Monday, March 26, 2012

Let there be light....

The weekend was sunny and there was a feeling of lightness in the air.
Lawn mowers, people laughing, children playing, sounds heard while I got outside and busied myself in the garden.
The birds were singing non stop and I saw a pretty little yellow bird which I believe is a Common Yellowthroat.
The sunshine went a long way to perking up the spirit...

My muscles are sore and I am weary.
It's a good feeling that one earns and owns
knowing it's the reminder of a hard days work.

The light inside the bungalow was simply too bright to ignore.

the cross and olive crystal cake stand
came to life
reflected it's rays on the walls

it's the little things that make our daily round worthwhile
if I get too busy I often forget to pay attention
slowing down does have it's benefits

simple white vessel
a newly found vintage piece
light and shadow
play upon it's sleek finish

Pepper slept most of the day on our bed 
a south exposure means it's one of the sunniest rooms in the Bungalow.

It was a busy weekend and the time flew by...

Friday we dined at our favourite Italian restaurant with my sister and her husband and our daughter J
Saturday saw us hosting a BBQ 
with our lovely DIL, son and that super special little Miss Isla
grand daughter extraordinaire

Sunday was an at home day of domestics 
and gardening for me.

I laundered some winter woolens
the Lands End cashmere sweater really washes well and holds it shape...
 the gross grain ribbon on the inside of the buttons and button holes is brilliant
no wavy edges 
I used the zippered mesh delicates washing bag in my washer 
with cold wash and cold rinse
my sweater is as new.

Mr. HB was working hard "down under"
painting the newly renovated bathroom, hall and laundry room!
Sometime soon I'll post some more images of the reno
just in case you are curious we are using Benjamin Moore's
 "Simply White"

Are you watching Julian Fellowes Titanic series?
Life above deck ~ below deck...
IMO it's not as good as Downton Abbey but we are watching just the same.
Good news...
Mad Men is back!

We do not sit glued to the tube 24/7 we PVR and watch when it's convenient.

Thank you all for those positive and encouraging comments about my friend's husband and his recent diagnosis
I've been online doing some research and so has she.
I sent her a floral garden planter and I think it perked up her spirits.

Take care
Be Well.


  1. I love that little cake stand you have , I have the same one and it is perfect for the french apple cake to sit on . It was a lovely weekend , and of course it had to be a drizzly Monday. Oh well , there are many sunny days ahead. Donna

  2. It was a glorious weekend. Family obligations kept me from the garden, and I find that I have some tiny bits of resentment about that, as pleasant as the visits might have been. The weeds are reproducing exponentially!

  3. Am sure your planter gift was well received,you are such a sweet loving friend.

    We are having a very warm Spring here,and HB was busy planting up his new orchard on Sunday.....all this sun does show up our grubby windows must find a window cleaner with long arms! they are 12ft x 12ft both entrances to the barn.

    Where did you buy your mesh zipper bag from I am in need on a couple?.
    Looking forward to Mr HB reno photos. Ida

  4. It was a wonderful weekend! We got so many chores done outside too but took breaks every once in awhile to sit in the sunshine, it was lovely!

  5. Always enjoy when I see your name in my reader . . . I would like to quote your words you said in the second paragraph of this post in a guest post I am doing this week . . .?

  6. That's how I wash my sweaters, too. (Ida, they are either sold at houseware stores or order online at, or find on Ebay)

  7. Wow, such a busy weekend. Pepper and I seem to have spent the weekend the same way ; )!

  8. I'm worried I missed an ep of Titanic...I've seen one and saw the listing for another one tomorrow night....I am hoping it's ep 2!

  9. In San Fran it was rain, rain, scattered gray clouds and still more rain. Oh, and frigid wind. Sod it, I'm going to Palm Springs and may not come back. Pepper has the right idea.

    Queen of the Clean Up Parade, 1963

  10. We enjoyed the nice weather too. The trees were opening and the magnolia was in bloom - that is until the freeze last night where the blossoms froze and turned a mushy brown. Hopefully that's the last of the cold weather. I spent the last couple of days inside making marmalade.

  11. Sounds like lovely days around the Bungalow Leslie..I am very impressed with the shine on your crystal cake is a beautiful piece. I have Titanic recorded but have not watched it yet..I am still getting through Upstairs many to choose from these days. I like that feeling.
    Wishing you well Leslie... Jeanne xx

  12. There is nothing more healing than a day of labour in the garden. Sore muscles, sore back.....soaring spirit. I hope you are have a fabulous week. Bonnie

  13. Working in the garden might be a little wearing physically but mentally it is a powerful tonic.

    We haven't gotten the Titanic series, nor the latest Dr Martin, I am looking forward to seeing both.

  14. Pepper is so precious and I love the way she has her paw across her eyes to shield from the bright sunlight. Imagine being a cat and spending a sunny afternoon napping on the bed. Such bliss.

  15. It sounds to have been a really good weekend and everything looks lovely, especially Pepper!
    Mad Men is being shown on a different t.v. channel in England this series, one that I cannot access - how frustrating! However, a friend of one of my daughter's is kindly recording it for me and there have been lots of interviews and articles about the show in the national press. It's my must see!