Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The French Bunny's Gospel...

Ahhh! It's Wednesday...

after a bit of an uncharacteristic negative rant
and a stress themed post recently
of which I am guilty of posting...

I wanted to post something that might be a bit more upbeat.
Meet our resident floppy eared bunny
 (French bunny)...DouDou et Compagnie
in a soft shade of banana yellow
who, it would appear, likes to do Yoga!


Top Priority
(absolutely nothing in the IN basket so no worries!)

Hang loose!
Downward Dog meets Bunny in Limbo...
parlez vous francais?

Watch your posture
look up
(juste respirer)

Back~ on ~ Top
(lapin haute)

I hope you've enjoyed this lighter (silly) post!
Collective sigh...

'It's been my experience that the longer I do yoga, the more I want to know, the more I am able to understand and the less judgmental I am. 
Ali MacGraw 


  1. Ah...thank you for the laugh! I love DouDou Yoga bunny.
    This has put a smile on my face; what a wonderful way to start my day.

  2. Very cute!
    I often observe my dogs doing unintentional yoga moves - stretching as they do. I need more of that in my life!

    1. Why do you think they call it Downward Dog and Upward Dog? Mine do those poses all the time!

  3. I think your blog is a stress reliever--even if the post is on stress.

  4. Thank you for the smile, much needed today.

  5. Very cute post. But I don't find you negative ever, even in a rant. You're always looking for a silver lining and showing the rest of us how to get there.

  6. Ah Hostess, a yoga bunny, how cute! Hopefully he takes away some of the stress.

  7. Oh, I didn't see it as a negative rant at all. Actually, I was so grateful to read it. It made me think and made me feel positive and inspired. I'm glad you posted it.

  8. Same here,have never found you negative just honest with the same ups & downs we all experience.

    Think we all need to flop more.Ida

  9. Dear Hostess, it's not a good time of year for positive thinking but I do hope that yoga with dinky bendy bunnie has helped - cute!!

  10. I like the third image best. I looked at the link and they have a cute teddy bear, too. There used to be a blog by a student in Paris called Nounour. He would take pictures of his tiny teddy bear doing various activities. Sometimes other stuffed animals would send their pictures and write back. It was hilarious. I still remember a teddy writing in about the torture of the teddy bears. It was the washing machine! It was always stuffed animals; never people.

  11. Dear Hostess, I think that January is a difficult time but if we think of it as a time to start something new, it gives us a fresh beginning (like Janus). I loved your bunny Doudou and you have inspired me to learn to blog. I
    posted my first blog last night.

    1. Good luck! I hope you have fun as you embark on this new journey.

  12. Ahh, yoga. It has helped me in so many ways. My favorite use of an asana is using downward dog to get off the floor gracefully-seriously. My granddaughter even copies me which is hilarious. I have taken a new approach to January by filling it with activities. Usually, I hibernate. Of course, it is easier to do this because I am retired. When I worked, the dark months of January and February seemed to sap my strength and enthusiasm.

    I do love your blog. The visuals are wonderful, the writing superb and the content captures what so many of us share. Thank you.

  13. I applaud you for getting out there, hibernation is really rather dull!