Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frugality ~ How do you keep your wardrobe looking new and fresh?

I've been very frugal lately...
you may have noticed that I have not been posting lots of "look at what I bought" shots!
It's all the high tech laundry work horses and the renovations that have kept me out of the shops.

There may be a new stove in our future too as ours is misbehaving...
and that is another large purchase.
Better get this all done before my income is reduced when I retire!
We have a new roof scheduled for this spring and the sun deck needs to be rebuilt.
Heritage homes must be maintained or they fall into disrepair so quickly...I suppose that is true of any home.

I bought this Betty Barclay sweater coat on sale
it was $140 off the original price!
In grey and it elongates my stature and skims my wobbly bits in my mid section
what's not to love?

To make my clothing seem newer and fresher I have been changing the way that I wear my pearls...
I've added the JCrew necklace that I got for Christmas to add a modern touch.

Ancient Liz Claiborne shirt
still crisp and serviceable

What about you?
How do you mix up your wardrobe when you crave something new and fresh 
but don't want to spend the money?

Do you sneak off to the thrift or consignment shops with your grocery money?
Do you buy anyways and put it on a credit card?
Have you stashed some money aside  for a rainy day splurge?
How does it make you feel when you know that you shouldn't spend and that you should save?
Are you a compulsive shopper, a recreational shopper or a reluctant shopper?

I've found staying out of the shops has been easier than I thought it would be...
browsing online has been an outlet which satisfies my urge to shop
and with only a minor slip up at the Gap Online Sale I am having a lot of success!

The fact that I want to lose a few more pounds before I buy anything else is a great motivator.

Tell me dear reader how do you do it?

~ ~ ~


  1. I'm very practical and down to earth about these things, if I can't afford it, I can't afford it. I hear you on the old homes upkeep, it is one thing after another.

  2. I making an effort to think about my purchases long and hard. I have been retired 18 months and Monsieur 10 months. I have a lot of clothes and should not need to buy anything for a long time. One thing I make sure to do is pay off all credit card bills right away (I get the points for travel) because I don't want to carry debt in retirement. We live only on our pension income without using savings. We renovated our apartment before retirement but there is always the unforeseen. I love to look at clothing online and in blogs and then visit my own wardrobe and see what I can do. Good luck with your frugality and I like your necklace.

  3. I am a recreational browser, a reformed compulsive shopper. Sales no longer lure me, unless I truly need something, which is rare. If I find something I love and can use, I don't usually buy it on the spot. I think about it and it often passes.

    I love what you are doing with your pearls. The J. Crew ties them in nicely with the sporty shirt. Another blog (which one escapes me) suggests buttoning up the collar and placing a necklace under the buttoned collar. If I can find a necklace in my small collection that would look good this way, I will try it. I am afraid it might only work well with larger collar-like pieces.

  4. I not only make a "need" list, also make a "don't need list". This keeps me more mindful. Many retirees have learned that buying at thrifts/consignment shops and sales is *still shopping* and a bunch of "bargain" purchases can add up to hundreds spent.

    Kristien's point is excellent-so much, when you think about it, turns out to no longer be useful or alluring.

  5. I've been making a huge effort this year to "work with what I've got." I've added a couple of new pieces since New Years, and replaced one or two. I do think accessories are key. That's a really lovely sweater, and yes, we are necklace twins today!

  6. I used to be a recreational browser when I worked. I didn't buy very much then and I still don't. I guess I'm reluctant, but when I do need something, and only then, I really enjoy the new "thing". Too much bargain shopping isn't a bargain! We also have a big renovation project this spring, so I've been saving for a few years now.I bought a heathered azalea pink turtleneck to brighten the winter and early spring. $7.50 at LE. I also replaced a pair of chinos in my new, smaller size. That's probably it for a long while. I think you'll love your sweater--it's very Leslie.

    1. I agree. The sweater is very Leslie, and will work with all your stuff.

  7. I keep promising myself that I'll buy myself a new piece when I reach my weight goal. Since that is at least two months away, I content myself with flipping through the catalogues before I pitch them.

  8. When I took a look at my earlier posts, I realized, that my shopping has decreased dramatically.
    Even many of the clothes i´ve shown, have made their way back to the store.
    How have I managed? Well. I really don´t need a lot of clothes. I wear the same clothes from day to day. I never shop sales. When I do buy something, it is of the best quality I can afford. I won´t settle for the second best option.
    This narrows my shopping a lot.
    I never go to town with the intention of " going shopping ", as I dislike shopping.
    If I accidentally happen to see something interesting, well..that´s a whole different story.
    It just so happened, that today I found something I liked, lol.

  9. Like you & it seems like all of your followers, I'm not buying new clothes. I find it's a lot easier living in rural France. When we do go to the city shopping, I always ask myself 'do I really need a new outfit? ' I might just buy a scarf to change the look of certain pieces I already have.
    I love the way you have mixed several necklaces together.It seems like you are feeling better. I hope so.

  10. Whenever I need more money I get to business and make more :O)
    It would help if ON would stop hitting it out of the park - 4 new shirts arrived yesterday!

  11. Love the mixing of necklaces. I've got to see if they stll have that J.Crew necklace. I'd love to combine it the way you do. I find that having a blog and painting keeps me out of stores. Plus I think you get a little older and you just don't need the same stuff you used to need. Maybe you didn't even need it then.

  12. I would be very careful about wearing real pearls with rhinestones...fake, no worries because when they get scratched and pitted, it isn't such a big deal. But real will not fare well.

    1. I only own real pearls and I will take care that the rhinestones do not scratch the nacre of the pearls.
      Thank you Gretchen!

  13. I have been struggling with keeping my wardrobe fresh without spending much. I don't need anything really but like to get something new about once a month. Lately my rule is to make that purchase something new- like a new color or style. I have enough neutral cardigans and don't let myself buy that sort of thing., even though it is what I am drawn to.

  14. The sweater is gorgeous - I love Betty Barclay and used to buy the dresses and suits when we lived in Germany. They are only carried in a couple of places in Victoria and are very pricey.
    I deal with my need for austerity or saving by just staying out of the shops. It's hard, but still easier than resisting temptation!

  15. Living a very rural life here in the UK has a much more relaxed way of dressing from city life,not much to tempt one to spend....though our market town has some very upmarket boutiques with great service.

    Must admit that I had a splurge before Christmas,latest purchase,a divine thick khaki cashmere cardigan cosy & warm for our cold weather.Stay well.Ida

  16. I'm more of a "Mette" type shopper. Never, ever tempted by sales or "bargains". And I never buy for "what if" occasions anymore. Whatever I buy is for my real life, and I wear a very limited color palette, so there isn't that much temptation for me. All that being said, I do splurge once in a while on a great handbag or coat.

  17. I did no sale shopping after the holidays this year. I did get a new 4 wheel carryon ( Briggs and Riley) on sale for when I travel without my husband. I rarely go to stores, but I see some temptations on line. I have a bath to remodel so this will take my mind off new clothes.

  18. New stove! So exciting!

    And I will raise my hand and represent those who are still buying. The wave of new purchases both enabled and required by my going back to work is only now about ready to subside.

  19. Just yesterday I bought a few items from a Banana Republic sale of 40% off on already reduced sale items. I had been waiting for this and had my eye on a few things for weeks. I am a big fan of the capsule wardrobe but lately I've been finding that I end up with nothing to wear because of it. Has anyone experienced this? Unless I do laundry every day there isn't much left in my closet to wear! So I've begun adding a few more pieces to my wardrobe. It isn't possible that I will overstock my closet because I have never really been that way (even as a teen). I am also veering further away from a mostly neutral color scheme. As I get older (I am 47) I am more attracted to color. I guess I'm doing the opposite of what many say I should be doing sartorially speaking!

  20. Well, I thought about it, and decided I've got to have that necklace! Love it on you. Went to J. Crew.com and I don't think I see the same one you're wearing? Is yours oldish? The ones I saw are not exactly like yours. Dang. Love the look. Oh well.

    1. Mine is brand new Sandra I think it is called Venus.

    2. Here is the link Sandra

  21. Clothes are crazy expensive here in NZ, so I try to limit what I buy. I buy a bit second hand from Trademe (like ebay). I used to buy a lot at the end of the season on sale, but now would rather buy a couple of things at the beginning of the season, and then avoid the shops for the next four months. I find it works better for me to buy some seperates, but to buy them together as outfits, like two pair of pants, a couple of long tshirts and a couple of cardigans, and a tunic, that hopefully I can mix and match together.

    Julie Q