Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OOTD New Years Eve...

For those of you who like to see OOTD posts
I apologize because I have been remiss.
Perhaps because my mirror has been out of commission due to construction below decks.
Rather more likely that I have ballooned in girth and am feeling more than a tad bit stodgy!

Personal feelings aside I'll share with you...

Club Monaco earrings

Chanel Rouge Allure 
#517 Triomphal

eel skin bag

dress by Nygaard
in it's 4th or 5th season of wear

we enjoyed a lovely evening

a martini before dinner
then off to a seafood restaurant for some delicious fare
a glass of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc from NZ
~ ~ ~
Oysters Rockefeller to start
crab stuffed Sooke trout with potatoes dauphinoise
beets with kale
followed by decaf coffee

Mr.HB had Oysters Rockefeller
followed by a large lobster thermidor 
~ ~ ~
home before midnight

New Years Resolutions are very much on my mind
 organizing the Bungalow linens
walking more
reducing stress
very much on my radar

~ ~ ~
How about you dear reader
have you made any resolutions?

It's going to be a quiet New Years day here in The Humble Bungalow
 Mr.HB and I have come down with colds...

I wonder how long this nail varnish will last...
I rarely paint my nails as my hands take such a beating in the garden and doing dishes.

The Glove can only do so much!

"Every man should be born again on the first day of January.  
Start with a fresh page.  
Take up one hole more in the buckle if necessary, 
or let down one, according to circumstances; but on the first of January let every man gird himself once more, with his face to the front, and take no interest in the things that were and are past."
~Henry Ward Beecher~


  1. I don't even like oysters but oysters Rockefeller are just delicious.
    Another cold? I am sending you a soupcon of my immune system, mum and I should really be studied my medical science. Of course when the common cold finally gets me it will be man flu x 100.

  2. Dear Hostess,
    My cold is getting quite vicious as well...everyone I know has it
    You look marvelous and your evening out sounds about perfect. I share some of the same resolutions but I'm not calling them that, or I'll break the, :-). I hope you feel better very soon.

    1. BTW, I'm very impressed with your lovely nails. Mine are hopeless and you're right, gloves don't seem to help too much.

  3. Your earrings and nail polish are SO charming...the word "stodgy" makes me smile...I ♥ the quote you ended the post with...and I'm thankful that "my" sore throat is feeling a tad bit less so.

    Wishing you much peace & happiness, health & beauty in 2013.

  4. It sounds like the New Year was rung in very well by the couple from the Humble Bungalow. I love the colours of nail varnish and lipstick - thanks for sharing them!

  5. I, too, rang in the New Year with the mister at a restaurant owned by dear friends. I used my Christmas gift certificate to purchase a cream silk shell and sparkly shrug which I paired with black, dress trousers. Must say, I felt very chic and had a lovely time. Although we were done by 10pm, Mister K. was kind enough to shake me awake at midnight to see the ball drop. All in all a perfect evening.

  6. Happy New Year Leslie! I love that quote. I always make new years resolutions and walking more is always on that list. Here's hoping my new Nuke fuel band will motivate or guilt me into it...whatever it takes, right?

  7. Sorry you have a cold again. Are you catching things from your granddaughter? They can be a hothouse of germs, especially if they attend a pre-school. Your outfit looks very festive and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your plans for the upcoming year. Feel better soon.

  8. Happy New Year, Hostess! I do love your nails. I rarely paint mine for the same reasons you've listed. I hope you feel better very soon. Stay cozy and warm.

  9. Sounds like a lovely evening and you looked the same. Happy New Year!

  10. Your evening out looks so elegant and civilized. I share your sentiment about manicures. Yours looks great though and perfect for the special occasion, even if it doesn't last long. Feel better. Happy New Year.

  11. Looks like an ideal way to celebrate the end of one year and the start of another.

    I hope you feel better soon. I fear I have caught a bug myself, I've been feeling horrid all day. I think it's my own fault - have been around too many people, eaten too much food and gotten too little sleep these last couple of weeks. I am so looking forward to settling down and getting healthy again!

    You're looking lovely, Leslie. Happy New Year!
    xo, A

  12. You look so elegant! Happy New Year to you, Hostess!

  13. Love that nail color, it looks fabulous.

  14. Happy New Year! You look fabulous - looks like a delicious dinner.

  15. happy new year leslie. i really love that quote and your nail polish is so pretty! xoxo janet

  16. That is one of the best manicures I've ever seen.

    Happy New Year to you, Leslie. May it treat you well.

  17. Great start to the New Year,stunning bag and glam nail/lip colours.Ida

  18. Love your red nail polish. Sounds like a wonderful New Year's eve! Ours was similar, a wonderful dinner and home before midnight. Happy New Year!

  19. I really like your hair in that length and style, so pretty.
    Seeing your beautifully polished fingernails - and I want to forget mine; ).