Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Bling a weekend review....

So it's been my birthday weekend.
I am now officially 57 years "young"
sounds much better than saying 57 years "old."

The vintage rhinestone necklace I ordered from Ruby Lane Antiques arrived
I wore it out to dinner...
Sparkles + Twinkles = Bling.

To start the weekend celebrations we dined out Friday at a fabulous French Bistro.
The memory of that tasty meal is still ever so clear in my mind....

French 75 for the Hostess and a martini for Mr. HB...
we started with French Onion Soup,
followed by steak, mushrooms and pommes frites for the main course,
Creme Brulee with two spoons for dessert.
Coffee for Mr. HB and I sipped wine and water as I planned to enjoy a sleep in and caffeine affects my slumber.

French Red Wine
Sterling our waiter, 
recommended a Cotes du Rhone variety.

flooded in a fuchsia light

I snapped this image on my IPhone as we waited for the cab to arrive.

( Faux Fuchsia might like this)
I sent her a copy
 I sent her the Pho Fuchsia eatery from Seattle a few years ago 
and she posted the image on her sidebar.
If you've never been a visitor to her blog you'll be impressed...
she's a busy mom and a lawyer with incredible taste in home decor, food and fashion.

When we got home Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were on Jimmy Fallon,
we watched our Boss work his magic. We are huge fans!

Saturday lunch with Mother...

I'd dare not show up wearing too much Bling...
I dressed sedately in a black knit skirt, boots, a cashmere sweater, Hermes scarf.
No reason to alarm her at her age.

Saturday evening and it's dinner with friends...
I wore the sparkly choker with
Gap wide legged jeans, black tank top, black long knit sweater and kitten heels.

Janet author of The Gardener's Cottage would have been glued to the TV as Jack White was on SNL.
How was it Janet?
We taped it and will watch it sometime this week.

If you haven't met Janet yet pop by for a visit and say Hi for me.
She embraces frugality and minimalism, gardens, practices Yoga and she's a drop dead gorgeous esthetician who looks far too young to be a grandmother!

Mr. HB designed the paper that he wrapped my gift in...
he's so clever!

Lovely delicate orchid blooms.

I am going to put my feet up and relax 
with In Style and a cup of tea...

It's been a busy weekend
filled with wonderful birthday celebrations
a I feel so Happy.

Thank you
from your 
Humble Hostess

How are things going with you?
Tell me everything...


  1. Happy Birthday Hostess!
    I turned 57 just last week, but I think you wear it better than I do!

    1. I cannot agree anonymous as we are all different. Embrace your individuality!

  2. Glad you celebrated your birthday so thoroughly -- sounds like a wonderful weekend! Curious to know what French bistro you like there? We really enjoy Brasserie l'Ecole (although that no-reservation rule is a bit of a problem)

    1. Spot on mater that was our Friday venue!

    2. Yay, I guessed it! What a lovely spot to celebrate in.

  3. It appears you had a lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. I did Debbie and thank you for those warm wishes.

  4. Happy Birthday . . . did I say . . . one more time . . .
    Happy, Happy Birthday!
    It looks like you had a grand time, love your rhinestone necklace, scarf and the paper your hubby designed.
    Birthdays do really make us feel special, don't they?

    1. I think it should be mandatory to celebrate birthdays no matter what age we are!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! I love the wrapping paper!

    1. It would be even better with your Royal Ribbons :)

  6. Serendipity in action- now I know why I enjoy your blog so much- we are fellow Pisces and must share the same bday- mine is 3 March. Happy Birthday to you!

  7. Sounds a wonderful day! Have a good year as well.

    1. Wow I checked out your blog and I see that you live in Sri Lanka, we are closing the gap across the world by sharing blogs!

  8. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. The new necklace is beautiful. We are now the same age.

  9. Happy Birthday, Hostess! You've celebrated well! Congratulations. I love the necklace, and the French food you ate. Delectable! Have a great week.

  10. That restaurant is on my list - but I'll wait for a dry night!
    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend of celebration and that you enjoyed it to the max!

  11. The wrapping paper is superb, that would really have made my day!
    Happy Birthday!

  12. Your outfit you wore to your mother's was so elegant the scarf wow.

    No end to Mr HB's talent as Tabitha said that is the small things that say the most.Ida

  13. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you had a great one!

  14. A late Happy Birthday greeting to you! I like that necklace on you.
    It sounds that you have really thoroughly celebrated your Day. I can´t ever remember having had such a treat.
    The wrapping paper looks nice too. What was inside it - the necklace?
    With all the positive experiences, you will surly be able to survive the started new week : ).

    1. Mr. HB gave me a DVD and we had agreed that no gifts would be exchanged dinner would be my gift because we are spending money like it's going out of style on the reno's downstairs.
      It's really looking good and I'll do a post soon.

  15. Happy Birthday Leslie! And I think your wide-legged outfit sounds just fab.

    1. I am loving the wide leg Gap jeans...
      I feel a bit like a short Kate Hepburn !!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Leslie! Thanks for sharing your life with us all! xox wendy

  17. Happy Birthday! Very clever wrapping paper and it sounds like you had a perfect celebration. The necklace looks great on you.

    1. Thanks Kathy!
      It's my "crow personality" coming through, as my sister would say ...I am always looking for something that shines!

  18. hi leslie,
    your weekend sounds like non stop fun. i adore that giftwrap. what a genius idea. also, thanks for the lovely mention. i wish i was 1/2 the woman you describe me as. xo janet

  19. Oh happy birthday - sounds like you had a fab time - i love your hermes scarf - so chic and thanks for the lovely comment x

  20. Happy Birthday! You seem to know how to celebrate and find the joy in small things. As one who always dreads my birthday, you are a really great example of a good attitude. The necklace is lovely and sparkly too!

  21. Happy Birthday, Hostess!! Your joy in the simple, pure things does radiate from you. I am loving the pictures on your side bar of the spring flowers and the happiness you must feel in delighting in nature.

    You had my favorite meal: french onion soup, steak, red wine, creme brulee. Oh, I can taste the steak now. In fact, I think this is almost what I had for my birthday last fall...great tastes eat alike!

  22. Sounds like an ideal way to bring in 57!

    I like that necklace very much. It's so elegant.

    Happy Birthday to you!
    xo, A

  23. Happy Birthday, and keep celebrating, surrounded by friends and family. I laughed how well into our 50s we are still being careful about what we show Mum!

  24. Love the necklace - glad you wore it with jeans too. I have finally (at age 71) realized that pearls and rhinestones can be worn with anything and anywhere - although Mom might not think so! Really, if you like it, wear it. Getting older may not be for sissies, but you know you are happier in your own skin and so we can pull off anything with style!!

  25. Best birthday wishes Dear Hostess! Your necklace is perfect on you.....just right for your
    birthday celebration and all the year through. Enjoy.....xo

  26. Oh Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you know how to celebrate properly--all your presents look wonderful. Very clever husband with the wrapping paper--was he behind the necklace as well or was that all you? Love your black and white scarf!

  27. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration. Enjoy your necklace and jeans! You are still so young, and young at heart, which is the very best indicator of how young we really are!

  28. Gee that sounds like a busy weekend Hostess but a very enjoyable one!
    The necklace is divine. 57 is young!

  29. Happy Birthday to you, Leslie! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend to celebrate! (I turned 55 on Sunday, but my celebration comes next month when we go to Paris!) Gorgeous bling, well chosen!

  30. Love your new vintage jewels and that Hermes scarf! So pretty. I haven't had a chance to watch SNL yet, but feel I must so I can see what all the talk is about jack White....

    How sweet that your husband designed your own personalized wrapping paper!

    oh and yes...we are moving back to CT! I posted about it a while back with a photo of my new (old, 1900) house.