Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daughter love...and shopping!

I defer to my daughter for advice and her expertise on fashion and make up.
She is younger and very savvy and is on the pulse of what is current.

I was looking for a new eyeliner as the Kohl pencil I had been using was dragging...
when one applies eyeliner without progressive glasses it needs to be simple...

Revlon to the Rescue!
goes on smoothly
with a light hand and can be thick or thin...
Thank you J this is a winner!

Arugula tomato cucumber salad with homemade vinaigrette.
Oven roasted baby red potatoes
tenderloin wrapped in bacon...

quick and easy
it needs to be as 
I was at the salon
for a cut and colour....
until dinnertime
and it's hard to believe
it's been 6 weeks!

I feel so energized with a fresh cut...
and it's not just the bubbles

my grey locks are in hiding....

J said "smile and don't look so serious"...

I tried...

and tried....

and tried!

Some gals are so photogenic
 not me.
J snapped a dozen or more and we whittled it down to these three!

I am on the hunt for a new handbag 
Macy's sale flyer came a' calling...

I love this Cole Haan number...

so tempting...

Mr. HB wants to take me away on holiday for my birthday.

I am thinking 
save the money for the getaway
buy in person
Holt Renfrew
get the whole wrapping experience...

I love the personal touch :)
stay tuned.....

a gal with a fresh cut and a new colour could be a serious shopping diva!


  1. Oh my hair needs touching up Hostess and you are spurring me on with your lovely cut and colour.
    Well I think you take a lovely photo and truly we are our own worst enemy when it comes to self portraits.

  2. Hostess, you are indeed photogenic and you have such lovely skin!

    1. Avene products are my go to skincare products
      I am a work in progress.....
      thank you,

  3. Love your photos. Very nice handbag, love the woven leather. As much as I like the natural brown, the "beet" is very tempting....Would really pop with your neutrals. And daughters are the best, for keeping us current!

    1. I think a splash of colour would be a great idea!

  4. You make me smile you diva Hostess! love this post about your miss mine for keeping me abreast of the best you gels keep me well informed.

    Your skin looks so radiant am still recovering from eczema on my chin, have started using La Roche Posay products,Avene & Eucerin were also recommended. You are a good advert for Avene.

    The handbag is a good size/shape.Your photos are natural & capture your fun day. Ida

    1. Tish Jett uses those products too and she did a post on Avene products this week...
      her blog is A femme d'un certain age, she is on my blog list if you want to read her post.

  5. Dear Hostess, love your blog and you do indeed look adorable! But... do you mean energized? If you check the definition of enervated it means without vigor, force or strength. So I am confused, is the new cut making you feel languid or revitalized? 'Cause a trip to the salon can do both!

    1. Oh my goodness where's a dictionary when I need one!
      I'll change that and thank you...not only do I need the Fashion Police I now need the Dictionary Detective!

  6. There is nothing that makes one feel so good as when you know that your hair looks great...and yours certainly does. Such cute, happy, photos of you,

  7. My daughter is my fashion advisor also! What would I do without her. Your hair looks great and I know that joyous feeling after getting color and cut. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I always feel better after having my hair done.
    I hope that spring has sprung in your area.

  9. Your hair!! It looks fantastic! I really love it. So youthful and what a lovely rich color. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Adrienne,
      It's a bit darker shade and I was hoping it would not be too bold.

  10. Hostess, I love your skin it's so luminous. I do remember reading a previous post you did on skincare and you mentioned using "Sea Buckthorn"
    are you still using it? Your hair looks cute and fresh. Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. I use the Sea Buckthorn only at night as it is very thick and almost "greasy" my mineral make up was sitting on top of it very well so I use Avene for daytime.

  11. You are glowing both inside and out : )!

    1. Lovely daughter does make me laugh a lot and she somehow brings out a lighter side of my personality.

  12. You look wonderful, dear Hostess!

  13. Fabulous hair! I have trouble taking "smiley" pictures too... I just LOVE that lipstick color on you, so pretty!

    1. You always look so relaxed on camera and I love how you manage to capture your wardrobe images. Does someone take your picture? Or do you set your camera up on a tripod and time it?

  14. My daughter at 9 is a total tomboy and is disgusted by my love for fashion, design and vintage items. When she was younger I used to get her to sit up at the Chanel counter to try on countless shades of lipgloss but today she would most likely scowl, stomp her foot and say "I'm NOT a girly girl Mother!"
    I dream of the day when I can turn to her for fashion advice or swap ideas. But as of now, unless I intend to wear neon high top sneakers with jeans and buffalo checks, it's not happening.
    You look simply gorgeous!!!

    1. At nine most girls are finding their way in the world. Our daughter was in her teens when she decided on her style and it has been refined over the past few years.
      I popped over to your blog and you are lovely! I like how you are shopping your closet.

  15. Hostess, you are lovely and your hair is so pretty! I love the little bit of curl. You do look luminous!

    1. Debbie I actually prefer straight hair like yours!