware of it this month, but it's part of my usual consciousness. I'm enjoying the slower pace right now, and have been doing a lot of knitting. Also getting in a lot of time at my studio and painting. Wonderful outdoor walks too.

    1. I am very careful with the scrub and so I have had no problems. My Rosacea is fine with this product and I buy it at the health food store so i have faith in the quality and the ingredients.

  6. It is snowing here and I have tea in my little brown betty which I'll drink in my wedding china.

    I have it now and I put a thin slice of lemon to float on top. My mom's friend Frankie does this and she is quite a woman. Long ago my husband and I got in a Coleman canoe and paddled from my mother's home to hers across a river in Northern Idaho.

    Her home is full of memories. She has a hugh clock that used to be in station in Los Angeles. Mom gave her my childhood Easter basket so it is in the mix, too.

    But I am like you, Hostess. Too much cramps my style. Sheree

    1. Brown Betty teapots are classics!
      Sounds like you have been exposed to some real antiques and that canoe trip sounds a bit daunting...glad you made it safe and sound.

  7. The weather has been the most exciting thing round here,rain,floods..then Spring arrived my daffodil bulbs poking through,tulips in pots showing their I hear the forecast is for snow this weekend,never a boring moment in the UK with our weather.

    Still I do enjoy the cosy,slow pace of life at the barn.Ida

    1. Our gardens are rather confused as to what season it is and I fear that if we do get a dump of snow we will lose some gems. A day pottering about in the barn or potting shed is such a tonic at this time of year. Enjoy your weekend ida!

  8. I'm enjoying "life in the slow lane" after a whirl wind of activities during the holidays I welcome a slower pace. I must try out the Dermae' getting creams and lotions from the health food store and like you and some of the other commenters I too have to be gentle with products that are applied to the skin.
    Right now the weather is simpy glorious and I'm taking advantage by going for long walks getting some fresh air... does wonders for the body and soul :) Btw I love your pearls, very pretty.

    1. Long walks are so restorative...I think of them as walking meditations!
      Our weather has been favourable so walking has been an easy and convenient option.

  9. My life is uneventful, however unintentionally so!
    Your recommendations are wonderful. I am getting ready for a 4th major surgery in 16 months/ 6 hospital stays. my skin needs all the help possible, before and after surgery!

    Art by Karena

  10. Oh Karena you do have to take care and slow down...
    I hope that you have a good stack of escapism books to see you through the healing process. You might want to try to use a moisture mask and avoid any make up for awhile...I love the Avene moisture mask and leave it on overnight. Good luck with your upcoming surgery and take care of you!