Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google format is changing...OOTD

I got a notice that Google was changing it's format in April and my style of learning is the experiential type so I have been practicing with this new layout and find that I prefer the former one.
It's not up to me what Blogger does I am just expressing my humble opinion for what it's worth.
Will anyone at Blogger care?
I doubt it!

Meanwhile things are ticking right along here in The Humble Bungalow.
The rain seems to be endless this week...

the view from my kitchen table this morning

I have hired a strong fellow to help me whip the garden into shape.
He has uncovered the patio which was overgrown with creeping thyme.
I must say that I like having help as he has cleaned up a big mess in two days.

The deer have been feasting on the tulips out in front of the Bungalow and I am not amused.
I know they need to dine but I am not providing a salad bar for them.
Short of digging up and moving all my bulbs I will just have to grin and bear it.

More of the garden views will follow on a sunny day.


Remember that shopping day at Superstore?
I purchased the blush pink tank top for $2.97 and this soft sweater for about $20.

I spoke with my BFF and she went shopping and bought lots of Joe Fresh stuff too.

For my job it makes so much sense to wear clothes that look good, are washable and do not cost the earth.

It's been eons since I have worn any pink but I am loving this combination.
The pearls are soft and glow...

that's about all that's happening here
I'll be back soon

 One of my readers is having some health issues and I 'd like for us to collectively send her some positive thoughts.
She and I were going to meet for tea and some thrift shopping this week but something showed up on an x-ray and her doctor is fast tracking her for a Cat Scan...
Be strong
be positive 
 entertain optimistic thoughts.
Thinking of you and please take care.


  1. I don't like the new format one bit - but it looks like we won't have a choice come Sunday.

    I am sure you look very pretty in pink - I like the softness of those colors.

    Sending positive thoughts for your friend. xo, A

  2. i have not received any notices from blogger. oh boy this is not good news for me either. ugh! love your outfit.

  3. Holding a good thought for your friend's health. Pearls and pink make your complexion glow!

  4. My Blogger dashboard has changed this week and its a bit of a pain - nothing looks right and I'm worried people may have fallen off the roll. I suppose I'll get used to it - I wish I were a bit more flexible about things like this.

    Best, best wishes for your friend and for you.

  5. There was a time in my life when I relished CHANGE . . . Of late, not so much. Google, listen up please. The way it has been has worked just fine!!!

  6. Yet another alarming bit of news. Hopefully everything is ok for your friend!!
    Pink looks cute on you.
    So, what´s happening in the blogger? I´ve heard nothing..

  7. I loathe the new format. Best wishes to your chum.

  8. I love rain, even days and days of it. Everything is so lush afterwards.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. My email is howtobechic at gmail dot com.

  9. Drat!!! I haven't got any notices from Blogger but whenever they make changes it just seems to complicate things.

    Love the combination of the pretty pink necklace and the sweather.

  10. Leslie: Thank you for gathering bloggers to keep me in their thoughts. Positive thoughts and a positive attitude do help! Still awaiting an appt, for a CT scan!

    Tomorrow at 3:30, I will put on a pot of my favourite tea - Paris - and my mother's tea cup and think of you and think of my new 'friends'. Today I bought some little ballet flat to wear as slippers in hospital. I have some nice pjs and hope to only be in hosp. a few days, but looking good really helps. I have pale complexion, nice pearls and I am off tomorrow to get some pink.. I believe the saying "I am feeling in the pink!!" Thank you for the wonderful card - so thoughtful and so appreciated.


  11. I read every post and realize I forget to leave a comment! Sorry about that...please do show us a photo of the exact spot that will be in full bloom soon with all the rain you are having.

    I also want your friend Peg (I think...from comment above) to know she has my positive thoughts and prayers too!

    Be well and stay dry.


  12. Sending good luck for your friend.

  13. I love the pink - an antidote to the grey and gloom outside.
    Good wishes to your reader as she heads in for tests.