Friday, March 23, 2012

Re ~ addressing denim with yellow and a lemon cake recipe by request.

I have had this Blue Willis Danish denim jacket for years.
It was an "investment piece" so I have never parted with it
but I must admit that it has not gotten out of the closet much...
until I rethought what I'd wear with it.

I found the scarf and thought that yellow would be a cheerful shade to pair with denim...
then I found a simple cotton U neck T ~ shirt
and it gave me a psychological boost.

Sure I'll still resort to my basic white tanks and Tees underneath the jacket 
and I'll probably wrap this scarf around my neck to perk them up.

I remembered that lovely daughter made these earrings for me several birthdays ago
and they are perfect with the scarf, T~ shirt and jacket.
I love how girly I feel when I put on dangly ear ornamentation.
It's an instant shot of feminine charm.

I bought some new foundation garments
think loads of lace...
you'll need to use your imagination!

I've decided that images of these will remain modestly hidden.
Valisere European Romantic Emotion and Bali 
bras and panties
in shades of white and ecru...
It was long overdue,
my favourite lingerie shop has closed it's doors
 as the English Gal who owned it retired.

I picked up my birthday freebie from Sephora.
Nice that some companies will still give away something for free.

Happy Birthday Sugar 
(lip treatment and gloss)
by Fresh

These are creamy and full of moisturizers.
Fresh is a familiar company name...
I was given the Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub a few Christmases ago and it has become a Hostess shower staple.
I love how fresh I feel after using the scrub. 
It gets my circulation revved up and my skins feels amazing and soft after using it.
(just remember to wipe the tub out after using it or someone's going to slip!)

I have been feeling rather sniffly lately.
My doctor thinks that I have developed allergies...
seasonal air born pollens are the likely culprits.

 Huge amount of empathy now for allergy sufferers...
really had no idea what a drag it would be to be sneezing and stuffed up round the clock.

My eyes have been puffy as a result
not a good look
 so I had to take action.

de ~ puffing roller to the rescue.

So far it's working...

if you suffer from seasonal allergies what have you discovered that helps keep the symptoms at bay?
Please share your thoughts and ideas 
I would love to hear what works for you as it may help me.

Donna asked for the lemon cake recipe 
the one I served at the recent "Tea in the Afternoon"

I have photographed the card and it can be enlarged by clicking on it...
I hope you'll enjoy it!

I used a larger spring form pan than suggested
because the first time I made this recipe it took much longer to cook!
so be prepared to cook it longer if you use the 9 inch pan.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Antihistamines for seasonal allergic reactions. We can buy them straight from the pharmacies.
    I agree, that we don´t have to show the most intimate bits of our lingerie ; ).
    Btw, I just realized, that I have never had a denim jacket, nor a leather one..

    1. I really do not like taking drugs but I may have no choice. Are you thinking of buying a denim or leather jacket ? BTW your new linen dresses are fabulous.

    2. Thanking for your compliments : ).
      No, I have not thought about denims or leathers, but some kind of a casual coat is needed. Perhaps I should visit the store that sells horse+ rider stuff.
      Although you dislike the idea of taking medication, I really recommend it for you. You won´t be addicted, and a proper medication makes life easier.
      I have sniffles 365 days a year, but it is not of an allergic type. It has to do with my lifestyle, too much pollution every single day.

  2. last year was the first year i've suffered from allergies and it waa awful. i had to stay out of the garden pretty much all spring. i took a slow release antihistimine and that helped but it was pretty awful still. good luck with yours.

    1. Oh you too that's not good news.
      I'll go to the pharmacy and see what they have to offer I don't mind so much if they don't make me feel drowsy.

  3. Antihistamines work for me for the few weeks I am bothered inn the spring.
    I will be in Victoria next weekend, and you know, I am going to invest in some new undies. I need a boost just now! What could be better than lace and, oh yes, some fine chocolate and tea!
    I am just suffering through an injured rib - how can one rib hurt so much - and working toward being fit for Victoria by Thursday next week.
    I hope to see you about in the city, but if not, I will certainly think of you.
    I plan to go to VVs, and haunt a few other consignment shops. Wish me luck! Outer clothes thrifted don't bother me, but undies - I want new!
    Peg -

    1. I've emailed you Peg.
      Oh yes go for new underwear...I draw the line there too!

  4. Bonjour! What a wonderful post. You and I have celebrated a birthday recently, it looks like. I, too, stopped by Sephora to pick up my gift ;-) I love how you accessorized your old denim jacket. This is one versatile and cheerful scarf. Voila! A bit of creativity, well chosen accessories, and you have a brand-new outfit! ;-) Bon weekend! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Happy Belated Birthday Veronique!
      I hope that your skies are sunny today, ours are and it feels fabulous although I can see that I need to clean the windows soon :-)

  5. I do like your yellow and blue combo, and isn't it nice to find new ways to wear an under-utilized but favorite garment? We're off sugar in our house right now, but probably could make an exception for the Fresh sugar scrub! I'm sure you sparkle in those earrings.

    1. Is it just me or does yellow and blue feel very French?
      Sugar free for the most part here too...
      except when baking a cake for friends.

  6. Thank You so much for posting the recipe . I will try it maybe this weekend . The denim jacket wouls also look very nice with a navy strip under it as well with a pair of cropped jeans too and flats . Donna

    1. I have a navy striped top and cropped pants in white and denim and several pairs of flats so I can mix it up and wear it "Donna" style!

  7. baaad speller lol , would and stripe , drives me crazy when i do that .

  8. I love yellow and blue, also the Fresh product line. But wait, when is your birthday?!?

    1. Oh it was March 3rd...
      I can't truly believe that I am 57 as I still feel like a younger woman inside this body!

  9. I love that combination of blue and yellow -- yellow's a tough colour for me to wear, but I love it on others.
    I was lucky enough to be given my daughter's Sephora birthday gift as she already had the product in her purse. I was glad to be introduced to the Fresh lip Sugar, same as yours, and will probably pick them up for myself once they're used up.

    1. The freebies are a good way of introducing us to new products...
      Sephora has done their market research.

  10. A hot shower or bath before bedtime always helps me with my sinuses.
    I had no idea that Sephora was so generous with their birthday gifts. I need to go check my subscription to see if I gave them the correct info.
    Happy Weekend!

    1. I have been using saline spray and it seems to be helping...
      Sephora has all kinds of great finds.
      Take care.

  11. Yellow and blue always remind me of the south of France - great combination. And makes yellow wearable for those of us, who think they can't wear it.
    It's been a horrible year for allergies. I use a neti pot.

    1. I have never tried the Neti pot but have heard that it is worth the trouble.
      Do you think the south of France might cure my allergies?
      I could suggest it to Mr. HB :)

  12. I take a daily allergy pill (certrizine) year round. It is an over-the-counter product in my area. Hope the allergies improve soon.

    1. It seems that many of us suffer and I had no clue it was so widespread.
      I guess that I am a late comer to the allergy party...

  13. Big sympathy for the allergies!
    I love the jacket with the yellow and white - a whole new life for the jacket!

    1. Oh I am such a big baby, I should not be whining it's bad form.
      I just found out my friend's husband has leukemia.....
      I am gobsmacked.

  14. Yellow and blue so Spring like,love your blog.Ida

    1. Thank you ida...
      you are a bright star on a cloudy day.